Whisky Review/Tasting: Laphroaig 10 years

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Whisky.com tastes the Laphroaig 10 Jahre. A very smoky and aromatic single malt from the Isle of Islay with a surprising mellow taste.

The nose:
Peat smoke, medicinal, seaweed, salt, rotten tang
The taste:
Sweet, medicinal note, salt
The finish:

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Big Fitzg says:

I can`t beleive this guy is only 27

Stainlessfights4u says:

Medical notes? Like iodine?

Craig M says:

The 2nd whiskey ive tried on my journey into whiskey. From glenfiddich 12 to this. Such an intense flavour. Neved been so proud to br scottish

Tony Kahoona says:

Great video, thank you.  I love this single malt, it is my favorite.

J. Lawson says:

Had a bottle of this about 2 weeks ago…..loved it

Enrique Hopper says:

They can keep it, not to positive reviews. You can almost see most reviews people are posting want to really say it taste like shit. You can see it on there faces, like there tasting embombing fluid. Ill stick to what works for me and most people, Maker’s Mark, tasty and smooth.

tehdreamer says:

One of the first whiskies I tried – still my favorite to date, I have become a massive peathead and only go for peated. Hard to beat laphroig on peatiness!!

Mtb iker says:

awesome whisky and review!

Daniel S says:

Tried a Laphroaig 10 after a Talisker 10 (also a very smoky whisky). Was hoping to find something as peaty or as smoky as the Talisker and I can say that this outdid itself. Sadly, the medicinal taste really ruins it for me when it is drunk straight, but with a dash of water this is greatly improved as other, subtler flavours become more apparent. A good whisky, but not for the faint-hearted!

Paul Melendez says:

He nailed it when he said smells like a hospital… that’s what turns me off to it

imc440 says:

This is the only scotch I drink. It’s not the best, but it’s brilliant in that it simply refuses to compromise. It’s smoky as all hell and it really doesn’t care if you don’t like it. This is who it is, and it will not settle for mediocrity just to make you more comfortable. And I absolutely love it.

BubuSnow93 says:

Tbh I’ve basically never tasted whisky in my life and I was introduced to quarter cask Laphroaig, basically spent 5 minutes trying to grasp which smells it was made up of.
Got the weirdest stuff, from smoked leather, rubber, dentist alcohol and a hint of agrumes, oddly it wasn’t overwhelming nor unpleasant. Cool thing is that the flavour lasted a lot after the tasting

Wyatt King says:

Hated. HATED this the first time I tried it. Almost gave my bottle away. Ended up moving to Ardbeg and came back to this 3 months later. Now love it. It’s funny how your taste changes.

Michael Ayden says:

I just bought one that’s sitting on my desk.. I like Talisker 10-year-old so hoping this will be a winner too. You do very decent and interesting reviews mate. Done like a true gent and up there with ralfydotcom in quality.

wkruit1 says:

I tried several whisky’s, mostly Speyside. Attracted by the name, I bought a bottle of this stuff. At first, I was overwhelmed by the salty, iodine-like taste. Then I tried it with a small splash of water. What a difference! All at once, it was accessible, tasty and wonderfull with al long, long lasting aftertaste! I think I’m hooked to it!!

Anthony Hill Jr. says:

Question: If I discipline myself and tuck away a Laphroaig 10 year, will it taste substantially different after another ten years? I know he mentioned that the peaty smoke will develop into more complex flavors, but how much different? Or would buying the 18 year be basically the same thing? Thanks for reading.

Go Away says:

This is one of my personal favourite, precisely for the smoke/peat content.

Emre Ermin says:

I am totaly agree

Josef Wassermann says:

PPM values
Here are some examples of PPM values of some well known distilleries
(the approximate PPM of their malt is in brackets in increasing value)

Bunnahabhain (1–2)
Bruichladdich (3–4)
Springbank (7–8)
Benromach (8)
Ardmore (10–15)
Highland Park (20)
Bowmore (20–25)
Talisker (25–30)
Caol Ila (30–35)
Ledaig (35)
Lagavulin (35–40)
Port Charlotte (40)
Laphroaig (40–43)
Ardbeg (55)
Longrow (55)

andeace23 says:

drinking it right now…smokin!


Take that smell, take it i said.

Shane Swanson says:

I like this stuff a lot. Before I was a whiskey enthusiast, I was very much into pipe tobaccos. I have to say this stuff reminds me of a strong English Blend like the Ambassador’s Blend of Hearth and Home.

Harry Mclarry says:

all you need to know is at 7:56

GreenDrank82 says:

A friend of mine is a whisky drinker but he never got into Scotch, I let him try Ardbeg 10 year old first! That was a bad mistake I don’t think he will ever try Scotch again lol

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