2 piece Kayak review: Point 65 North Tequila My kayak was sinking. Are they worth it or novelty

This is an honest review of the Point 65 North’s Tequila two piece kayak. Figured since I was sinking and had to spend some time draining it. What better time to do a review then right then and there
Below is the kayak and Accessories I used

Tequila solo GTX
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2sal8td
Ebay: https://goo.gl/Fpb9Bj

Yak attack gear track
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2sggESw

Scotty gear head track adapter
amazon: http://amzn.to/2sPLgaN
ebay: https://goo.gl/o5tAF8

Bending branches pro angler paddle
amazon: http://amzn.to/2sgpQGA
ebay: https://goo.gl/yqjhB1

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JAY Yu says:

Nice reveiw! I have a three piece Tequila and it tracks terrible. I saw you have a rubber fin on your solo that looks like the one on the Point 65N website for sale, is it helpful for tracking? Another question is when you screw this fin to the kayak, is leaking a potential corncern? Thank you very much in advance.

N E Fishing says:


Roy MacFarland says:

Try Pakayak (sit in) option. Made in USA and ships quick (www.pakayak.com)

Debbie Klecan says:

I am fairly strong kayaker and swimmer. However, due to a car accident I have gimpy legs.I have a hard time with my current kayak that sits on top of my subaru. Once I am on the water, I am O.K. but getting my kayak on or off my car is exhausting. I am thinking of getting this kayak or a similar one. I appreciate your review, but I found all your fisihing equipment, etc distracting to the review. I just plan an hour two on some of our local lakes for fun, sun and excercise. Maybe even get a 3 piece to take my dog. What would review be like if you were just to take it out without the additional equipment, wear and tear of pulling fish out of the water, etc.

Federico Dimitri says:

My English comprehension might be not the best. I say the kayak sinks because of a hole, might be plastic defect but the kayak itself does not seem to be bad, according to the other reviews. How did the company react? Did you contact them? You say it is not good for open waters, maybe they have changed plastic layers? The for the review, anyhow.

Team Crooks says:

In my ww Perception Arc I poured expanding foam into the bow and stern. It couldn’t sink if it wanted to! Just a thought…

Smokeydabee Charles Coleman says:

What about useing a mix, for closed cell blow in foam ? Would be light, and fill the space, displacing the water.

p36jet says:

Does your butt get wet and pool up water at your feet like another video review said? Does it seep in at the seam?

Eason Mun says:

Dangerous when it sinks on a big lake haha

Sean A says:

I own 6 Point 65 boats. 2 Martinis, 3 Mercurys, 6 midsections and a Rum Runner. None of my boats have that flex in the plastic. They are all very solid and thick. It looks like you have a defective unit. If you still have it, Contact the company and inform them of what happened and this video. Im sure they will take care of you. They dont want the bad publicity. This is one of 6 different versions of their modular boats. This one being the smallest. Not really meant for big boys like us, in my opinion More for small men, women and children. Its a tiny boat. Im sure you were frustrated. I would be too. Richard is the owner of the company and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Ive spoken to him before and he was extremely friendly and helpful. Dollars over donuts that he will take care of you. Tell him you want to like the line and that you will make a new video review after he replaces the bad rear unit. Remember, Sheet happens. Most of everything we own is made in China. Even that prick Trump has his crap made there. You just got stuck with a unit that wasn’t properly turned in the roto mold. Also, the fact that these are experimentals. They invented a half dozen boats that do what they shouldn’t. Come apart. Give them another chance and go for something like the Martini for fishing. great tracking and rudder system. Something I think should be a requirement when fishing. Also, a tracking fin. Im one of their biggest fans and it was because how they took care of me. Good luck to you. I hope it works out and you are able to honestly say something nice about the experience after its resolved. One last point, The holes are a common point of leakage in any kayak. Case in point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbrZcf0laaQ

6koko3 says:

Bad publicity for this kayak make and model

teamflanneloutdoors says:

Old Town Vapor 10, 44 lbs., Sit in- but very large cockpit/opening (easy entry/exit)tracks well and is stable. A buddy bought one last Thursday $319. I’m on my 3rd season, rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds – all good. Best 300 I ever spent!

Nathan Fors says:

That’s quite an easy fix with a plastic welder. bit of screen and those strips. I’ve repaired 10 holes > 1 inch in th floor of my Ocean kayak and the repairs have held for > 8yrs.

Perchjerker says:

Dude hat hole you keep showing is not your problem. There is another leak. No way you get that much water you are draining inside your yak.

Flannel Guy DIY says:

I was laughing at that dirty air comment…

Kyle Parkinson says:

I have the Point 65 Martini, a modular sit inside. Used it probably 20-30 outings. No problems so far.

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