Whisky Review: Glenlivet 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky + Laphroaig, Stagg Jr.+ Balcones Brimstone Cameo

Today we taste and review Glenlivet 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky and Laphroaig, Stagg Jr. and Balcones Brimstone make cameos.

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11:27 – boof

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Will Younger says:

That was a cool story

Mark Nienow says:

Can you do a video of the shelving? Some of us are getting LARGE collections of whisky, and we don’t know where to put it all! How do you have the back part raised to show more bottles?

Eric Schwab says:

THE Glenlivet, if you please, good sirs!

Whiskey-Wise says:

If I get a graphic, please make it hilarious. With just the right amount of ball busting.

zwussow says:

I’m catching up on the old episodes, and my wife looked over my shoulder at your page of video thumbnails, and asked, “Are their heads, like, really big?”

Maria M. says:

Hmm Daniel, seems like I gave you that Full Wettle Jacket idea, pal. Or we’re just both that smart. I wouldn’t go spindly arms on the graphic though. We roll our barrels here and have no need for forklifts.

john heather says:

john here,
i thank you for your content. i have been a rum drinker by association because of my time in the navy. now i have always been told the more expensive the whiskey and scotch the better. well honestly i don’t like the strong Smokey flavor in those like glen 18. it makes me cry. now i have acquired a bottle of monkey shoulder by your direction. and i love it. thank you for your drunken guidance, you have made me a believer in whiskey not just rum. thanks.

Jonathan Bedell says:

Stagg is for drinking with ice in the hot hot south you idiots!!

Warrior Works says:

Glenlivet 12 got me into Scotch. Laphroaig 10 trapped me in Scotch.

Jamie Strathearn says:

This is so weird…I work in a whisky shop in Edinburgh and my boss told me this story on my last shift and now I’m watching this video, what a coincidence

The4Wills says:

Classic Vault, do they even film in the same room or is this overlay video editing, neither Hardly acknowledged the other

oliverlewisworldwide says:

It tastes like burning !!!!!!

James Summers says:

I love you guys ! A friend gave me a bottle of Knob Creek ! I watch Greg’s Beer Reviews for craft brews , also . I’ll be getting around to all of your picks in due time ! … lol . Thanks for keeping it real , and having fun doing it !!!

Majed Azouqah says:

So how does a whisky end up with brine taste notes? Someone once told me it’s the seawater washing over the peat and it’s from that peat. Is that even remotely true??

bigjimgibbuddha says:

Great timing. I just got a bottle of Glenlivet 12 and wanted to know what yall thought. Thanks for the great videos

Rowland Hempel says:

Why is it called THE Glenlivet? Are there other Glenlivet whiskies?

The other Guy says:

when do we get to see Rex bald???

Nicholas Weiland says:

Merch idea… so whenever I pick up a new higher end whisky I always drive home like a granny. Basically, I couldn’t care less about my vehicle but I would be devastated if I got in a wreck or slammed on the brakes and something happened to the bottle… so how about a “whisky on board” sticker akin to the more well known baby on board? I won’t even charge royalties for the idea.

Arthur Grant says:

Pretty sure if the internal combustion engine had existed at the time George would have been invented in the highlands of Scotland rather than the Carolina’s of the United States. Thanks for the story. Unlike HickLife, I could have done with Rex being a little more quite.

Jeremy Nicholson says:

The Mooc Is BACK!!!!

Adam Albrec says:

Daniel and Rex are a TEXTBOOK example of the psychological “Principle of Least Interest”! ;0P

AttentionJunkie says:

I tried this for the first time yesterday, it didn’t live up to the hype for me.

Aequitas Vox says:

Your videos are great. Been trying different whiskey based upon the reviews. Hitting the nail right on the head with flavor smoothness etc. learning a ton. You guys should do a cigar and whiskey pairing review. Awesome videos you guys keep up the killer reviews.

soul theorem says:

Soooo, which Stagg Jr. batch/ABV were ya’ll sufferin’-er’-drinkin’, if ya’ don’t mind me askin’? (typed with my best Texas internet-drawl.)
Btw, watching this Ep motivated me to blend a little Ardbeg 10 into Glenlivet 18 (selections based on what I have currently sitting on the bar). Interesting results! Keep up the good work, gentlemen!

Monty Hibdon says:

can’t help but drink a half ounce with each daily video….

Michael adams says:

My very first whisky

Stephen Reynolds says:

Thanks for the answer but Reynolds…. couldnt pronounce Reynolds? Maybe my new ringtone. Plus I think you could control it slightly if you lock in the salinity and just run a checkerboard salinity experiment on barrels, Ill send you some Irish sea water if you like.

Dwight Hopkins says:

Stagg Jr with a few drops of water is fantastic!!!

menachem reichman says:

My community consumes hundreds of bottles of Glenlivet.

mahesh goswami says:

Recently I started my training in bar. And I found whiskey very hard to understand, interms of history,taste,flavor,and the region, but you guys helped me a lot to understand all about whiskey . Thank you soo much for your precious efforts. Hope you will carry on.

Jordan Roe says:

I just did the Glenlivet/Laphroaig on Saturday, just a couple of days before this came out. It is amazing how much the tribe is on the same wave lengths at time.

Autos at Large says:

You guys have to try this whisky that I recently gave a shot at it was microdistilled in Omaha Nebraska under the name Brickway I got the honest single malt which is basically scotch finished in new charred oak for 18 months. You will have to travel to Omaha Nebraska for it I live in council bluffs iowa right across the river and it’s not over there but good news I got my bottle at Walmart in town I cannot praise this stuff enough I’m autistic and can palate it which is tough for most whisky or whiskey and my taste buds. PLEASE DO A REVIEW OF THIS STUFF you won’t regret it

Kunal Brahmbhatt says:

Brimstone tastes, quite literally, like barbecue potato chips. IDK how it’s so rough for you guys

M. Morath says:

Mmm. From Texas

Larry Wagner says:

I simply love Glenlivet 12! It is totally my base and really does inform so much of what I find I end up liking in other whiskies.

Cory N says:

Thanks to your channel I’m branching out and trying new whiskey. So far I’ve really enjoyed Michters. I’m looking for a good scotch to broaden my experience.

Rodrigo Balbontin Nef says:

Hey guys!. I love the show, is something addictive to watch pouring that golden liquid in the glass and pay tribute talking for 15 minutes about that liquid sunshine. Even that Rex efforts to overshadows Daniel’s knowledge and historical refferences about the whiskey…jaja.
I know that in the level 4 of the course is the cocktail issue. Well, I want to ask you which are your 5 favorite whiskey cocktails and which is the best valued whiskey to mix in cocktails?. Thank you guys!

Matt Casarez's I says:

Seriously. A Whiskey Tribe playlist would be glorious! I love the tunes y’all use.

Greg Snow says:

So now you know what to do when you have a bad run. Bottle it, give it a descriptive name (like Brimstone) and challenge your patrons to explore its aggressive nature!

Pete Freeman says:

Can you guys do an updated review as they’ve changed the packaging and a buddy of mine swears it’s trash now!

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