Whisky Review : Dewar’s 18 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

Today we taste and review Dewar’s 18 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky.

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Matt Mcgregor says:

100k whisk(e)y any one’s that are 40s years or 50s should be reviewed

Whisky Canuck says:

So the Dewar’s white label isn’t very good, how’s the 12yo? It’s still a bargain-priced scotch, but costs about 30% more than the white label. Interested in options for less expensive “every day” scotches.

Brandon Jones says:

24 more to 100k

John Hull says:

Rex, this whole episode, I kept thinking you had on one or those Daniel Boone racoon hats. I really wish i had the excuse of having had a few drinks.

aclefler says:

How about a tour of MGP for your 100k?

Jonathan Curley says:

For 100,000, I think they should dye their hair. I recommend the Scott Ian raccoon style for Daniels beard.

Donner Pass Whiskey says:

To celebrate 100k you should shave your heads, your entire heads (yes I mean beards too)

Shawn W says:

At least take a road trip to Balcones (Or another distillery being Daniel has already been there)! Fun and shenanigans along the way.

Justin Walthrop says:

Congratulations guys, Glad I was here for it 🙂

Jason Voorheese says:

a chance you can review the signature?

Martin Mæhle says:

You could show us every bottle in the vault along with a review of them 🙂

Randall Janc says:

#100k. Both of you sit and drink laphroiag lore for 30 mins. Whit out talking

John Are Straube Johnsen says:

#Vault100 Livestream: 1 whisk(e)y per 1000 subscriber. In all, 100 tastings.

Adam Oles says:

Macallan M Black for 100K

Utsav Ghosh says:

love your content

DrinkinItIn says:

Is Rex wearing janitor pants?

mastermattk says:

Only 200 more for the 100k mark…

bob craft says:


Patrick Minze says:

Congrats on 100K

Emily McKenna says:

I have always enjoyed whiskeys and bourbons etc as they are so much less boring than other liquors out there. After finding you magnificent individuals, you have opened my eyes so much more. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and started to try different whiskeys, spent more time trying to pick a part the notes in the whiskey and it has become an amazing adventure. I now know what I really love and what is not that great for my taste.

alexx0108max98 says:

18 more to go!!

Joel Lim says:

#vault100k also, maybe do a Daniel’s personal across the board top 10 whiskies?

Ole Thanatos says:

#vault100k invite some random viewers to taste some whisk[e]y they would normally not be able to afford or get? Cheers.

Nick Tebb says:

100k !! You should do a blendagedon with all the whiskeys from the vault ! Yes. I mean all 🙂 #vault100k

John Bullock says:

I might actually try Dewars now.


Jesus Valido says:

what is you guys fav scotch?

CentralIllinoisAngling says:

Well done you magnificent bastards!

Paul Cwalina says:


A realistic and to-scale re-enactment of the Barton warehouse collapse.

If you need photos or video, I can try to find a link to it. Not sure any exist, but I will give it my best shot.

sphianesana says:

How about randomly selecting a MB to go the Launch party? Room and flight included. #vault100k

Chris Dumas says:

100k? do 100 shots



Dewayne Cooper says:

Sirs! You wonderfully magnificent roguish bastards…. I have been a bourbon fan for a while, I found y’all through Brian Brushwood and I’m happy I did. I picked up a tiny tiny bottle of Johnny Walker black and a bottle of Isle of Skye, I sat down and began to explore. I’m sold! Scotch is a wonderful world and I’m excited to dig in. Thank you sirs, but my wallet and wife will soon say damn you.

Patrick Hill says:

#vault100k you should blend 5 islay whiskys. Any expression but! It has to be a Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Kilchoman, and Talisker

Also do the same with bourbon

Shahid Naqshbandi says:

You have arrived

Niall Graham says:

Huge congrats on the 100K guys!!

Jonathan Curley says:

100 more subscribers! 100th comment!

Justanotherparatrooper says:

#Vault100k please invite Richard Patterson to the show and compile whisky antics and challenges to amuse the MOB… us like riding a horse while trying to pour whiskey while doing a obstacle course for time. or maybe a safer thing would be to do a blind whisky challenge on richard patterson and see if you can stump him.

James H says:

Whoa! Almost 100K subs! Push it to the top!

Korean Hillbilly says:

I absolutely love your reviews. Its like youre refined and drunk. Perfect.

Dan Rhomberg says:

#vault100K Oh! Oh! Oh!…I’m talking…Shush your mouth!…OK, here it is…Just travel to Newport Beach, CA…beautiful women, excellent weather to drop the temps from TX, a big group of MB watch, subscribe, and get together here, AND, AND, AND, a great tasting location here that will make you feel right at home… Bosscat Kitchen & Libations in Newport Beach!!!!….Huge selections, excellent whiskey food pairings and the other one is in Houston, TX…..Come, Come, Come! I’ve heard New whiskey Spirit animals frequent the area looking for Masters and they still have their balls intact!…OK, carry on Magnificent Bastards….Seriously though, you should come here…

George Arvanitidis says:

For the 100K You can invite us over there and drink all together at the whisky Vault!!!

Joel Lim says:

#vault100k Give Rex 100 whiskies to mooch!!!! This is for you Rex. Don’t say I don’t give a s**t about you.

bob craft says:

For 100K wives do the tasting

Eugene Nassif says:

1. “God’s Plan” a local liquor store. Go in, talk to a bunch of people looking at booze, then pay for it for them. Kinda like pay it forward, but more trendy

2. create your own still from hardware store parts. Make your own mash. Distill it like a bootlegger.

3. Bring a modern “moonshiner” or one of their descendants on the show.


Gediminas Strumila says:

What about Dewar’s 12?

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