Whisky Review/Tasting: Teachers Highland Cream

Nosing: 02:33
Whisky.com reviews the Teachers Highland Cream. The blends of Teachers have a high malt whisky content with approximately 45%.

The nose:
Light peat smoke, malty, slight sweet, fruit
The taste:
Silky, malty, creamy, peat, fruit, sweet
The finish:

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Tony says:

Hmm did they change the formula too? I remember the color was lighter, maybe they put more sherry whisky in it after glendronach was taken out?

Carlos Valini says:

Can I surprise you? Teachers is the most seller whisky in Brazil.

Todd Stevens says:

Ben, the flower is called Thistle. great work you and your father do, bravo!

Abhishek sengupta says:

pl review teachers origin, it has more malt percentage and priced higher

Rob The threeA pyro says:

I hate this even my bloody grandad hates this whisky

M Bayrak says:

I really like Teacher’s. Especcially if you consider its price, it’s really a great whisky. It’s a bit smoky, not bitter nor really sweet, and I like it’s malty taste.

Sure, it’s not a good single malt but it’s one of the better blended whisky choices.

Anirban Mukherjee says:

Crying for help:
I am a dry red wine person. And pretty high on smell so I would even smell the make and at times the age as well. But very dumb with whiskey. I distaste the strong spirit in my quite sensitive mouth. It is like a war going on in my taste buds the moment I take a little sip. I’m fine with single malt but with blended ones like, say, this one blended scotch Teacher’s high land cream. Still better but I need to put a lot of water or ice to get it to agree with my palate. Now, the help I need is, how to educate myself in tasting whiskey. How can I enjoy Teacher’s and do justice with this great spirit? Please educate me, help me out mates. Cheers!

moody says:

Finished this in a week. Damn

Collegiate - says:

Benedikt are you one of the Ardventurers? If so, looks like fun!

archit sharma says:

Best one around

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