Whisky Review/Tasting: Glenfiddich 12 years

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Whisky .com reviews the Glenfiddich 12 years.
With this whisky, Glenfiddich helped to establish the single malt whisky category worldwide. Today it is still the best-selling single malt whisky in the world.

The nose:
Fruity, fresh, vanilla
The taste:
Light spicy, malty, sweet, caramel
The finish:
Medium with a hint of peat smoke

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MBix says:

starts of with a nice sweet vanilla/butter malt taste with a bit of spice but going down was a somewhat harsh medicinal burn

Al Paterson says:

Quaffable 🙂 …. Caribbean rum casks aarrrg 🙂 … I’m sorry it’s colored (pause) .. but it’s so Friendly! 🙂 .. hahaha, as usual wonderful and honest review … and your charming little asides of humor puts it over the top .. thank you Horst Cheers from Montreal !

Kevin Nathaniel says:

I like how he says

“This is a really nice and friendly bottle..
If you are in a bar and there is *nothing else* to choose.. Then yeah go for Glenfiddich 12”

My man.. you are a savage.. hahaha

Dan Menzies says:

I’m 12 and what is this

azazel fallen says:

best reviews , best master taster

FoxHound says:

Ah Glenfiddich 12, one of my favourites. Nice review as always Horst. I’m so jealous that you got to try the 40 year old XD

Raster says:

Thanks for this review. I sampled the Glenfiddich 12 yo along with you, and here’s what I noticed. My initial smell and taste neat, all was well, the first small sip seemed so mild that I figured I would continue sipping this 35 ml Dram neat, but then I was getting some notes of sour along with the initial taste noted that you mention. I usually add at least a teaspoon of water to a Single Malt Dram… I decided to look for extra floral that might come from adding water… I added a teaspoon of water and that’s the main reason why I am writing this note. My dram of Glenfiddich 12 then became sweet… no bitterness, with extra and all pleasant aromas and tastes emerging.

I felt my Dram went from something I could get through without too much unpleasant taste – converted to an all nice, pleasant, sweet, floral, and very easy to drink.

I’ve heard all the pros and cons of adding water. If this much flavor improvement is hidden and waiting for a small addition of water… folks should hear this.

Horst, you are the master taster, and I trust whatever you recommend. I’m not questioning your approach. You’re great! and your reviews are Great!

Ryan Barnhart says:

You can always tell when Mr. Luening really enjoys the Scotch, because he finishes it! If he places the glass back on the cask with whisky remaining then I’m suspicious of it. 🙂

Archibald Cortex says:

I just got this 12 years old so i decide to check it for a review hehe.. cant wait to try it.

Rebel Wolf says:

the best whisky is Crown Royal hands down

LedHead says:

Dude listen plz. i Bought this for 60 buck in australia and i cant find it sweet like u do when drunk straight.i have to mix a little coke to drink it.why can’t i enjoy it like u straight i feel like ethanol n spice.plz help.

Volado puro says:

comprei esse Whisky e me arrependi, realmente ele é muito bom, mas a vedação é uma merda, depois que vc abre a garrafa deve tomar rápido, pq a rolha deixa entrar ar e estraga a bebida

Akleptose says:

i went into whisky and tried glenfiddich for the first time yesterday. imo, it taste too bland and too alcoholic. there was a bit spiciness and sweetness but that is it. do you guys have any recommendation on which whisky i should try instead? or should i just stop trying whisky?

Malt454 says:

If an age statement is a huge step forward, why can’t it be acknowledged that removing age statements through NAS is a huge step backward, both in terms of product information and simple logic?

PeteyK006 says:

This dude is living the dream. I want his job!

Pradeep Rajkumar says:

APPLES and PEARS and Vannila notes…

scotteff says:

I’m an 18 yr old wanting to start malt I’ve been reading up on it alot but I still know very very little, anyone got any suggestions? ( I’m from Scotland where the legal drinking age is 18, so it’s legal for me to ask and you to suggest)

richieb74 says:

This guy never says anything bad about anything. lol it’s all good!!!

Razor Jimmy says:


Jason de Souza says:

nice submariner.. good scotch, good timepiece

Jim Taylor says:

Seems rather amusing that a whisky often seen as so ‘entry level’ and humble in the world of whisky suddenly stands out a little more with a 12 year old age statement, in an ever increasing market of non age statement stuff which seems to be hitting store shelves these days.

Jared Green says:

One of my favorite “cheaper” Scotch whiskeys 🙂

Musicmann1022 says:

Won a bottle last Christmas. All gone!!

Dr. No says:

Please try ‘Desi Tharra’ Brand Whiskey from India. They ship it worldwide.

D J says:


John Higginbotham says:

Easy Sippin’ Love it Horst, keep the reviews coming!

Ahmed Raza says:

the gift packing is really nice

2k9beattie says:

Looking for an affordable whiskey with a kick and a burn in it any recommendations?

sanjid himel says:

he is so gentle

HybridEnergy says:

I’m surprised this is only now reviewed by you considering you reviewed the older Genfiddichs. Going backwards? lol

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