Don Julio 1942 Review, Top Shelf Tequila

If you like a good tequila you will want to sit down for this review. If you believe there is no good tequila, you’;re going to want to lean in and pay attention. As it turns out, Tequila is not a one trick pony, you can find high class tequila products.

However, sometimes you’ll be paying a high glass price as well. Is it worth it? You decide. But, itapos;s definitely an experience.

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redhead5150 says:

I saw it at Julio’s in Westboro,Mass. @ 149.00.

Hugo Aguinaga says:

You just messed up that tequila by adding the water.. It’s a very smooth tequila, no water needed

jose barrera says:

damn i facepalmed so hard when he dropped the cup lol

ThePersianpimp336 says:

It is an Anejo, Costco in Cali has it for $99 cheaper than anywhere else

Angelo Sandate says:

The bottle of this is hella cool
Big and in box makes me feel cool lol

rambo1799 says:

Please do a review of a DeLeon tequila

Connor Coyle says:

he’s using that beautiful liquor like mouthwash 

jonabarr says:

next time don’t add water to it, you dont get the intended experience from the drink.
If you must add one big ice to it and an orange peel goes great with it.
also 1942 does not mean is aged since 1942.
Its produced in small batches and aged for a minimum of two and a half years, Don Julio 1942 Tequila is handcrafted in tribute to the year that Don Julio González began his tequila-making journey.

Matt Taylor says:

I feel like I’m watching a young Gary vee

Brodey Dover says:

Alright Mr. Schommer, time to bring it up a notch. I’ve had a $35 (CDN) shot of Don Julio REAL. It’s like 1942 but 2x better in every aspect.

TheJusnic82 says:

Personally though I prefer Mezcals over all tequilas….(and yes technically all tequilas are mezcals) but you know what I mean

Covencraft says:

you use that much water??

Robin Chen says:

I am in Canada, it cost around 140 cad

redhead5150 says:

I had some Don Julio 1942 last night and was very impressed.

Caesar Roldan says:

I wonder how many ppl u’ve lost by yapping about stuff that has nothing to do with why we all clicked on the video

Dan Mail says:

It grips right onto your tongue holes lmao

metallicfreak says:

the price for Don Julio 1942 cost around $124.99 or $350

1DeathWalkingTerror1 says:

OMG you just killed that 1942 with the amount of water you put in it. Such a delicate lovely tequila. It’s not like a single malt whisky, and even then only a few drops should do…. Each to their own but I would never use more than 3 drops of water for the delicate 1942…

david garcia says:

he shouldn’t be drinking so much tequila lol. he started loosing composure too fast haha.

Seth Thomas says:

I had this for the first time just a month ago. A double shot over 3 whisky stones. Will agree on the sweet being upfront, with the Agavi smell/flavor. I’m not a big tequila guy but its good stuff. Rather drink whisky but its fun to try different stuff. Cheers!

Daniel Salazar says:

You should try this new spirit: Qui Tequila. It’s an extra añejo platinum tequila with hints of vanilla, butterscotch and a great oaky aroma. I think you’ll love it!
I think it’s ten times better than don Julio

Alyssa Behm says:

7 degrees

Matt Garner says:

Have you ever tried Cazadores if so whats your thoughts?

Alan says:

Well a real tequila shouldnt be mixed, its straight no ice

TheJusnic82 says:

Don Julio 1942 is absolutely amazing stuff…but pls don’t water it down or put it on ice…its tequila not scotch, not whiskey, not bourbon its tequila…

The reason it costs more money is because its actually aged for quite a while.  Regular tequila blanco isn’t aged at all (except the time it takes from distillery to your liquor store) where resposado is aged about 2 to 12 months, and anejo is aged a year to 3 years…this is aged longer then 3 years.

Ed Chrzastek says:

It’s sooo good. I paid 90$ for mine.

chivasam1 says:

$106.00 at Costco in Calofornia

BROmero says:

Don’t add water to your 1942! 1942 is perfect on its own.

Joey F says:

Haha I love you guys.

Telly Swain says:


Michael Banfield says:

What shows it’s a great tequila, is two buddies had some, and just kept socializing. That’s a good drink.

Michael Banfield says:

Derek, my man. You definitely need a better review. Use some of that youtube money and buy your own bottle, and get down with some amigos and put down a great review. You know this is a good tequila and you pronounce it a lot better then you do saying Generaciones…. lol

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