Cheap Vs. Expensive Tequila Taste Test

“They’re both bad, I hate them both!”

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CurtisAlfeld says:

My experience with tequila can be summed up as “mistakes in Singapore”.

mexchopper says:

What really makes a Tequila more expensive than others is just the bottle …

Sebastian Mendoza Varela says:

This is funny because they only put 2 popular brands, I mean they don’t even got close of what brands of tequila are the most popular in Mexico.

EricLeafericson says:

*drinks Jose Cuervo* “This smells like throwing up in the back of a taxi”

You sound like a great person. Can I date you?

HYM says:

pinches gringos les late el chupe barato igual a su cultura

Jimmy de Guzman says:

i’d hug him.

Young Saint Laurent says:

Vodka is the goat

Enrique Hernandez says:

I’m from Mexico & the tips i can give when u drink tequila is not to judge it by the aroma o scent it gives u but by colour:
tequila blanco: it’s fresh with hints of citric flavour & it’s really soft with ur pallet and throat!’
tequila Oro/joven: ur looking for a strong gold & it gold cause they us some caramel or sweets to give it that colour!’
Tequila reposado: the same as Tequila Blanco but it amber colour get from from the barrels of oak & the time they’ve been stored!’
there are other tequilas which are more expensive & there label is “Reserva”, it’s basically the barrels have been stored longer!’
Hope it helps Guy, big hello from Mexico!” Salud

THE RAM says:

this is the biggest difference
between cheap and expensive between all the alcohols

Jonathan Escobedo says:

I was so mad when they disrespected Don Julio

happyyface66 says:

The blonde lady and pinked haired lady r really good at tasting tequilas. Maybe it’s a natural talent they haven’t noticed b4

kingcamilo says:

how can you get this wrong? aside from the souza. cheap and expensive tequila is the easiest to differentiate

e v says:

so, which is the best cheap tequila?

Ms Amethyst says:

The background music is lit wtf



halomc322 says:

This is why you dont ask women to taste test alcohol.

angel says:

why do they cough when they take the shot? I’m 13 and I don’t cough when I take shots

Miranda perez says:

u need to do a Mexican trys scotch and whisky bourban. rum basically liqours from around the world

Erika Vanessa Espinosa Fernández says:

Don’t chug!! You kiss tequila. Short sips. Now, if it is cheap tequila, prepare cocktails with it.

Lauren Love says:

patron is the best

Romulo de Silva says:

great video guys!!!

Drew Mont says:

i feel like some of these ppl already know

erdvilla says:

Years ago I remember buying a $8 1L bottle of a brand no one has tasted before and took it to a party and every one loved it. A month later it was selling for $25 which is expensive as I live inside the Denomination of origin region (where tequila can legally be made) so almost no transportation and taxes are added to the retail price.

jesus mora says:

very god vidio

Orlando Guevara says:

I’m literally so grossed out from tequila this weekend, and idk why tf I’m here

The Cowboy says:

Jose Quervo is not real tequila, cheap grain alcohol.

Barnum Castillo says:

To start good tequila you don’t shoot it, if you need to for swallow it, then is a mix of bad quality.

bloopbleep23 says:

tequila is the only drink that doesn’t make me gag, I can’t even do wine. patron is my best friend at a party but maybe I’ll give sauza a try. cheap AND good? ok

Mallory McNelis says:

that tall brunette guy is in every drinking video hahah

Pontus Widegren says:

Whats the deal with americans and their love of tequila? It’s the worst form of alcohol

David Carranco says:

Is it just me or do Americans from the US and Canada don’t know how to drink tequila especially when it comes to taste test

daddys kitten says:

actually the cheapest is the tonayan

IAM MI says:

unfair women have more taste buds. lol.

William Gates says:

o really is this happening?

A WHS says:

hahahahahahahahahahahah saying a $44 bottle is expensive LOLLLOL …thats average tequila

Stamps600 says:

Girls cannot tell tequila and vodka. Wine and champagne is pretty easy.

Luis ThisIsNotMyRealName says:

I think I’m getting a contact drunk.

David Loomis says:

1800 Coconut is bae, why isn’t it on here?

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