Whisky Review/Tasting: Lagavulin 16 years

http://www.whisky.com/whisky-database/bottle-search/details/fdb/Bottles/Details/lagavulin-7.html Nosing 6:20
Whisky.com reviews the Lagavulin 16 years. This whisky the one of the most famous Scotch Whiskys. It comes from the Isle of Islay and is heavily peated.

Very intense peat smoke, sea, iodine, heavy sweetness, very complex
Soft but deep sweetness, a remembrance saltiness, a little oak and dry peat smoke
The sea fades slowly away

Talisker Distillers Edition:

Dalwhinnie 15:


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malhab khalil says:

I miss seating have drink in Germany club

John Grove says:

bacon? maybe…it’s Smokey, nice, perhaps..beautiful whiskey

shotgunwound says:

you are an absolute joy to watch. Whisky is the greatest invention along with beer. Thank you sir.

Maxwell E King says:

Great review

streetbob818 says:

Ron Swanson led me here

malhab khalil says:

+nick norsal the order still working

FoxHound says:

I have a bottle of this tucked away for Winter next year.

Megawatt says:

First time I was served this at a restaurant, it brought back a strong memory of an antiseptic ointment in my mother’s medicine cabinet. Needless to say, I hated it at first.

Liam S says:

I prefer arbeg 10, but this is a good one for sure. If the 12 year lagavulin was cheaper it would be my favorite hands down.

lymecat says:

I would give an arm to see you review fragrances. The way you describe the smells of these whiskys make my mouth water.

Tom Martin says:

It’s truly a great sexual/sensual experience.

Harry Pirate says:

Horst, The way you talk about and describe whiskey is truly fascinating. I can watch these reviews for hours….and have done. I am currently in pre-production with a found footage thriller movie here in the UK and you greatly inspired the writing of the main antagonist. I really need to find the perfect actor to represent your passion now. Only he will be talking with the same passion about the taste of human flesh, not whiskey 🙂

Garrett Theoret says:

My father in law recently got this for me for my birthday. New favorite whiskey, or perhaps a tie with Balvenie Doublewood 12. Excellent stuff. The smoke is really what makes it.

TheJusnic82 says:

One of my absolute favourite whisky’s its the best of both worlds the peat for me is nothing even close to laphroig or ardbeg or port charlotte but the beautiful balance of the sweetness with the peat is almost perfect.I have a dram of this at least once or twice a week

malhab khalil says:

I tasted its very nice but miss drinking with u

Radio Laboratory says:

Horst ‘exactly’ how long do they smoke th barley b4 they ferment the mash?

btg73 says:

I love sweet smoky whisky

malhab khalil says:

I will tasted

Evil LOL says:

I’ve just tried Lagavulin 16, and I loved that smokey taste. Can anyone recommend something similar?

michael mclean says:

This guy would have made an excellent Hans Landa..

Rich Mahogany says:

I love this guy’s passion.

mvhtriple says:

I so love this channel. Before Whisky.com I viewed many reviews on Whisky.de channel. Thanks to these and some (others) I learned a lot of whisky. For me the base to begin with is to learn the regions of Scotland with their characteristics (Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Islay and Islands). My fav. whisky was The Balvenie 21 years which I didnt own but taste from a former collague. After that my 2nd fav. whisky was The Glenlivet 18 years. Then I was more interested in peated/smoky whiskys and bought Connemara which I like but not that balanced. Now my favourite whisky so far is Lagavulin 16 years. Today I bought a Bowmore 12 years and I like it very much. Even more than Balvenie 21 but still I have a little in Lagavulin 16 years in the bottle and Bowmore 12 years cant even beat that :-).

Once again a great channel and keep up the love for whisky!

Jonathan Ross says:

I think Horst needs a little time alone with this bottle of Lagavulin. I don’t blame him 😉

conditionone says:

This one is definitely next on the peaty/smoky list.

Ethan Donohoe says:

I had your experience two h20 tablespoons down. Didn’t measure the scotch. Sonoma ca. USA.

Pepe Simpson says:

This is my favorite.. Hands up

Owen Davies says:

Good review , I enjoyed a dram while I watched, my first peat whist I have was Talisker 12 year which I really enjoyed as I came to the end off the bottle, but when I tried this one wow so much going on

ilikethingsfromjapan says:

Only £ 39inc vat in costco at the mo (late July ’16)… Enjoying mine now and being very Scottish at this price

MrYahooFreeman says:

My favourite Islay Malt Whisky !

bluedragonis says:

Hi, I have only had JD and Coke in past and hate JD straight and wanted to try my first quality Whisky. I bought Lagavulin 16 and am trying to replicate this taste description in this video. I find i get an initial hit of alchol and the sheer strength of the drink. The after taste i simply love. Its epically smokey and i love it but I am trying to identify what is clarified as a peaty taste. Furthemore, the other flavours and smells horst detects. I might be naive but I am trying. Is whisky drinking about enjoying the aftertaste more than the actual drinkin as i find it hits me so hard initially.

The Faceless Man says:

Would you have a recommendation for a Scotch whiskey of this caliber for someone who prefers sweet tasting notes, for instance the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve but rather in SIngle Malt?

Vinod Mhetar says:

A very nice and crisp review of a great scotch (Y)

malhab khalil says:

+nick norsal I don’t need the order anymore thanks

Rick Prins says:

I loved this whisky, but sadly Lagavulin also colours it’s whisky with E150 (spirit caramel) so I’ve lost interest. It’s a matter of principle: I shall not participate in the Horror that is colouring Malt Whisky.
The moment they come to their sences it will be back in my cabinet.

v480 says:

I have a question. Maybe I mis understood, but in the end you said that Lagavulin doesn’t have any casks anymore for about a decade. So, is Lagavulin 16 years going to be rare any time soon? Or will it be on the market for long?

malhab khalil says:

I hope nice party

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