Whisky Review – The Deveron 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Today we taste and review The Deveron 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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cmdrmeldoc59 says:

PewDiePie just came out with another whisky video. What did he do wrong this time, EEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH???

Very nice!

Belfry says:

How about a Whisky Biscuits on how to mooch?

cato says:

I like this one and the 18 YO. This is a very nice, light white fruits summer dram.

Malty Manic Mojoe says:

Looks like a jalapeño Tabasco bottle much bigger yikes !!! Spicy.

alex lumb says:

my xmas whisky this year will be highland park 12 thanks to your ‘bang for your buck’ list, it is my xmas ritual to try a new whisky each year. if they dont have highland park im thinking of singleton tailfire as a backup, do you guys know if its any good?

caveman8284 says:

The sale of alcohol to minors being illegal, it’s safe to assume this channel is geared toward adults. So why do you censor swear words? The cork sound in lieu of a bleep is cool, this isn’t a complaint, just curious

Gio B. says:

Hey guys! I want to share this with the tribe even though it might be an already known subject. A couple days ago i had some Monkey Shoulder at night, and after finishing it i left the glass on the table and didnt wash it. When i found it the day after the few drops of whisky left had evaporated (of course). I smelled it and i got aaaaall the nuances of vanilla, caramel, honey, creme brulé, etcc.. that i struggled to find berore. Now when i drink it i get the nuances past the alcohol very easily! Is this true with every whisky? Or does this work only for the “prettier” kind?

foompthedroid says:

I think the episodic intros have jumped the shark.

1ace says:

Do a reply to pewdiepies new bourbon video

Erik Taylor says:

What’s up guys! Thought I’d throw out what I think would be a really cool idea. I would love to see you guys do a “tour of Scotland” video. Pick 1 intermediate to advanced whiskey from each of the 6 regions! Very interested in what you guys pick and in what order you take your tour. Keep up the good work!!

Adam Cooley says:

Again, huge fan. Would love a review of Highland Park Magnus. Loved it for the price here in Michigan ($35), comparable to the 12 which goes for over $50. Approachable for sure and would be a great addition to the whisk(e)y for beginners in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

Adam Smith says:

I’m not a John, but is Adam Smith an easy enough name? 😀

Justin Snow says:

Hi guys. Just subbed recently and loving the channel content so far!
I’m heading to Japan for a holiday over the christmas break and im hoping to bring a good bottle back with me. I havent had a chace to try any japanese whiskeys yet, but the hibiki 12 and yamazaki 12 seem very popular. Do you have any good recommendations?

Christina Zirpoli says:

Still waiting for 12 days of Dad Jokes! For the people!

MehrdadDwarves says:

Almost at 50k

Matthew Low says:

So I think I’ve got a mooch-story of my own now, involving multiple pours of Macallan Select Oak, Macallan 15, Glenfiddich 18, Longmorn 16 and Bowmore 18. I was invited to a whisky sampler at a family friends place, as they knew I really liked whisky. An offer I could not refuse, given the whiskies on offer. So in I walk and people start pouring me whisky. Then we went in an order of whisky complexity and everyone at the table was like, “I really prefer Longmorn”, then here comes me the young upstart liking Bowmore 18 the most, which everyone was surprised at, but no one bothered when I kept pouring myself more Bowmore 18, when everyone else was taking Longmorn, which granted, was great too, but I just really like the Islay stuff. Here comes the next part, where I had to draw on my intense knowledge gained from Daniel, to explain many different things about the whisky in order to gain more whisky, such as age statements, cask types and regional differences for example, impressing everyone there. I eventually left after pretty much consuming 1/3 of the Bowmore.

My question is, does it still make me a mooch if I have to earn the whisky?

Jack Maatman says:

I was attempting to make a Holiday Cordial this weekend and it called for Ever Clear.  I head to the local good liquor store with high hope, but they have it not. So, I go to the chain store that rhymes with MevBo. Alas, they also do not carry the high proof *wiskey*… So my questions are, is Ever Clear a whiskey by technicality? Do you know why it’s hard to find? What’s a good substitute?

laplantski says:

Unless you’ve had the manager at a local or chain wing joint come out and nervously ask if everything is all right. (With a major serious look of concern) You don’t know what hot is. Lmao.

Ok, so maybe with all of the sweat running down my face I could have possibly looked like I was having a minor storke.

chuck430 says:

isn’t Craggenmore from Bannf (sp?) Scotland? i think i recall seeing that name on the box and saying, “hey like canada”

Gio B. says:

0:02 Older brother to younger sibling

Håkon Eriksen says:

I would love a biscuits video pairing whisky with different foods, keep up the good stuff!

charlie.g.hague says:

Man, Daniel, we really need to hang out sometime. I swear we have such a similar personality. Rex obviously couldn’t be bothered by the MacDuff story but I found it interesting. Maybe we’re just too nerdy for the cool guys. But us nerds do always have the largest whiskey collections. 😉

Jake&Rachel says:

I’ve always thought it’s amazing the things humans can get used to when they grow up around it. When I was in Afghanistan I ended up in a Georgia Nation Guard unit. One day this Georgia boy was complaining about how cold it was when I, a Minnesota boy was just thinking about how warm it was. We started talking about the weather and to figure out what was cold to him I asked what temperature he said screw it and called in sick to work and stayed home under a blanket. He said 40F. I was dumbfounded. I said he would not be able to go outside 9 months of the year in Minnesota. He asked me what was my temperature and I said -30F. He looked at me like I said I was from Pluto. Sure enough I was tested with that number a couple of years later. Minnesota had a January that didn’t get above 0F the whole month. I worked nights and every morning I would walk out to my truck and it would be -25 to -30F and I still went to work every time. Now the opposite is true as well. Every time it got above 85F in Afghanistan the Georgia people would come alive while I would pray that we were attacked just so I could shoot someone because I was hating life.

Tobias Edstrom says:

Nice! Pewdiepie made his “last” video on Whisky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE-Q6YlaXyE
You guys should do a collaboration!

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