Blanco Tequila Tasting Results: Riazul, Cabo Wabo, Alma and Tres Generaciones

Here are the winners of our 22-blanco tequila tasting performed on ustream last week. Curtis McMillan, Doug Petersen and Derrick Schommer blind tasted a large quantity of brands and boiled it down to their top four blanco picks. Here they are in all their glory!

Read all the runner up reviews along with the full text description and tasting notes for our top four::

Watch the full 1.5 hour ustream tasting:

Our top four: Cabo Wabo Blanco, Tres Generaciones, Riazul and Alma.

Runner ups include (in order from lowest score to highest): El Gran Jubileo, 1800, PaQui, Señor Rio, Cavalino, Partida and Don Julio.

Total brands tasted to get to this point: Hornitos, Cabo Wabo, 901, Paqui, Cielo, Tres Generaciones, Espolon, Corzo, Cavalino, Milagro, Partida, Don Julio, Alma, Republic, Riazul, Piedra Azul, Kah, Dos Lunas, El Gran Jubileo, Señor Rio, 1800 and Avion.


UnholyNinjas says:

Stupid question. But it looks like the riazul is blue in the bottle. Is that just the color of the bottle?

TheJusnic82 says:

Riazul ive never actually tried, but the bottle is by far the best looking

erdvilla says:

Well, when it comes to beer Mexico has some huge production plants. They say that a mexican can be poor, but he’s never out of beer. The main Corona plant produces 4 million 355-450ml bottles PER DAY. And that is just Corona. But yes, labor is paid less here than in the US, no wonder why so many people migrates over there. 17USD is nearly 5% of what a plain cop makes here. So when a druglord offers them a thousand times that it is pretty hard for them to remain straight.

erdvilla says:

Oh, and yesterday a couple of hours after watching your video I went to the store to buy some milk and stuff and passed in front of the wines stand and saw the “Tres generaciones” for 212MXP which translates roughly to 17USD, one of the perks of living inside the Tequilla region I guess. I’m thinking on buying it.

Jimmy Hill says:

Don Julio?!?!?!?!

brego129 says:

Ok, wow. I have been searching for months, and I just found Sparkle Donkey at my local liquor store. Damn if that’s not an awesome tequila. Thanks guys! I’m with Curtis, I love the silvers. I also saw Riazul there and I noticed they didn’t have the shampoo bottle caps, and had normal corks. Guess they listened to you Derrick 😛

erdvilla says:

No, it didn’t came down due to competition. The prices got extremely high in 1995-2005 because of a plague that wasted nearly 66% of all the agave plants, which led to the saturation of non-100% agave blends to try maintaining the price, but in the end that ruined many brands, and the ones that decided to stick at 100% products had to inflate the prices up to 370%. And now that the 2006 and following harvests had come out the price is finally returning to the real value.

guzz95 says:

I have always like tequila, but until recently started to educate myself on the product. Found your channel, first video I’ve seen is this one. Thumbs Up, Subbed. 

bigdaddybry says:

How about this find….Cabo Wabo 750ml at my local liquor store in the ghetto for $20!! yep $20, Something about an inventory reduction sale from the distributor. The owner says he has a ton of it. Tropical liquors in Providence RI, I shouldn’t even be sharing this info! Lol

Steven Halseth says:

I’ve tended to stay away from blanco because I never seemed to find much (if any) flavor in them, so I may have to give it another try. Just out of curiosity, have you thought about redoing something like this for reposados (reposado would be my QOTD answer) or anejos? I went to and saw the two from 2009 (and ABV episodes from 2010 which were removed from Blip, so I don’t know if they were different), but I was wondering if you might revisit them with more (or new) tequilas, or to include Curtis, Doug, and/or Ian and their opinions.

stan jackson says:

Why is it sooo difficult for me to find that “go to” tequila?! I guess because its sooo many brands out there? Like for example, if i was really on a budget, espolon would be my go to tequila hands down (25 bucks for the repo). But if money wasnt the issue, for the life of me i cant stick to one brand! And whats up with patron pricing??!! The lowest i seen the silver was for 39.99 and thats sale price and that was at one store. Damn near 50 for the silver is robbery! They really need to lower their prices

JayJayPea1 says:

I really dislike the taste of Don Julio (It reminds me of Jose to be honest) and I do like Patron, My palate obviously isn’t nearly as advanced as yours, but do you think any of those I would enjoy (Obviously you won’t know what I’ll like or dislike it’s meant more as are they similar to Don Julio)? Or at least will drinking those help expand my palate?

Dave G says:

Very helpful. Thanks

nikonmother says:

why is that one blue???

TheJusnic82 says:

cabo wabo is expensive here in canada, but patron is still the most expensive, Riazul Ive seen here havent bought it yet, but deff will and never even heard of alma

phdmrlimb says:


sleepyhead61 says:

So what would you recommend for converting someone who hates tequila. I keep telling my boyfriend that tequila can be good but I don’t know what to buy to make him like it. He’s more of a rum guy.

BloodySawBlade says:

I finally opened my bottle of Tres Generaciones Plata tequila after almost a year. It’s true what my co-workers told me about it. It doesn’t burn at all. Because it doesn’t burn, I downed 4 shots yesterday, easy.

Year1994 says:

Patron is 40$ in California

Reece Fitzgerald says:

Just curious if Espolón was included in the tasting. I have been seeing it in my local liquor store and I’m curious not being familiar with much tequila. I have seen good things about it and read bad things so I’m not quite sure which to believe.

TheJusnic82 says:

this isnt a blind taste though so of course its going to be flawed…

Folksonomy says:

full stream link no longer available on ustream. can you upload full video on youtube please.

Israel Hernandez says:

Hey derrick have you tasted tequila corralejo? (blue bottle) thoughts on it?

brego129 says:

Grabbed a bottle of Tres Generaciones yesterday. Very good.

Andres Salazar says:

I saw the other video on what tequilas you should buy I ended up here and 1 hour later I just bought my first bottle of Cabo and tres thank you!!!!

Brodey Dover says:

btw, the patron part doesn’t show up on everydaydrinkers….it was removed from “Blip”

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