1800 Reposado Tequila Review – On The Rocks

Episode seven of On The Rocks has Jorel Hughes and Anthony Schultz reviewing the Beckmann family’s 1800 Tequila Reposado, whilst concocting the traditional Tequila Sunrise. It is an easy one for bartenders to whip-up and an excellent summer drink to boot!

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Oftentimes, YouTubers and critics take themselves too seriously and focus so intensely on a specific type of liquor that we felt there should be a show that represents the rest of us and not solely the aficionado. With that in mind, we wanted to build a community around these ideas— A group of people who enjoy shooting their liquor and bantering with their closest friends.

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Jorel Hughes and Anthony Schultz


Dennis Newman says:

How is it on the ice ?

Lewis Suarez says:

I’m about to slam this tequila, just looking for a review before I do.

Michael Banfield says:

You’re supposed to sip it snapper heads.

Miguel Sanchez says:

El mejor

Johnny Akafink says:

On the rocks??!! You guys need to use ice

Lewis Suarez says:

I’m about to slam this tequila, just looking for a review before I do.

Bernardo Ceniceros says:

lemme get this straight, they sprinkled lime in there, drank it in one shot, then chewed on the lime?? this isn’t well tequila gentlemen. tequila is like whiskey and coffee, you sip on it by itself slowly to understand its quality. I’m sorry, ORANGE JUICE? interesting video but this is very disappointing.

SicSeb says:

It’s a sipping tequila. You do not drink it with lime or salt or slam it down the hatch or any of that bullshit. Nose it, sip it, enjoy it.

Lewis Suarez says:

I’m about to slam this tequila, just looking for a review before I do.

Cats rule says:

ok video, a good tequila i have tried is maestro dobel silver,if you can find it, i recommend shaking it in ice ,pouring into a shot glass,and drinking it without the lime and just enjoying the taste. very smooth.

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