Whisky Review/Tasting: Famous Grouse

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Whisky .com tastes the Famous Grouse. It is a blended Scotch Whisky. The famous grouse was the model for one of the most successful computer games of the world.

The nose:
Citrus fruit, oak, caramel
The taste:
Spicy, malt, oak, bitterness
The finish:

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OldGerard says:

Fuck yeah! Im being a philanthropist today. Gonna update my resume!

Davinder C. Singh says:

I really dislike this whisky… no complexity at all with a harsh taste that inflicts the senses.

ThePeaceableKingdom says:

The Famous Grouse is one I revisit every year or two… I usually consider it money well spent. Some years the sherried components have been more forward, but it’s no surprise that downscale whiskies see less sherry today… Compare it to it’s alternatives and it scores some points.
I’ve often wondered how much of the bitterness of 3 year grains comes from tired casks and how much from caramel colouring. The industry will tell you it’s tasteless, but Willie Tait once added (an admittedly generous) dose of e150 to a glass of water for me, and it was nasty-bitter!!
For those times when you ‘just want a drink, you don’t want to study it’ FG is an above average alternative… If you (like me) sip your whiskies neat, another 10 USD opens up a world of more interesting alternatives…

MrGatorbait69 says:

I bought a bottle of this whiskey today and really feel like I waisted my money, this is a really harsh whiskey. another dust collector.

Lee Shellam says:

It’s not a terrible whisky but for the same price teachers highland cream is far superior.

Marty says:

How much

YooToobModerator says:

:37 the call of the cheap grouse…

Ex0rz says:

Great whisky to mix with coke or if you just want a glass of whisky to warm you up and dont want to spend those expensive single malts!

ArtMorte says:

The Famous Grouse was one of the very first whiskies I bought when I was first getting into whisky in my early twenties. Good memories in that sense, but if I want a cheap, available blend nowadays, I find the Hankey Bannister, the Scottish Leader or Teacher’s Highland Cream offer better quality for similar money. (Although sadly the Teacher’s has gone down in quality).

M Stormzo says:

can i get a recommendation for something good under 40$

Average_User says:

Well below 20 for a full litre?? WTF?
I live in Europe, and I’ve just bought a 0.5 litre bottle for well over twenty. This ain’t no cheap whiskey for us.

Márcio Geihs says:

I´ve bought a bottle and This whisky is much better than Chivas regal 12 years and black label.

TuncayKURT says:

So, what would be the best option to taste as a starter? I like beer and some wines (low tannin, merlot or chardonnay) and always stop drinking whisky after a sip 🙂 which brand or type should I try (or with what: coke, ice, etc.)

Made in Coatbridge says:

Horst you need to review Bell’s, for me I think it is one of the better budget blends

Kan Gill says:

Amazing price point for the quality.


what bitterness? this was the only whisky ive tried thus far that was smooth with no harsh fiery bitterness,in fact most of the whiskies you review have bitterness that you dont mention

mad RED says:

you should try monkey’s shoulder

Marutain says:


AD says:

Horst doesn’t like the screw caps but I bought a 18 year old of Famous Grouse and the cork broke off in the bottle. This Scotch is so cheap that you are better off with a screw cap trust me. Great review as always Horst.


no peat mention?

4 scoops GODDAMMIT says:

By far the best cheap blend

Øystein Gravlien says:

The only good thing I can say about this whisky is that it is cheap. But the tast… Pfy

Prashant Namdeo says:

Masterclass reviews. Just curb a ver very very very………………. long intro part.

Stuart Pedaso says:

Calling this Scotch is false advertising. It doesn’t taste like Scotch, it doesn’t smell like Scotch and instead of a warm glow it gives you a nasty head ache.

moody says:

This makes me shivers and gags

Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant says:

I do hate to be the pedant, but _’Famouse’_ is a misspelling. I hope you’ll consider editing the title of this video, and the description.

Jonathanedward2010 says:

really good bang for the buck stuff

blair schoffer says:

this is a nice drinkable blend

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