Clase Azul Reposado Tequila Review

Our last review video of our flipcam week covers a fairly high end reposado known as Clase Azul, it retails at USD $79.99. You probably want to be a tequila fan before you drop bank on this but those that like tequila have something to seek out.


itzmurda27 says:

i found them on line and they sell it in mass for like 90 dollars but there is a 2,000 dollar bottle but yea I bet its good stuff

T Catellier says:

Also the bottle seconds as a bell. Give the top a little slap slightly off center.

iWinRar says:

That bottle would not fit anything . would have to is out, i think thats almost what they are going for

itzmurda27 says:

dude where did you get that bottle? I went to mexico and for a shot of that it was 500 dollars lol yea crazy

Hunter Mann says:

Fun video but you really should pull the ice out after about 15 seconds, seriously. Why water-down a great spirit?
As much as I like clear glass bottles for seeing a spirit, it makes sense that this one is in a ceramic bottle that prevents any damage from light.
Cheers… Viva Jalisco!!

Blue Whale says:

Nice shirt!

Lee Harvey Oswald says:

Dear God Man!… ICE CUBES!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

sixstringbandit420 says:

what realm do u play wow on????
hope u have time to answer my questions i know ur prolly busy

Ken Johnson says:

The empty bottle sells on e-bay for $15.

yenndimak says:

hmmm its the same NOM as Avion Tequila, i am really liking Avion lately

Bottom Line says:

maybe it could be used as a piggy bank and try and recoup the money spent….one quarter at a time!

Hunter Mann says:

Um… more like 500 pesos a shot, which is about 42.00, still a rip since there are 41 shots in s bottle… meaning the bar brings in about $1,700 for every bottle.
I think that itz may be referring to Clase Azul’s rare añejo version, which many top tequila bars in the U.S. charge $200 per shot.
I’ve been around the block a few times in life, and I gotta say: if you are going to spend $200 on a shot of tequila… stop! Instead, invest $289 in a whole bottle of Casa Dragones white tequila.

Rick Martinez says:

@everydaydrinkers Good to know 🙂 I’ve just started watching ur vids last week and im pretty sure I watched almost every single one. Anyways you are great with what you do, keep it up 🙂

wegnermatt says:

Their is a lot of Tequila’s with a smooth finish. I hope I can try this one day.

eZiO71389 says:

I finally tried this. Been eluding me for a while.
Mind blowing! Never had a tequila so complex. I have had many tequilas too.

Casa Noble 6 year anejo
Partida Elegante
Deleon Anejo
123 Diablito
Reserve De La Familia
Corazon Expressions
Crotalo Extra Anejo Reserva

Plus a ton of others

oOoMarkisoOo says:

Have you done a Absinthe review? And if not can you please do an absinthe review?

Miguel Sanchez says:

mhh not so sure about the ice on the tequila

Hunter Mann says:

I consider chilling most tequila, whether with ice of in the fridge is an awful idea. Why? The flavor. Cold liquid closes taste buds and dulls flavor. Think about it: any good chef never chills tomatoes. They store them at room temp for best flavor & texture.
If you guys want to argue with me about this, you’ll need to join the WWF in order to wrestle me about it. LOL
cheers! H.M., USA & Mexico

Claudio Benito says:

hello how’s it going I’ve started to watch your videos because I’m about to turn 21 and I’ve been trying to find out what tequila bottle to buy because I want to buy a bottle that is worth buying. I am not planning to get drunk I just want to buy a good bottle that is worth buying for my 21st birthday

Rick Martinez says:

quick question.. Did you go to a bartender school?


que buen pedo esta agarrando este cabron

yenndimak says:

hey Derrick what do you think of corralejo reposado?

Rick Neighbors says:

Will look for that. My son brought me some tequila back from Mexico, when he was an exchange student. Don Julio 1942 Tequila Anejo, probably the best tequila I have ever drank! Not cheap either, but the bottle is CLASS! Shaped like an agave leaf ! A real conversational piece. Very very good.

Hunter Mann says:

Okay, I’ll explore this theory of yours, but at least do me a favor: if you are going to add ice to good tequila, scotch, etc. at least use ice made with very good spring water or well-filtered water. A Brita filter works well, and use a non-plastic ice cube tray. By the way, some people, say you can triple filter cheap vodka in a Brita and end up with Stoli quality. Fact or fiction?

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