Whisky Review: Tobermory 10 Year Limited Edition Mull Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Today we taste and review Tobermory 10 Year Limited Edition Mull Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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11:27 – boof

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Ronald Walters says:

Went to Reddit, couldn’t figure it out. Screw it just staying on YouTube.

Jeffery E Petrone says:

Toby Maguire and last

Dylan Vickers says:

Hey Daniel and Rex, I’ve watched probably half of your videos on my game console, so I have been unable to join the Tribe down here, but I dusted off my laptop so I could finally leave a comment for you guys.

1. I turned 21 in January and I pretty much only drank Crown Royal until late March when I stumbled across the Modern Rouge and their video about whiskey names with you guys. I jumped over to your channel and jumped right in and I haven’t looked back (or bought Crown) since.

2. I’m a bourbon guy, sorry. My first non-crown was Woodford Reserve and I liked it a lot. I love Bullet, Knob Creek and Four Roses Single Barrel, all thanks to you guys.

3. I have used your channel to convert my friend Daniel (great name, right?) from a vodka man into a fellow whisky guy, so far his favorite is Monkey Shoulder. He is already learning well from Rex, and he’ll show up and be like “have you tried _______” and then when I say no he’ll say “I bet the Whiskey Vault has a video on it” and within 30 minutes we’re leaving Total Wine with it.

4. Are there single malts you specifically recommend to convert a bourbon guy like me to your side?

JC Fernandez says:

Great!! One more to the list

lew clark says:

like thats why i love costco with whiskies…glenfarclas 25 for £89.99

Cheap for the quality/age and then discounted even more 😀

Eric Willett says:

Hey guys. As my whiskey journey has been progressing I’ve been drawn more and more to American Single Malts. In your opinion, in general, how much do American Single Malts compare to Scotch?

Jonathan Mulchan says:

Did y’all mention a cigar vault????

Burley Mullins says:

You guys find these bottles in the US, please let me know. They’d be neat for mead.

Cardinal_Sins says:

My new band’s name is Dammit, I’m a Strawberry.

Michael Hummel says:

That is not at all how you have pronounced Ledaig in passed videos…

Erik Schlegel says:

The Green Brothers Hank and John or the Logan bros aka suicide douche?

Korey Williams says:

Next time you guys try reviewing other stuff you should try that $200.00 Sam Adams utopias. I hear it tastes like whiskey or home made wine. And the bottle looks neat.

Daniel Whipple says:

If the after affects of the bourbon gave you such a strong (seemingly good) reaction, would that have not been a potentially good mix? Basically my question is how do you go about making informed decisions when mixing two different whiskeys?

Kehrstyle1of1 says:

Another great video! Glenfinnich 21 rum cask

Christina Zirpoli says:


John Verstraete says:

We need to restore rex to mooch status dammit!

Whiskey Golfer says:

Just add a glass blowing studio to the grounds and you can get your green bottles. I can just imagine You guys blowing into the spinning tube with molten glass on the end.

Self Sufficient Man says:

Besides smoking the grain with something are there any other things that you can do to the mash ingredients to alter the flavor?

Raster says:

Excellent as always! I think Rex can call himself a master mooch… he earned it. Forget the bird spirit, but… Rex could also always mooch from an unsuspecting bird spirit nest, mooch an egg, hatch it… and you own it.

All Raster ideas are free for the taking. Take ’em, use ’em as you like. They are free as in Free Beer!


Nick Dondarrion says:

I had a night that I tried 6 different whiskeys throughout the night and #6 smelled dramatically like funky cheese. (It was a Kilchoman)

Mark Rich says:

Hard to take a whisky seriously when named after a Womble!

chuck430 says:

sweet fish…Swedish fish?

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