Whisky Review – Cutty Sark Blended Scotch whisky with Black Bottle Comparison

Today we taste and review Cutty Sark Blended Scotch and compare it to Black Bottle blended scotch.

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Ryan Wolverton says:

Dang I wish it was in the 50’s in Michigan, it’s in the negative right now for us

Michael B. says:

I got sick on that stuff as an young ruffian… Horrible stuff! I honestly never realized it was called Cutty Sark. We always called it Cutty Shark! “The Real McCoy!”

TTanziProductions says:

A lot of the whisky’s I’ve tried so far go well in cold weather mostly cuz they remind me of Christmas. But are there any “summer” whisky’s that are more refreshing, and better to drink during the warm summer months rather than in the winter?

Peter Schumacher says:

“It’s down to the 5os, guys”

Ok, fuck right off. I hate to be that guy who says it’s colder where I am, but I walked 100 yds from my car to by office in -15 weather, and prayed for fucking death. I have no patience for this Texas wussery.

kingpin911000 says:

Daniel please review Usquaebach Flagon Ceramic!!!!!?????????

Mitchell Cavazos says:

Texas cold is a painful cold. Cuts right through anything you are wearing and turns your bones to ice. Stay warm guys! The cold never lasts long in Texas.

Mike L says:

74th. WOOO!

Garrett Dahm says:

Daniel Sir, you are wealth of knowledge and bring real value to this channel.

Rex, keep mooching on

Aadhi J says:

Can you do a video on “age your own whiskey”

Steve M says:

I’m pleasantly surprised this makes 2 days in a row where the whiskey being reviewed is actually a whiskey that I have heard of and can actually find in my local liquor superstore!

charlie.g.hague says:

Try the Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition if you haven’t already. It was done as a salute to Capt. McCoy and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I’m usually not one to buy cheap blends but I found it marked down to $7 at a grocery store so I picked it up. No regrets either.

cooperlakewoodcrafts says:

cold? I had a glass of achentoshan 12 and a cigar outside when it was -5F (Upper Michigan) You are inside and in Texas. Love the videos! Keep them coming.

wildernessman says:

You guys are lucky its only -5 here in il. Also Rex i can’t believe you haven’t brought the giant flask back into the show lol

Jason Portelli says:

Hey guys – JP from Sydney Aus –
2 questions – Do any of the Somm to be’s bring an empty bottle and make their own infinity? Also im flying to the US this month but not going to be in Austin ( couple of hrs in Houston airport then Boston, Philly, Vegas and home.) Is there a way i can bring an Aussie whiskey with me and send it to you from within the US? My resolution for 2018 is to become an Magnificent Bastard!
Love JP

Fionn Kirwan says:

Our summers are in the 60s man up

SheFlungDung says:

Where’s black t-shirt? Almost didn’t recognize you, but the medallion gave you away.

Crina Oltean says:

Daniel at 1:27 looks like he’s going to start rapping.

Charlie Allen says:

It’s 25 below here in Vermont. 50 would be awesome.

LeClaw says:

hey guys, if you like Laphroaig would you like to try some TCP to compare?

Duane Brimhall says:

My resolution for 2018 is to not make any resolutions…

Philip Van Vaerenbergh says:

Let’s see a top 5, cheapest bottom shelf whisk(e)y. Not 5 best, not even regional priced crowd sourced, blah blah. Just find literally the cheapest of each whiskey type in your area within a given size, and give it a go.

ChrisC says:

You should resolve to make sure the mic is turned on before shooting.

Awful1 says:

Speyburn 10, guys!! You are sampling Cutty Sark over Speyburn??

Stevan Winkels says:

I bought a bottle of Ileach last week and don’t know if I like it but I would love to see your ideas on it.

88THEJAKER says:


That guy with a kickbike says:

When will you make a personal favourite video? About time I say.

Evan Pearson says:

I need you guys to review Old Ballantruan 10 just for giggles. I looked through your videos and didn’t see any for this distillery.

Xo3 says:

More Generous? give him your shittiest whisky 😉

Entenkommando says:

As long as the Whiskey is still liquid it’s not too cold.

Michael Slager says:

Greetings from sub-zero Valparaiso, IN! -3 degrees Fahrenheit.

I am so happy that you started the year down here with the “peeples” on the Bottom Shelf. it is evident you hear our cries that Bottom Shelf Matters! It’s were we spend the majority of our money while wishing we had access to the top shelf.

Keep it Magnificent in ’18!

Bottom Shelf Matters!

Ancient Ancient Age!


The God-Emperor Of Mankind says:

“The Real McCoy” can’t come from prohibition, it’s cited as early as the 1880s. It’s probably a corruption of “the real MacKay”, which was used in a Scots poem from the 1850s which had the line “a drappie o’ the real MacKay”, referring to a whisky, which then used “the real MacKay” as an advertising slogan during the 1870s

Jonathan Hernandez says:

Came across your page not to long ago and I really enjoy it. Can you guys review “Virginia Black”? My sister wanted it for Christmas, Only because the musician Drake is part owner, I didn’t get it Hahaha! Cheers.

Indy Piper says:

#CHADWEEK2018 One week for the hardest working guy on the Whiskey Vault and Whiskey Biscuits channel.

Aric Adams says:

Buchanan’s 12 year old blended scotch

Toll Booth Videos says:

The company I work for has a ‘Weekend of Chocolate’ event every year around Valentines’ Day, and this year one of the featured events is a whisky pairing with what sounded like an array of Compass Box whiskies. It’s so hard to find Compass Box around me, so I’m keen to go, but will the pairing with chocolate distort the flavors I find in the whiskies?

Also, it’s $40 which sounds like a decent deal to me. Love to hear your thoughts and keep up the good work!

levelonewhiskeysommeliergreataxe3 says:

My girlfriend had a dream that she killed a bear. Does this mean that she is Anti-Communist, Anti-Somm Bear, or just scary. She’s sitting beside me, so if you could cough or blink to let me know if I should run, that would be great.

Jo Chang says:

Chad, master editor.

Spencer Crawley Jr says:

First subscription for the new year. Keep up the great reviews

TinyTerror19 says:

Pretty sure there’s a rum called The Real McCoy

John B says:

hahaha. Rex making the ultimate Mooch New Year’s Resolution for Daniel. Mooch, Ninja Level!

Xo3 says:

blendageddon with less herpes!

M F says:

why do we store wine on it’s side, yet, whiskey bottles with a cork is stored upright? love the show.

f50marco says:

You magnificent bastards! Daniel/Rex can we get a whiskey collection layout video? Maybe better suited for a Cookie video.. (see what I did there?) Its seems aside from the wall of Whiskey and the chain locked cupboard, the others are all over the place. Whats going on?! Is everything segregated for a reason or is there no reason to your madnesses?! BTW Sipping on a Balcones Rumble as we speak and got to say, I’m not impressed. Have you guys tried it yet?

Eric Scott Netzeband says:

Hey guys, been watching the channel for about 6 months now ever since I got a job at a local BevMo. I was mostly an IPA drinker and in order to be a more knowledgable employee I attempted to branch out which is how I found your channel and fell in love with whiskey. I started off with Macallan Double Cask and some budget whisky’s I managed to mooch off my dad, including Cutty Sark. I was afraid to move to the smokier/more aggressive whisky’s but I saw a bottle of what I thought was Laphroaig 10 in the back of the store and decided to make the leap. When I got home I had realized that I bought a bottle of Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength at a whopping 58%, yet I found it more enjoyable and easier to drink surprisingly than Macallan and other previous pretty Speysides I had tried. Long story short, I found my wheelhouse in Islay/smokier whiskies and was happy to discover that I generally have the same taste as the 2 magnificent bastards I’d spent a lot of time watching. Thank you guys for doing everything you do, but if we’re being honest you’re not doing it for the thanks, you’re doing it for the whisky.


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