Alacran Blanco Tequila Review

We are tasting alacran tequila blanco and we are doing it from 1500 feet up on a mountain. Yeah, we have reviewed products from some crazy places but now we do it from The Schommer Compound, on a mountain in NH.

Doug spent a year working with a team building the lodge and the four log cabins on the 400+ sq. foot land. So, we take some time to celebrate by busting open some Alacran tequila.

Flavor notes include: citrus lime, salt, lightly sweeten agave notes, muted oak properties with a moderate heat, but crisp and clean in the finish.


Alejandro Leija says:

you have had Don Julio 70? a crystal clear añejo

Ray Stout says:

That’s what I miss in Los Angeles, is the stars

SainnQ says:

What in the hell does that glorious sod Doug do for a living? That’s a damn million dollar view right there. Damn!

vSwagguh says:

sounds good to me.

skinnydingbag says:

haha whats wrong with patron?

twizted786 says:

haha i have that same hat. 😀

ßlαçk Ðîâmöñd says:

damn thats incredible

Jacob Stewart says:

can you review concannon Irish whiskey

Phrozen__ says:

love this show gonna have to try out this tequila

skinnydingbag says:

What Tequila would you recommend that is worth its price

Chris Jackson says:

The WTF recipe (1 oz orange vodka, 1 oz tequila, 1 oz Jager, 1 oz peppermint schnapps, pour in a highball glass and top with lemonade)

ßlαçk Ðîâmöñd says:

what a hell of a view behind you guys, looks awesome

Ray Stout says:

That is a beautiful picture behind you. What a great place to get light. Will try

DougAndKeri Petersen says:

If by “doesn’t really do much” you mean he leaves at the crack of dawn to drive 45 minutes, then spends 8 hours a day building a custom home from start to finish with two other guys, then drives home, goes to the gym, and in between is mostly jovial and exceedingly hot…then sure, he’s a lazy bastard.

fanficrocks says:

Sounds like a big party off cam and in the background 🙂

bitterclinger says:

How does this compare to Sparkle Donkey and Cabo Blanco?

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