Whisky Review: The Macallan Rare Cask single malt Scotch whisky

Today we taste and review The Macallan Rare Cask single malt Scotch whisky.

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Caleb Steingruber says:

Nerd Alert: Rex, the honey you are thinking of is most likely forest honey…It is darker than regular flower nectar honey, with bolder, deeper, richer, but also more varying flavours. It is made in fact from forest aphids eating tree sap, when they’ve had their fill they excrete the rest, this is what the bees collect off of trees from which to make said forest honey. It is less prone to crystallisation as it is lower in glucose and has higher mineral content. It’s personally my favorite honey as I can’t eat flower honey since I stuck my hand in the flowered honey jar as a 10 yr. Old, and was reduced to toilet hugging after. Why I stay away from Dalwhinnie and Balvenie type whisky.

John Cleveland says:

Slightly sour berry …. Lingonberry?

laplantski says:

The link is in the description if anyone else has strange pills for D and Rex to try. 😉

Jimmy Leg says:

I think what you’re reading as hate for Macallan is more disappointment with Macallan. They’ve just churned out so much NAS whisky this past decade that it’s hard to respect them anymore.
My first whisky was a Macallan 12 yo in a bar called Maxwell’s Plum from a bartender named Stu in 1985. It was in a brandy snifter and Stu gave it to me for free because he just knew I’d love it.

He was right.

Mark Luongo says:

I think you mentioned a great video idea!!! You guys should compare expensive well known name brands to a better value cheaper whisk(e)y that is in a similar flavour profile. Example Johnnie Walker double black and Black bottle. Would love to find comparable to try along with you guys!!

Paul Burns says:

My two go to whisk(e)y reviewers are malt mates, yeah! Classy act guys giving rally a shoutout

Zig988 says:

You guys should definitely do Tincup American Whiskey. It is a high Rye Bourbon from Colorado cut with water from the Rocky Mountains. It’s getting really good reviews and I just believe it’s getting overlooked as it is advertised as an outdoorsman whiskey giving the impression that it is not very friendly but in reality is the opposite.

Ellis Field says:

Lol daniel you listed some bands that a very easy to dislike… i was waiting for creed to be added to you list

Tom C says:

goose berry

Chace Hawkins says:

So, in honor of Rex, I have a story. I have recently gone home to visit for Christmas, and found out that my Best Friend had an impressive liquor cabinet. I proceeded to mooch Macallan 12: double cask(to compare to the Macallan 15 purchased for me by the same man), Aucentoshan 12, Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban(12), Lagavulin 16, and Hibiki Harmony. It was a good day. The moochatood was on point. And I now understand why Lagavulin 16 is legendary.

Estevan Hernandez says:

Hey guys, if y’all see this. What are your favorite cigars and which whiskey do you find yourself pairing with them most often? I smoke a lot of Drew Estate( Liga Privada 52 and 9) Foundation cigar co and most recently warped.

K. Köhler says:

Cool video. In Germany I can get a Jim Beam Black, Eagle Rare 10yo, Johnny Drum Private Stock, Noah´s Mill and a Blantons Gold for the price of 1! Macallan Rare Cask. 😀

Benjamin St.Amand says:

So if whiskey production is traditionally native to Scotland and Ireland, why did it not catch on in England? Seems like similar climate, etc. I’m sure they are out there but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an English whiskey.

shuboy05 says:

A number of bourbons tend to go for 45% (90 proof) since it’s between 40% minimum and the 50% ABV that was required with Bottled-in-Bond bourbons.

Chandler Morris says:

You guys were talking about aging whisk(e)y in tequila barrels a few videos ago. I’m not sure if it was a recent one or just one I watched recently as I’ve been burning through the backlog at an astounding rate. But I thought this article might peak your interest: https://www.wsj.com/articles/if-youre-a-purist-about-scotch-whisky-you-might-find-this-hard-to-swallow-1516728633

Conor Kelly says:

Been watching the channel for a while. Your the last two videos have been making my hospital stay a lot easier. They say I can drink on Friday and since I nearly died at 23, you bet your ass I’m spending good money on a bottle on Friday! Slainté guys

Ole Thanatos says:

The mooch does not go out? mmmm. Now I feel bad. Poor Rex. Daniel give him a glass of M :-). Cheers.

Self Sufficient Man says:

Was looking for the other Macallan review that you did a while back and noticed your 24th episode was also the rare cask. Did Rex force you to stop doing spread sheets and you lost track or is there a difference between the two?

Tom C says:

i have just applied as a assistant distiller in turner valley alberta canada. at eau claire distillery

J.ust K.idding says:

You two buttholes are good people.

icha gebe says:

i dont know how i got here i dont even drink whisk(e)y but you guys are fun

Enrique Medrano says:

So after having a few shots I ended up going to 3 Monkeys in NYC and got a Bulleit Rye whisky with a burger. My life was forever changed, then the effects from the shot and whisky caught up to me and broke several glasses of beer that I had later that night. I under estimated the power of whisky.

Morgan Cowell says:

Just picked up Jameson IPA. I’m curious to see your review.

Lance Davala says:

Absolutely love both channels and can’t wait to come visit the new distillery. Just found you a couple weeks ago and joined the FB group under the wire. Wonder if you have heard of the bar up here in Seattle called Canon. They have the largest whiskey collection I have ever seen here is their 173 page bottle menu. http://www.canonseattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/captains-list-7-24-13-1.pdf. Cheers.

William Hollis says:

Daniel what your thoughts about what is written in article below, about the proposed changes to Scotch?

ralfydotcom says:

. . . Aw bless you guys, happy to share my malt-moments and now well over 100k at ralfydotcom . big malt-hug to WhiskyVault ! keep makin’ your malt-moments too . . .

Christopher Szarek says:

I think when you start running low on mass produced whiskeys, you should turn to the tribe and have us send you our own “blends” You’ve had Blendaggedon, its time for Blendpocalypse.

bingoknows says:

If Daniel and Rex and Ralfy ever meet up,
that would be so EPIC!!!

James Baird says:

I have watched Ralphie longer than I have watched you. Here’s the thing about him. He’s been so long on youtube that if something comes up and I don’t know it hell have a vid on it. He either has done a review or will do a trusted review if it’s new. You do about the same except he knows things no one else talks about. I’m going on to long but he recently reviewed a co. By name open since 1914 he had a bot made in 1920 he’d bought at auction and he opened it and drank it.–amazing.

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