Whisky Review/Tasting: Chivas 12 years

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Whisky .com reviews the Chivas 12 years. It is a very popular Blended Scotch whisky. One of the best-selling whisky worldwide.

The nose:
Floral, fruity, hint of smoke, caramel, vanilla, honey, oak, spicy, lavender
The taste:
Herbs, spicy, bitterness, apples, fruity
The finish:

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Bill says:

is a glencairn glass necessary for tasting a whisky? most bars that I know of only have tumbler glass…

jrichardsonsix says:

Hmm nice review it’s better than some single malts! I like ChivasI buy it when it’s on special offer.Its preferable to glenllivet non dated founders reserve single malt haha what isn’t?

Ömer Faruk Gülgün says:

It taste awful just like drinking acetone :/

Aramis Vojnic says:

i love this guys laugh HAHA

Daniel Bakens says:

For a starter in the whisky tasting this is a very nice blend….. A bit on the sweet side but i love it for the rich flavors.

Raviteja Nalluri says:

Can it be preferred over double black?

Serby says:

Good review. I think Chivas has lost some of its complexity over the years. A lot of other better whiskies out there in that price point. Thank you sir.

Raion` says:

Another great review Sir Horst!!!

Trevor Phillips says:

This is good for beginners because it is not so strong

Michael Gorman says:

Overblown, hyped blended whisky – it is not real whisky, for coke and lemonade

TheFreakout74 says:

one of my favorites

HybridEnergy says:

I’ve never liked this Whiskey, I wish I could put my finger on it why. The taste feels bottom shelf and there is a extra pounding headache the next day even when consumed in moderation. Same with Grants.

Artful Dodger says:

To me Chivas Regal 12 tastes like a hazelnut,nice though.

M P says:

00:38-00:42 … That sounds like a snide remark towards political correctness… Brilliant

Emmanuel Mejia says:

Great review! Keep it up. I received a bottle this year as a gift for Christmas and someone else left an unopened bottle they had brought too so I guess I received two for Christmas instead. lol I was a big Johnnie Walker Black drinker in my twenties and once I tasted this I switched pretty fast. Very good choice for any social drinkers. Cheers!

Jonathan Lira Bribiesca says:

Am 22 and haven’t had a drop of alcohol but accidentally came across these videos and his voice now has me hooked just like bob Ross and the joy of painting. Smh I have a paper I should be working on….

John Brentford says:

Horst your a asshole.

cato says:

Chivas is a decent enough blend. I still prefer JW black though.

GT G says:

Listening to him talk about Whiskey gives me a hard-on.

xxonkelmarc says:

Good Blend.

Yourself says:

Chivas regal mouthwash

Tyler Durden says:

“The Chivas Regal is… well… the value of a gift for the holiday season…. Um and it’s a … well it’s a gift….”
LOL you’re really struggling to find something nice to say about this one.

YooToobModerator says:

“Don’t mention the war!”..Basil Fawlty

Viktor says:

Here in Brazil this whiskey indeed has the seal to prevent refilling. Cheers.

wesleytaylorviadomus says:

I never touch this cheap garbage shit gut-rot blend. Taste like Clorox! The 18 year is the one to go for…

Eelke says:

Nice review! I see you have a new glass, in your opinion, is this the ‘ultimate’ whisky glass?

John Campbell says:

After you finish drinking everything else and you find the bottle someone gave you for Christmas it’s ok but not great.

David G says:

It isn’t very good at all. Way too sweet yet somehow also harsh. Hard not to grimace when I drink it.

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