AC/DC Thunderstruck Tequila Review – WE Shorts

Today on WE Shorts, Chris Wreckless, Sean, Laurie & Matt Zion review AC/DC Thunderstruck Tequila!

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Credit For Music – Title: Cold Funk By Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed Under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”


Justin Baker says:

Tool FTW

Joel Fridolfsson says:

If you have a real good tequila you realy don’t need neither salt or lime!

Jeff Ward says:

Matt is scared of far out time signatures

Matt says:

I’m triggered

NinjaHighLife says:

I also hate ACDC lol way too over played

40ozSuicide says:

I hate tequila.

Kevin Blackout says:

Two words Matt: Bon Scott. Those albums are classic

Joseph Perdue says:

like if u love AC/DC, ppl


Is that what they call a shot in Cali /… lol…………

T Groovy says:

Matt sounds more like ACDC than ACDC does

noisyturtle says:

You know what band is overrated as fuck? Sex Pistols
also The Ramones and Grateful Dead fucking suck

Pete McD67 says:

Jesus Christ ya fucking tools if your gunna review Tequila learn a thing or 2 about it! ALL Tequila is AGAVE! thats the plant its made from! The 3 different “flavors” as you stupidly put it are Blanco(unaged , clear), Reposado ( aged 2 months to 1 year in oak barrels, light brown) and Anijo (aged up to 3 years, dark brown) Whats fucktards! I don’t think I’d be able to stand being in a room with you annoying pricks for 5 minutes.

THECHRISG510 says:

Why you cut out Chris

Morrius07 says:

AC/DC’s sound is consistent, that’s why they’ve climbed in popularity. They’re familiar and comforting to people.

Pizza Pizza says:

I can agree with Sean’s opinion. AC/DC has some classics I enjoy but overall they aren’t that good. Just because they sold a lot of albums doesn’t mean they are objectively a talented group of musicians. Popularity isn’t an indicator of quality in many instances. The Rolling Stones are pretty good though!

michael88863 says:

I’m so over bothering with WE. I mean Chris (whom I love) can’t be bothered and everyone else meh.

E K says:

Don’t bash on one of the greatest rock bands of all time!

flamingzombie says:

i agree that AC DC sounds the same and godsmack too…. avenged sevenfold is like the rolling stones like u guys said they have some love songs and some really deep songs

Jeramey S says:

tools a great band…I get what your saying about godsmack too,but I personally enjoy them..I seen them live a few years back when they were opening for metallica and put on a hell of a show.

osp80 says:

try sammy hagar’s and ron white’s tequilla.

Adam Lewis says:

Cool shirt lorie

za21 says:

Not particularly a fan of AC/DC but Matt’s full of it here. You’re not going to tell me that songs like Back in Black, Shoot to Thrill, and Highway to Hell sound the same. There’s more to a song than the sound of the lead vocalist you know. Also, so disrespectful to Bon Scott who is ranked as on of the greatest frontman of all time.

JPitt1070 says:

AC/DC sucks ass tbh

Phantom Riffs says:

I would’ve thought this would have been reviewed on Alcoholics Hippopotamus

Tory Allen says:

Matts opinion on AC/DC is invalidated cause he takes lettuce and tomato off of burgers.

TnT FoX says:

Silver Reposada Anejo .-. learn yout booze matt

The TnT in my name is from TNT Matt, I could have been named Thunderfox!

Caleb Hall says:

how can you not be a fan of tool! your killing me smalls

pwnstroyer says:

TOOL is a really good band. Honestly, one of my favorite videos from all the ranting XD

Jeramey S says:

what’s black when you buy it, red when you use it, and turns grey when its done!?

Mike Oxsbigg says:

That’s minus ten points to Matt for looking up nickleback and comparing song versions.

Mark DiRienzo says:

What’s your least favorite band?

Ryudenki says:

Disturbed’s songs sound more similar to each other than AC/DC’s stuff. The contrast between even Thunderstruck, Back In Black, Hell’s Bells and Highway to Hell is quite profound. Instrumentals, vocal cadence, etc. I just pick three of my favorite Disturbed songs, and I don’t ever have a need for any other ones. Speaking of, have you heard Disturbed’s cover of that old 80s song “Shout”? It’s some good shit, dood.

michael88863 says:

All ACDC songs sound the same! Ha! All have guitars, bass, vocals, drums. You really know ya music lol To say For Those About to Rock, Hell’s Bells or Shoot to Thrill sound the same shows musically you are a meathead sorry.

Gabriel Cilia says:

200 million albums later

lostways27 says:

Chris looks like he just rolled out of bed.

cody hancock says:

As a huge fan of AC/DC and Rush, these are my favorite kind of reviews. I saw an old interview where Angus Young of AC/DC was told about the criticism of the band sounding the same for 10 albums. His response was get ready to hear the same thing for an 11th time.

Doc Trower says:

If you’re going to talk about AC/DC, I have to ask…Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

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