1921 Tequila Cream Review

1921 Tequila Cream, you like Irish Cream? You like tequila? Your mind may just get blown right now with 1921 Tequila Cream, a cream liqueur with great spices and flavors. Maybe even a blueberry hint to it? Or perhaps sandalwood?

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Foxster50 says:

Wow i’m the third viewer. That’s a first for me ^_^

Ivo Margic says:

Glad you guys brought Ian back…he fits in perfectly

Jazzido Alvarez says:

Well, in the main page of this product it says that is a mixture of cream, tequila and hints of coffee (I assume mexican coffee). It also says something about their typical mexican flavors, maybe that’s why it has the unknown flavors you say.

Sylvie Perez says:

Sounds delish, I’m gonna have to pick up a bottle

sxesomeone says:

Doug looks sexy

Spedka says:

Hey guys, you have to drink this with ice! It has to be cold! Try it out next time, you’ll be doing yourself a favor!

Common Man Cocktails says:

We are taking today’s #TequilaTuesday video back to 1921. Watch and enjoy this review we did of Tequila 1921.

wddr12 says:

First 2 min review of product remaining 8 min: watch drunk people talk about random stuff.. Nice

ermilo machuca says:

I like making my own Tequila video reviews. I tend to make Tequila infusions in order to add complexity but i love most tequilas. Never tried the cream. But next time shoot out a price range. That is something that I look for in reviews

Sylvie Perez says:

Agree with Craig nice trio 😀

Gnome says:

This is an interesting product I might check out at some point, Whenever I drink Baileys I always add 1/3 Blanco Tequila.

Munny T says:

Nice hair cut Doug!! 😀

Edward Lee says:

LOL thought i was the only one

TheHubbanator says:

LIke the flavor note pop ups…. drinkin on speyburn 10 year enjoying ur videos

mj310192 says:

Hey derrick.
I peronally have a nice collection of alcohol, nothing like yours, but not too bad.
I wonder how long you allow yourself to keep everything? Particularly something like this (cream drinks) or some of the very sweetened drinks like your schnapps?

DawgoneProducts says:

Have you ever had regular 1921 Tequila?

Joey Miranda says:

cant find anywhere in jersey. than looked at website and its in one town 🙁 guess ill be waiting

mj310192 says:

That’s great to hear! Hahahah love to drink, but also good to know I don’t have to drink them haha
Keep it up, love your work!

CosmosZombie says:

I think I know what you mean by standard incense, when you said black I thought of the charcoal ones and they are usually associated with “nag champa” and that’s the one I always smell everywhere in stores, even with the millions of other scents I smell that one in all of them haha

Craig Cresswell says:

I like this trio 🙂 🙂

Common Man Cocktails says:


Ray Stout says:

Would that work in a mud slide type drink???

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