Casamigos Tequila Review, Reposado and Blanco

Casamigos blanco, Casamigos Reposado, both are in the house and both need reviewing. We sit down before taping this weeks episodes and warm up with a bit of tequila.

Both brands will run in the $45-48 dollar range and the silver will be a bit less money (by a few dollars) than the reposado–that is a bit strange as typically pricing on the two ages are a bit further apart than that but not in this case.

Reposado, a slightly older/rested tequila typically bring additional complexity over the silver, but in this case I think we have found the opposite.

And yes, these are George Clooney partnered products.

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CruelQuertos says:

oh sorry, i meant best way to drink it, what everybody prefered. shot, cocktail etc.. thanks for the reply.

Opso o says:

You should do more tastings.

OFFTAP says:

It’s actually not expensive in NZ. New Zealand dollars are worth pennies

Lewis Broadway says:

When should i use gold tequilla and when should a clear (silver?) tequilla? or is it purely just a taste thing?

kristo2212 says:

hahahah “vegetale”..LMAO that was awesome..

Louis Ressel says:

Your shirt lol

Hoztyle says:

On a totally related topic: have you ever heard Tenacious D?

Shavian1 says:

Speaking of Texas, go the the Iron Cactus along the riverfront in San Antonio. Wonderful food and drink. I don’t know how many tequilas they have but it’s certainly a lot. You can buy even buy flights if you like and they are served with information on each one you choose.

Shavian1 says:

Why are you mixing it with water? I’ve always subscribed to the idea that with good quality products you drink them the way the distiller made them. When you enjoy a painting do you add extra paint or enjoy it the way the artist intended? Maybe I’m a purist, I buy a good steak I want to taste the steak not steak sauce. I see a woman I want to enjoy her the way she was made, no makeup and no tattoos. Maybe that’s just me. 🙂

Roark Blut says:

Camarena it was

CruelQuertos says:

never tried tequila before, anyone here who want tell me how to drink it?

Jordan Weber says:

…now get some sleep

Thierry le Blanc says:

If you find that the younger spirit has more “va-va-voom” it is most likely the cask, my guess would be a worn out cask that has been used too much, given the collapse. If I wanted to ship you something from Europe to review, are there any additional fees or have you any idea what it would cost?

Terry Orel says:

hey Derrick. love your show. how do u think this tequila would be in the vape?

Jordan Weber says:

Tesla’s are bad ass. Favorite bike is the either a Ducati or a Victory.

Frostypower says:

dat shirt

Stephen Larsen says:

Doug come visit New Zealand! Bring Tequila.

jerilynsmom says:

Great video! Question- What tequila would you recommend for someone who has never had anything but Jose Cuervo? Thanks!

Roark Blut says:

Though I want to try Cabo wabo too.

Sid H. says:

Never really been a fan of tequilas, but it’s interesting listening to you guys discuss taste, aromas and so on when it comes to these two dranks 🙂

TheBum732 says:

Perhaps don’t dilute the tequila before nosing and tasting it first? Seems like an awful waste (unless you drank it all).

Bernhard Knol says:

Depends on your preference, I prefer to drink it slow, savor the taste.
But the most important thing is, you drink it the way you want to.

Vincent M says:

Thumbs up. Really liked the video. Although there’s no “blue” agave in this tequila.

SennaFan says:

Oh man i saw a Tesla on the highway awhile back. Technology is a thing of beauty.

Ivo Margic says:

understandable, I’ll stay in one of these Fridays to watch the stream, always wondered what they were like.

Roark Blut says:

For me I actually find El Jimador to be a great silver, good for mixing, my next one to try is this one I can’t remember the name of. Begins with a C and has a big fat cork on it. lol
Not caba wabo.

MzChevyBlu says:

I love tequila!

Flintquatch says:

I have the worst hangovers from tequila…what are your expeciences?

Jargon says:

It’s super expensive in Australia and New Zealand due to the taxes implemented I believe. Not 100% about NZ but I’m pretty sure that’s why Australia is so bad. Mixture of taxes and importation costs.

Enrique Martinez says:

Interesting, I just bought a bottle here in Houston TX for 34.89 at my local specs. So I guess by your review it’s worth the price, right?

T PJ says:

seriously? George Clooney’s signature is on the label ! LOL

Stefan O. says:

to bad i’m not a tequila fan 🙁

Ivo Margic says:

Have you ever considered doing on weekday instead of weekend? I don’t know your demographic, but I always go out Friday nights and have always wanted to watch your U-stream though.

Callum Taylor says:

Derrick, are you live on ustream tonight? Or am.

Gautrek33 says:

lol kiwis and aussies? try singapore…. patron is upwards of 80 bucks. a nice vodka is 100+ i go to a bar and a beer is SG$16. They get off easy comparatively 😛 can’t wait to move to the uk and build up my bar haha

Jordan Weber says:

oh yeah, why would you buy anything in a plastic bottle… I only do it when I buy vodka for the golf course. Just messing.

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