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There are more varieties of brands and types of tequila than of any other kind of distilled liquor. What are the different types? How to choose? Which is best? Ronald knows !



Why would you even start with Patron bottles as your logo? Patron is total garbage!

Rand U says:


Roshea says:

No 1800??

maria felicitas says:

QUIT MISINFORMING OTHERS. Patron is mixto and NOT 100% WEBER BLUE AGAVE. I clicked on this video to hopefully learn something but YOURE STEERING CONSUMERS IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.

Im really disappointed.

juan cardenas says:

Im enjoying a centenario reposado from Jalisco

Angelica Brito says:

If possible, instead of criticizing these recommendations, give the names of your favorite tequilas.

Tushar Bodane says:

best video ever

TeRoO7 says:

I’m drunk


This channel shows “Ronald” is pretty clueless and knows nothing about tequilas… Wasted my time.

Fast Eddy Love says:

What is the music? Very nice. Also, what is the difference between a 100% tequila & a mexcal? If any? Thanks.

Michael Paul says:

Jose Cuevo blows the doors off Patron. Tequilla need not be 100% agave to be the best. Jose Cuervo has the perfect balance and oh how I love that caramel taste!


Patron, Avion, Casa Dragones, Casamigos… really? All American owned and total garbage!

JohninsoTexas says:


Serge Thomas says:

Patron & Don Julio, top shelf tequila… Are you serious ? Dude if you want the best, at least try some… Sprakled Donkey, Partida or Fortaleza.

Aaron9 says:

Don Julio baby

LinkVsGanon says:

Salt and Lime is NOT how you have Tequila properly! That is something the Yanks invented! Proper way is straight and sip it like you would a whiskey

Andy Prpa says:

Great information

Angelica Brito says:

Yo soy mexicana y siempre vi el tequila servirse junto con la sal y el limón o en algunos casos con sangrita.

Shaun Meyer says:

Thanks for the informative video!

Darrin Cook says:

Altos is great tequila.

Ronno Metaluna says:

Interesting and informative. Thanks!

Jesus F. says:

Fortaleza, Casa Noble, Herradura, Centenario, 7 Leguas, G4, PUEBLO VIEJO GRAN RESERVA ARE ALL FIRME. EXCELENT TEQUILAS.

Walter Landaverde says:

Should add the difference in cooking… stone/brick, autoclave and diffuser …

Jose Reyes says:

I’m enjoying a Herradura reposado right now
salute businesses man’s

girlsrockurboyz says:


James Saxon says:

Centenario Reposado is a great tasting tequila for a lot less money than Patron.

Brett Mark says:

Nice little video. Thank you

Armando ya says:


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