Whisky Review: Glengoyne 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

Today we taste and review Glengoyne 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch.

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11:27 – boof

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care vega says:

can you PLEASE hold up the bottle of whatever you are drinking…so we can see the label.

George Arvanitidis says:

I love Daniels trivia!!! Every single time!!!

fishinfredster says:

Every time I watch this channel, I am teleported back to a marvelous time where I was able to afford YouTube Red and partake in ad free videos. Ahhh thanks for the memories guys, oh and the whiskey shenanigans.

Ryan Erland says:

I watched your Dalmore 12 & 15 videos and you say you did a Cigar Malt video but I don’t think you have. Unless was it in a live stream or 30+ min video I haven’t watched yet. But if you haven’t can you guys review it?

Raster says:

Rex, we the masses of unwashed bastard mooches do collectively hereby connote Full Mooch Status upon you, you magnificent bastard you… smelly big Eagle spirit not needed… the power of thousands of unwashed bastard mooches Commands You!


wildernessman says:

I dabble a bit in patrons tequila. It has a very smooth taste and complexity.

Jonathan Zappala says:

Take a couple drops of all your whiskey and try them mixes together

Billy Jim says:

Loved the notting hill reference dan you feminine bastard

John Hughes says:

So question, how much should a person pour into a glencarin? I just purchased one and im used to filling glasses up to almost full and I’m thinking that would be bad for the tulip glass.

Andrew Kall says:

If you guys are still taking requests, can the pweeble get a review for The Famous Grouse. Its allegedly the best selling blend in Scotland. Allegedly.

Daniel Kudela says:

You guys should do the Glenfiddich special series, project xx, India pale ale and winter storm

PreppinShootinLivin says:

The more I get into whiskey the more I realize I don’t really want it to be smooth and forgettable. I want my whiskey to give me something…whether it’s a spice kick, peat/smoke, abv hit….something. If I want something smooth and easy to drink I won’t spend the $$$ on an “expensive” whiskey and just go drink something like a screwdriver(OJ and Vodka) or something similar.

Ronald Guidry says:

I recommend the Loch Lomond 12. Super, super good. Very affordable, but hard to find.

You Embarrass Me says:

Sweet Jesus the mooch is an asshole…

Anthony Constantine says:

Love the videos guys!!! Learning a lot. Have to tell you a deep dark secret…..some days I just want to savor the aromas and flavors without trying to discern the individual notes. I might be lazy but sometimes this effort just gets in the way of enjoying a great dram. Hope you understand.

John Christensen says:

Rex, killing a bald eagle is federal offense in the USA. By killing your spirit animal you have committed a serious crime. Arrest Him!

mpaisley 88 says:

Hey guys, love the channel! Had a quick question, you all mentioned a rare scotch to find here in the states and if you do, it’s expensive. My buddy is in Scotland as we speak and I was gonna try to get him to find a bottle. Only thing is, I forget the name. You mentioned it awhile back and I believe it started with an “L”. Any help would be appreciated.

Ben Pitts says:

On a totally unrelated note could you guys review Aldi whisk(e)y’s? In this article by esquire they say “this is the best in the world” and I would appreciate a sommeliers take. Thank you


Araneatrox says:

My coworker recently had the pleasure of visiting and blending his own Glengoyne batch via a distillery tour. Neither of us had heard anything of then before that, and were only able to find solid information in our country of their 21 year single malt. And now you guys review it. Couldn’t this have come 3 weeks ago?

Sean Derrick says:

Did the guys ever post where to put your name if you completed Dry week. I didn’t see it called out in a video or the newsletter.

Whisky Canuck says:

Big Glengoyne fan here, I’ve been to Scotland twice, and visited their distillery both times 🙂

cantbendknee says:

Glengoyne 15 is the best of the lot for value taste

ChrisC says:

It’s LO-mond.

James Newman says:

I picked up a bottle of this after watching. I’m still relatively new to whisky but this stuff is great. Definitely a new favorite.

William Smith says:

Can you explain what “Slow Fermentation” is? I know, Google it (which I’ve totally already done), but I’m asking for the lazy people.

Callum Clyde says:

Rex week !!!!!

mysticpizza02 says:

Macduffer here!

lachlan burton says:

Rex would look like the dude out of “the big lebowski” if he grew his hair out. Also, love the episodes, have been binge watching. I feel like I have my phd In Whisk(e)y at 20.

William Ennis, JR. says:

Watched this while honeymooning in Antigua. Resort here has Jameson and Glenlivet Founders Reserve….sooo one glass at a time I will be getting my money’s worth

ChrisC says:

Like Osiris, who had to be put back together after his brother Set dismembered him and scattered the pieces across Egypt, the Eagle will have to be put back together from his body parts. But, also like Osiris, they will be unable to find his dick. For Osiris, this was because it ended up in the Nile and a fish ate it. For the Eagle, it will be because Rex scored a direct hit on it, and obliterated it completely. Osiris got a golden dildo to replace his missing dingus. The Eagle will probably have to make do with a spare whisky cork.

David Hunter says:

Excellent video guys, Glengoyne is my favourite distillery, great to see it reviewed in the vault

Randall Janc says:

You will always be mooch to me. Kick there eagle ass

Martin Mæhle says:

Ron zacapa is packed full of sugar, and is almost a molasses liquer, i would suggest for anyone interested in rum to go and watch ralfy’s rum reviews

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

Have had this song in my head for about a week, and since you brought up Loch Lomond, I’m putting it out there for everyone 😀


Robert Cox says:

Glengoyne is one of my favorites too. Try the 18 year it is very good value for the age. Natural color right on the label nice touch.

DKjapanesefreak says:

I can’t recommend Glengoyne enough, especially their 21 year old. Easily a dram you can enjoy over the course of an hour.

bugatidane says:

If you happen to have access to a Costco near you in Austin, I think it’d be interesting to hear your opinions on their whiskeys. They have blended scotch, Canadian, 18 year scotch, and have even released some older age-statement scotch in the past I believe. The price of these is very appealing to me, but I fear there is good reason for the cheap price tag!

Danny Lee says:

Give us the “trash cam”

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