Whisky Review/Tasting: Oban 14 years

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Whisky .com tastes the Oban 14 years. Oban is one of the six world-famous Classic Malts of Scotland.

The nose:
Smoky note, fruits, spicy, alcohol
The taste:
Spicy, salt, fruity, smoke
The finish:

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WhiskyBrasil.com says:

Very nice vídeo !!!

John Grove says:

horst, love ya man

giulio beringati says:

woooow, I tasted the same whisky with you and I learned so many things about tasting.. WONDERFUL! thanks a lot !!

camaro19781000 says:

I work at a liquor store and more than a few times ive had people purchase Oban 14yr for “curing or helping get rid of Leukemia” I just thought you should know, I haven’t had any follow up with any one who purchases it but maybe you know what this is all about?

Elijah Ammon says:

Did you take 3 sips because you haven’t tasted it in awhile or because it’s that good?
For me the 14 yr old finish is a little disappointing, but the nose and the arrival are excellent!

Francis Ducharme says:

Tried Talisker 10 lately and I love the peat/sherry/fruit play. Is this similar ?

Joe Commonsense says:

Interesting to hear your assessment that it’s in between a typical speyside and an islay. As a fan of the latter, perhaps that’s why I enjoy this speyside so much. Thanks for the review.

HybridEnergy says:

I just picked up a bottle of this. Opening up new whiskey bottle like this for the first time is liking taking off the panties off for the first time off a new lover .

Mark McColl says:

It took me from surprise! I Got a bottle in you guessed it Oban, while I was traveling to the Isle of Mull and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Tobias Micu says:

Hello Horst!

I’m a novice Scotch-drinker, and I’m gonna buy my first bottle within some days.

I have decided that I’m gonna buy Highland Park 12 or Oban 14, but I can’t decide. Which one would you advice me to buy?

I said that I was novice, but I’ve tested some diffrent scotch like Glennfiddich, Aberfeldy, Laphroaig and I like Laphroaig the most, probably because I like some smokiness.

Freddie Slaughter says:

Where do you get the small bottles of whisky?

Al Paterson says:

Hahaha when Horst completely enjoys and finishes his dram glass in (three sips } ….. you know we got a winner …. but we know full well – when the camera stops he wants to get that cork out of that bottle as soon as possible 🙂 …… But he doesn’t … because he is professional and tells us what we need to know what to look for in this malt mystery 🙂

foodquig says:

Oban 14 has been one of my favorites since I first tried it… I was nosing and tasting right along with you, and I concur… It’s wonderful.

Whiskey Aficionado says:

Love your reviews….I have a small bottle of this one which I’ll Review Shortly…I just reviewed the 16 Year Old so it will be interesting to see how difference there is..  Cheers Trevor.

Very Nice says:


cato says:

Oban 14 was one of my favorites back in the nineties. It has changed since. Most of the brine and smoked oysters are long gone.

ArtMorte says:

Totally agree about miniatures, 5cl gives you a first impression, but doesn’t let you really learn the whisky.

H and M Johnson says:

Thoughts on the Oban Little Bay?

Hien Nguyen says:

Sir you don’t just have a good taste on whiskey, but also on time piece

Tomáš Ivaniga says:

Very good review. Many Thanks. I bought this bottle and it was delicious. Good review for me.

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