Whisky Review/Tasting: Macallan 12 years Sherry Cask

Nosing 3:51
Whisky .com reviews the Macallan 12 years Sherry Cask. Horst Luening tasted the filling with different alcohol content and tells what about the differences.

The nose:
Sherry, honey, flowers, sweet note, spices
The taste:
Sherry, honey, sweetness, spiciness of the oak
The finish:
Long and rich

The nose:
Sherry, honey, flowers, more sweet notes, little more spices, hint of alcohol
The taste:
Sherry, honey, more sweetness, spiciness of the oak, little alcohol, little more intense
The finish:
Long and rich

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mmmdonutsss says:

It’s my first time tasting whiskey and I am trying the macallan 12 yr old 43% and I did everything you’ve done but I get a very strong alcohol tart I almost cannot stand. Am I trying something too strong for my first time ? Help.

Blaa Blaaa says:

Ich vermisse die zeit als ich die Falsche für 35€ kaufen konnte. Ich glaube sogar, das Penny die als John Malcom für ~17€ hatte. Die Zeiten sind wohl auch vorbei.

video delisi enes says:

adına konumun ihtiyarı içkiyi ne tanıtıyor piç

MRswiftkow says:

i let it be known i wouldnt mind a bottle of black grouse for the holidays, and was lucky enough to recieve a bottle of this. great review if you were wondering.

Lozano Marcos says:

If Christopher walken and Arnold shwarznegar had a kid, this is him!

UNC Tarheels says:

Hey Horst, so your favorite Macallan (that isn’t too crazy expensive) is the 21 year old Macallan? Thanks so much for the reviews! A+++

ocan1033 says:

This guy is the Eckhart Tolle of whisky.

gardehusar24 says:

OMG. Those hefty mouth sounds…

Alexander Williamsson says:

Hi Horst, you can still buy the Macallan 12 years Sherry Cask 70cl in Sweden for 54 Euro

Jason Lieberthal says:

The bottle says that this whisky has “wood smoke” in the taste. What does that mean? Is it different from peat smoke?

Boodieman72 says:

This is the first Scotch I have bought, just a wonderful drink.

Darkmark454 says:

I just bought Macallan 12 at my local bevmo for 35.00 USD here in California. They had plenty of them there.

PrivTrd says:

The days of the good “oldschool” Macallan are over I am afraid. Enjoy the 12 or 18 while you can still get the last of it IMO.

Triplecap says:

Nice review. But really, if you are in a shop and the 40 and 43 are the same price, do you buy the 40? I doubt it.

Kienen Dyer says:

Only 40$ here in connecticut…..maybe the only financial bonus in Connecticut lol

sfk1066 says:

I love the glasses that you use. Will they ever be put on the market?


As you have recommended, I was tasting with you, while watching you, and you’re % 100 correct….

Dan E says:

I feel that the flavor has diminished in the latest bottlings. Maybe rushing production or not getting the same quality casks?

glamtrackstar70 says:

This was one of the worst whiskey I have ever tasted. The smell was dreadful and the taste was like gas and sulfur.  I would’ve poured   it down the drain but I didn’t want to waste money. Maybe it was a bad bottle. I don’t know. I enjoy the Mac 18 very much.

Myself says:

Macallan 12 year old mouthwash that you can rinse and swallow 🙂 Good stuff.

Kevin P says:

The recent bottles taste like an amber colored vodka.

svampae says:

Uhm here in sweden the 40% is only 50 euros. How can they be 100 euros in Germany?

AGT0M says:

Why does it smell like talcum powder? I’ve got two bottles for a gift – a 10 y.o. and 12 y.o. The former tastes and smells better to me than the latter. Go figure. I definitely don’t find it “wonderful”, and I won’t be buying any Macallan anytime soon, as there are much better options to me for the hard earned $$$.

Joshua Goodsell says:

Haha. I did not know the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal applied to whisky!

Stock Market Cinema says:

$53 in the United States.

Will Bohland says:

Luening… Horst Luening.

The0to1smell says:

Your the man you make stuff like this taste good ..how do you do it.

ocan1033 says:

I want to know how they got the remote mic attached to his larynx.

badkid73 says:

They are so plentiful in the USA at 43% ABV for about 50 USD. But we don’t get to enjoy many wonderful whiskies that are widely available in Europe.

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