Whisky Review/Tasting: Glenlivet 12 years

Nosing 4:17
Whisky .com reviews the Glenlivet 12 years. The distillery Glenlivet ranks among the largest and most important malt producers. This Speyside Whisky is among the top 5 of single malts.

The nose:
Malt, bloom, vanilla, caramel, citrus note, alcoholic note, fruits
The taste:
Sweet, dark fruits, apple, pears, sherry, malt, oak
The finish:

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Nick says:

so fucking pissed my country doesn’t receive shipments of the 12 year old anymore.

The0to1smell says:

A special meaning baaahaab so don’t trust me..haha

Andy Carr says:

fantastic video. This is my favourite whisky. and the 18 is not bad either. I have a bottle of 12 but I am reluctant to open it as it’s not available in uk/Europe now. or it is disappearing at least.

T says:

cannot go wrong when you live it up with this one; however, I for one feel we scotch lovers need to boycott the chill filtering, colouring and of course NAS, in order to keep it as real as possible.

Rich G says:

My go-to. Delicious. Simply put, hard to beat for the price and easily located.

Kevin W says:

Had my FIRST glass of 12 year old “Glenlivet.” with a splash of ice cold water. It really opened up more flavors and enjoyed it even more. “Cheers.”

Michael Werbovetz says:

Is this a good Whisky for pairing with a cigar, Horst?

Genericusername says:

Horst, you truly are the king

Varangian Rus says:

I would rate 85 out of 100 .It’s a good whisky but I prefer more smokey taste.

canuckdybdahl says:

Less talk… more Scotch !

Bear Down says:

My favorite whiskey. It’s so damn smooth. No bite whatsoever, no hangover, no drunkenness, just goooood vibes.

edit: Great info, really interesting.

Chip Reid says:

A very good (although not challenging) mainstream Speyside single malt scotch.

Jesse Regenauer says:

Thank you Horst!! Always love your reviews………. Have a great day!!! 🙂

cato says:

I am a scotch nut and I like glenlivet 12. Been drinking it for 30 years. I just had some last Friday night. Nice summer time dram.

NorwegianNightmare says:

I never really drink whisky, but I bought a bottle of The Glenlivet 12 because of this video. Going to drink it tonight and see how i feel about it.

silverbackdp says:

My fav whiskey of all time.. The 12 yr single malt

T Beck says:

The most intense man on the internet.

Sir Maxwell says:

One of my favorite Whiskies.

scenecore12 says:

Needs to work for NPR. Great voice. Great reviews. Thanks for being alive!

why just why says:

Ha ha I have had a little bit too much of Glenlivet today!!!

champagnepp says:

Loved the information presented and the history of the brand! Great video!

Wet Work says:

Thank you for your review. I enjoyed a bottle over the New Year’s, for old time’s sake.

East Coast LQ Reviews says:

great reviews, have not been disappointed with one yet 😀 i have learned a lot from you

twarfield1204 says:

I think I gotta stop watching your vids. Every time I do, I feel a sudden urge to go to the store and spend some $$$. In all seriousness, I love your vids. I can’t tell you how many whiskeys I have tried featured on your vids and not on your vids because of how much more appealing you make the enjoyment of tasting different flavors to be. Thanks!

richieb74 says:

How do you get so many smells and flavors out of these whiskeys. I feel like I’m doing it wrong

UNC Tarheels says:

7:27 he even says yum and deeeeeep throat!!!!!!!!! LOL

dylan thomas says:

Could you please tell us how a whisky acquires the vanilla, caramel, fruit, nut etc into itself?

Kevin W says:

Love this 12 year old! Smooth with a great finish!

ocan1033 says:

I enjoy watching this stuff but I still doubt that people can sense that much flavor and aroma from whiskey and cigars. I mean “a light garlic note”? How could anyone prove or disprove this?

Mickey Breezy says:

“special” paper huh?

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