Whisky Review: Buchanan’s 12 DeLuxe Blended Scotch Whisky

Today we taste and review Buchanan’s 12 DeLuxe Blended Scotch Whisky.

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11:27 – boof

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Ron M says:

Are we pretending that rex looks like a cross between princess leia and chewbacca lol

Patrick Lee says:

Daniel, do you do anything to protect open/half empty bottles of whisky from changing from oxidation over time? There are a lot of bottles in the vault and many open, so I was curious.

Thomas Buck says:

Nice vid y’all!

Darryl Underwood says:

Hair due definitely says Rex lol..Daniel I know as your looking at Rex’s hair you giggle inside and thank the tribe…

Mark Rich says:

Whisky dudes! My favourite whiskies are the Lasanta and Ruban varieties from Glemorangie. Have you tried these? What are your thoughts and of unavailable, what would you obtain instead?

Ronald Guidry says:

Hey Rex. The hair? Not so great.

Bret Draper says:

Soooooooo, I haven’t been around in a few months. What in the flying fuck happened to Rex’s head.

logan lambeth says:

I know I can get a handle of black and white blend for 36 and I’m in dallas

Christina Zirpoli says:


byrdman360 says:


Luke Holmes says:

This distillery is going to be the “Chapman Guitars” of whiskey. Hell yeah! I see an awesome road ahead of us.

Dick Von ZombieSlayer says:

I can get it near me (SoCal) for $27.99. Nice!


You guys are getting high ball for the Buchanan 12 year and my area we get it for $27 that’s the price for the 5th

UKFskateboarding says:


TheGuyWithTaste Dan says:

Why is this only marketed towards Mexicans only? Even their US page is completely in Spanish. So weird.

Sherwin Rackal says:


Paul Duerr says:

I can’t wait for the black bottle (partly bec cause I sent it)

Turbulenzz says:

YES you should make a top10/25/100. If you you guy’s do it every year, and give “medals”. the tribe can be mentioned on a lot of websites. On Masters of malt they always show the prizes the whisky has won. LOL

Scott Chaperon says:

Your channel is low key turning me into an alcoholic. But I’m okay with that. Much love from South Africa <3

Michael Connolly says:

Can Rex show us the hat he wears around the house?

Take me to your leader says:

They still make black and white. I just got a bottle yesterday and will be opening it soon. I am on a search for the ultimate budget, NAS, blend. Buchanans 12 is 36, 37 here. Hard to justify when Chivas is 29.99 and JWB is 30.00. I liter of black and white was under 30, including tax.

Travis Gaddie says:

I’ve had this in the past… I personally did not enjoy it. But such is life!

Angel Javier Soler Sepúlveda says:

Can you make a comparison between this and grand old parr 12?

Eddy Vardas says:

Wait why are thy banished?

W0lfmanHD says:

The 750ml bottle is only 28 at Total wine. You found the 1L price of 45 bucks. And personally at 28, I’ve seen it on sale at 25 at Total wine on occasions, this is definitely a bottle to keep open in your bar.

Robert Jordan says:

Are you going to have Deb on the channel in the future?

George Arvanitidis says:

Come on guys!!! Live Rex alone!!! He just needs attention!!! loool

Matthew Weeks says:

I know you’ve said that once it’s less than half full it starts to change very fast. Just curious about how long you usually let it sit before you HAVE to drink it. I know I remember seeing the almost empty bottle of macallan m in the back for a long while and was wondering if there was ever a point in a whiskey where it needed to be drunk

mike lisk says:

I absolutely love the James Buchanan 18

Thomas Myers says:

All I could hear was Rex’s hair…

Gene3067 says:

Daniel, if Rex can rock the due, you can rock the paper. For Science! Also, where are you guys? Is that the boardroom? Who’s names are on the back of those chairs?

Alejandro Rivera says:

Holy fuck boy hair cut haha

Braelyn Wagoner says:

For the love of god Rex, please move on to the next hear cut.

Wolf Vánagandr says:


A R says:

An OLD Black Bottle!!! That’s AWESOME! Its high on my “always check the dusty back shelves of every liquor store for this” list. That’s a find for sure.

Rico Morales-Sanchez says:


George Wagner says:

$22.99 here in Sacramento! Drank it last night.

Steven James says:

monty python

George Arvanitidis says:

$24.99 in Cali!!! I getting it tomorrow!!! hohoho!!!

dusty sims says:

I notice you guys do reviews on Compass Box a lot and you really love those. (So do i) Pretty much every time you do a Compass Box review you mention Douglas Laing but, i dont think reviewed any yet. Any plans on doing those soon? IF YOU DO, Could you please include some information on their Campbeltown bottle called the Gauldrons? (ie, is it gone, will they do another….)I have tried to order it but the only bottles ive found online can’t be shipped to TN. PS, when is the next Daniel week!!? (That shit is the tits!)

Neil Olsen says:

Rex looks like a cross between a Rabbi and a bearded lady!

Ryan Ellis says:

Daniel… you dribbled.
Not even the fact that Rex currently looks like the kind of froo-froo dog that gets carried around in a Chanel handbag, can distract us from the whiskey that met its end on your shirt.

TheAtchiro says:

Some bottles of that are good, others are literally undrinkable. Really weird stuff here in South America.

August Zera says:

Savory…you know, like brown sugar.

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