Don Julio 1942 Tequila: Old vs. New – Which is better?

Grover of compares the differences between the old and new versions of the popular tequila Don Julio 1942. The bottle design has changed, but has anything else? After a series of blind taste tests involving many other people, the results are revealed in this video.


HASECO1 says:

love Don Julio 1942! new!

TheJusnic82 says:

when a company is fighting for place in the market their product will ALWAYS be better then it is after they’ve achieved market status…its a fact, no ifs ands about it. Its not about messing with formulas its about trying to produce a product thats sellable and meet demands…ALOT of companies try to make it big then make it big and realize they can barely keep up with demand so they cut corners and find ways to produce the “similar” product but faster cheaper easier…

And if you are wondering why the new stuff is different its because there is e150 caramel added to…and it probably has other artificial flavourings colourings added…I see no where on the bottle that says otherwise so if you think it doesnt have other fake shit added you are sadly mistaken.

nestor slim says:

Thanks for the information. Salud amigo

redhead5150 says:

I like watching your video’s. I just had some Don Julio 1942 for the first time. It was the older one but awesome. I’m always buying Don Julio Anejo.Cabo Wabo Reposada because I enjoy great tequila. Do you know what happened to Don Abraham tequila ?? Awesome tequila and not that expensive.

Fiat_430 says:

Sad I have to fill in all kinds of shit just to get the damn app

curtflirt2 says:

Man, I wish I could have been able to try the Original, I currently have the newer version and it is great!!

Michael Stein says:

Do you know where I can buy the old one from?

TheJusnic82 says:

old is more natural once you have the taste for artificial flavourings and colorings you can never really enjoy a spirit with them in it, its like someone pointing out the smudge in a big screen tv your eye is just drawn there and forever…sad to see don julio go down that road but hey companies need to meet demands and even with the small amounts added its still a great tequila, I just kind of hate the dishonesty and fake chemicals

Christian Milano says:

Either Or. Cant go wrong!

Moses Free says:

1942 fav

ibdam1 says:

Great stuff, I like mine with one cube of ice.

Tucson JJ says:

Hi, question… 100% agave means no hangover… if you mix this good stuff with margarita mix or tonic/juice, etc… will that bring a hangover back into the mix??? THANKS!!

poppanolan says:

I love your videos! Can you do your review of my favorite tequila…Porfidio Super Jalsico anejo.

Reena Dental Hygienist says:

Is 1942 Gluten free?

Long Island Lou Tequila says:

If Grover likes the new one better – I would believe it IS better, but I found it too candyish, creamy, and over vanilla. It’s just not my thing and way overpriced. As usual GREAT video- Grover’s are the Best.

bitfreakazoid says:

I like the look of the original bottle.

MrNavi402 says:

Interesting video… great stuff, thanks!

early rips says:

always a good vid

d sauce says:

my favourite tequila!

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