Whisky Review: BenRiach Curiositas Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Today we taste and review BenRiach Curiositas Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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Ong Gia says:

A Scotch on Bourbon Day!? And also…surprised me to find out that Rex brought Daniel into the Wizard Academy and not the other way around.

Jason Newman says:

Ok, so now we know how Daniel got to the academy – but where the fuck did REX come from? Does he make videos in a shack on campus… for the academy? For his private clients? For the dark web?

Sam Mannings says:

This is one of my favourite whisky! You missed an opportunity, should have added a small drop of water to it… it gets even better!! Can thank me later haha

MuSE 55 says:

“Try as I might, I still hear your voice.”
What a beautiful relationship lol.

laplantski says:

In this episode the scotch hobit and the man formerly known as the mooch review scotch on national bourbon day.

Thanks cork squeak holes!! L0L

Kevin Campbell says:

Hey guys,
I’ve been following the show for last year since I graduated college. I’ve since moved into my own place over the last couple months. I’m wondering what do you think are the five best budget whiskeys of different varieties for a young 20 something to establish a collection for him and his friends? (Watched the other budget whiskey vids/ more of a best of bachelor starter pad kind of question)

Caleb Blagg says:

Are we on a no peat kick? No peat challenge?

Michael Abraham says:

What are other scotches like Laphroaig 10. I like the campfire briney flavor

alexx0108max98 says:

Why does the 10 taste like artificial sweeteners and cleaning chemicals.

Mac Roberts says:

Have you guys tried the 17 year old version? Easily my top three!

Guillaume Lemaigre says:

Have you ever tried Belgian Whisk(e)y ? They are all relatively recent so they are all pretty young, but some are worth the try.
The best one is the Belgian Owl.

Joseph Hernandez says:

Welcome to the Whiskey Vault, here’s to fighting, stealing and drinking..

Robert Stone says:

Apropos nada damn thing, I’ve been encouraged by your lack of response to my previous question and am nosing whiskies just before dinner so I can finish with a pairing experience.

Tonight I cracked open a liter of Glenfarclas 105 8y/o to have with a spicy chicken breast. Good god of pepper almighty. Like drinking straight tobasco. Such a relatively soft nose to be such a scorching dram-a Queen. After my third attempt to taste I thought to myself, what the fuck proof is this shit???

Moral of the story, don’t ever drink till you’re stupid or even while you’re stupid.

May your next dram
Smell like smoked ham,
And taste like ocean and heather

Warm the chill off December
While your senses remember
That once we drank this together

Wes Smith says:

So, when are you guys going to review Wild Turkey Master’s Keep?

bmsmusician says:

I recently bought a Glengoyne 3 pack with 10, 15 and 18 years old small bottles. In a previous episode you said that it is not necessarily better just because it is older. Of course I think I should drink these in age order but do you have a different idea?

Stephen Reynolds says:

Could you give the inside of a barrel a wash and allow it to absorb some sea water prior to adding in the whiskey to give it that briny characteristic that a lot of island whiskeys get? Or am I mad

Peter Wiley says:

just saw that jesse from still it is sending you his product; can’t wait to see the review! love both channels!!

alloutoftea says:

ppm = peats per million

theboyheed Mackay says:

Need to try the 35 year old Ben Riach it blew my socks off.

Max Phillips says:

Bullet Rye has been added to my available mooch shelf, at the good professors house. And 1st off, the nose takes me back to California, and eucalyptus trees……wow, it’s there! And then the overall taste….is smile on the face of the cranky old man!! I feel like I’ve waisted years on this one!

Steven Raye says:

Japanese whiskey is very common here in California…not bad, but overpriced in my opinion.

A R says:

Ralfy Review 207a… he runs through the various Cutty Sark bottles available… as of a few years ago anyway…

Christina Zirpoli says:

I’m suprised I’ve never actually asked this.. But the Cutty Sark question and the upcoming distillery opening got me thinking… My other half Lance and I are obsessed with Ardbeg. (anticipate snarky response here) On occasion we like to pretend to have our lives together and make the poor economic decision to pick up an Ardbeg of Ardbeg Days past that peeks our interests. Recently we went out into the world to find and buy a CR Dark Cove. While there we found a Renaissance! After finding online that it was released as the first 10 year whiskey made since Ardbeg reopened, we bought it before we could rethink our life decisions. We broke it open in honor of a gathering of Raymond the vessel of the Whiskey Mariachi, and Brad the Demi-god into our home. All were floored my it’s magical existence. What Ardbeg releases other than the core line, Dark Cove, and Kelpie have you had? Are there any out there that you are interested in that you have not been able to procure.. And why are you interested?..

Robert Millard says:

One of the few whiskeys you review that I have no interest in buying.  huh…..must have been the dry week effecting me.

Reruma Lerma says:

The Enron of whiskey… damn that was a good reference

Adam O'Gara says:

Have you guys kicked around the idea of using 1 or 2 (Oregon Barrels Works) barrels made of quercus garryana? I know that McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt uses them and as you have said its a pretty damn good whiskey. I have heard that Quercus Garryana can give whiskey a little funk but I be damned if I taste any funk in McCarthy’s

Nathan de Bruin says:

Another great video on a great Scotch. Any change you guys have a bottle of Royal Brackla in the vault? Heard it has great flavour and some interesting history, would love to see a review on that. Thanks again for the video

roc20621 says:

timing is impeccable; just received this as a going away gift, halfway thru the bottle and was curious (heh) what ur all’s thoughts were going to be. was a surprisingly unexpected and interesting release- super tasty (and that’s not just the free price tag talking)!

No Nonsense Whisky says:

I rarely see Benriach on shelves near me so I haven’t tried this yet but it’s in my whisky club so I’ll get to it eventually!


WTF… Are you growing a gross ass pony tail? Rex! You disgust me!

acelee632 says:

really hope my donation made it across the pacific! hoping to see that j-whisky reviewed on your next donation day!

Kenny Wallace says:

Happy National Bourbon Day!!!

Harald Spiess says:

I like the Curiositas very much, it is such a tasty one. I have lids for my whisky glasses and I like it very much, when the glas stays in the kitchen for the night or even longer and you open up the lid and smell things yiu never dreamed of in this intensity in a whisky.
The Curiositas for example has an extremely meaty smoke flavour, almost like smoked bacon.
I love it. Get it when you have the chance to…

miguel luna says:

Where did you get the Seinfeldish song at the beginning of the videos?

Ted Reuter says:

So I know illegally distilled whiskey is called moonshine/white lightning, but are those names universal for illegal distilling? Would a backyard still of say, brandy be called a moonshine or would you just call whatever you made “bathtub-blank”

Max Phillips says:

Sooooo I’ve crossed the line to Rye…..AND I LIKE IT!!

Erik Schlegel says:

Whisky spectrum, Islay is Violet, Island is Indigo. Small and subtle difference but a difference. Like Highland and Speyside.

Jonathan Dill says:

I drive truck so I’m not home much…. my wife just showed me that are local liquor store is now carrying monkey shoulder but showing me a picture of the bottle she bought me… I got a good one

Ryan Harrington says:

Hello guys, really like your show. Quick story for you.. over the past few months I have gradually got my girl friend into whiskey. To my surprise she is really into the smokey whiskeys! She recently became a fan of the vault/tribe too! Anyway, yesterday I was having a glass and I got wondering were all my whiskey has been going, I keep buying bottles and it keeps disappearing. My girlfriend was walking next to me and said ” I’m your whiskey mooch “. Thanks Rex!

MrPlunderloot says:

So many tasty whiskies and so little time, I for one think that at some point you should do a rum and tequila tasting episode, but that’s not my call. It would be interesting to see how Daniel and Rex would do the tastings for those. Maybe even port and sherry, and pair those with whiskies with finished in those casks, yes casks as a barrel is only a particular size.

Peter Schumacher says:

Here’s the other fucking thing about Japanese whisky. It’s horrifically over-represented in whiskey nerd/snob circles. Any time you have a get together with a few dudes to share stashes, some jagweed brings some Toki and acts like it’s the bottled pre-cum of Jesus himself.

Japanese whiskey is good. I enjoy almost every one I’ve had. Lets pump the breaks a bit, people.

Jeff Knapp says:

you have piqued my curiositas on this one. Is it easily available?

Peter Steele says:

I know you’re reviewing scotch but, happy national bourbon day

Kent Buehrer says:

You lost me at charcoal and creosote.

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