Affordable Tequila 🇲🇽 Espolón Blanco Tequila Tasting – Compared Against Hornitos

Our Espolon tequila tasting turns into a comparison against Hornitos Plata tequila. Always good to find two affordable tequilas and taste the difference, figure out which one we’d purchase for our $25.

First thing to notice, the price is great on both products is great and the flavors of these 100% de agave tequilas is quite serviceable. While both would work in a margarita cocktail, it’s clear Hornitos has a more vibrant yet slightly aggressive attack on the senses, helping to cut through all the other ingredients.

When oak aging hornitos, you get a nice warm sipping tequila with some oak flavor. While espolon can probably be oak aged, if it gets any more round and subtle it might lose all its senses of taste. Espolón has a great forward flavor with a good aroma but lacks anything in the tail end of the finish. Hornitos is a bit more salty and agave-centric with a great finish but starts a bit more subtle.

If you could combine these both into a single product it would have a good start, middle and finish flavor. Both these Mexican spirits would be a worthwhile buy at $25, but I’d still probably go Hornitos as it may have a few more applications in cocktails.
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Nicholas Umphress says:

@CommonManCocktails Please review El Jimador Tequila.

Armando Martinez says:

Tequila d los altos! 30 dollar anejo, out of this world value

Dave G says:

I’m still waiting to try tequila. When the right one shows up at the right price I will give it a shot.

loopba says:

The reposado is my go to for margaritas, really at any comparable price to $50. Its awesome and just happens to still be underpriced. Just got some for $18

CarGuyz says:

Hey Derrick i am looking to perfect the “common man cocktail” and i was wondering which tequila you would pick between 1800 silver and espolon blanco both are similar in price ($2 dollar difference) and i dont know which would be better. Thanks.

Zyphyr Garden says:

I buy $40 (Canadian dollars) t-shirts. You know the ones that come with the free 24 beer.

Patrick vdv says:

LOL I buy my own clothes , seems a bit babyish to me to have others do that … then again , I’m single 🙂

Bsh 555 says:

Well Espolon is 20 where I’m at sooooo

Dave G says:

I’ve never heard of any guy not buying their own clothes. Maybe in a sitcoms or the movies. Socks and underwear is about the only thing other people have bought me.

Hellhound 1055 says:

I’ve been curious about the reposado from Espolon.

misthunter210 says:

For the experienced gentleman, the man knows to allow the wife to buy the clothes to avoid the unnecessary confrontation about what you are wearing.


Espolon Blanco is my poison

Tuuurd Ferguson says:

What’s the promo code for the Oak Bottle?

Shockyxo says:

You should review the “El Tesoro” line.

SamsungFanboy says:

how do this and hornitos compare to Jose cuervo tradicional blanco?

FrancoTash says:

espolon is good specially for the budget.
do you have a review of olmeca altos?

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