Don Julio Reposado Tequila Review – Best Drink Recipes

This time on the block, the beautifully aged Don Julio Reposado. We taste, discuss, and love! This is one of the very best mainstream tequilas on the market.


DCM SR says:

Can you please do The Liberal

Kilak says:

the douchebaginess of this guy is off the charts

Fantastic_Timez says:

Where has this been all my life? Had this at a bar the other day on the rocks and it blew me away. I love rum but I find tequila to be much more refined. I wish it wasn’t so expensive in Australia :/ but I’m grateful I can at least enjoy it

Timon Fokuhl says:

Well, Youtube has removed annotations and I’m struggling to find the videos about the recipes.

MrShedinthepeg says:

I bought my first bottle tonight, it was well worth the price!

Tucson JJ says:

Buy Cazadores Reposado… at $18.95 at Total Wine… it is a steal and tastes just as good or better!

kjre jn says:

fuck these shit heads. great review Bro!

FusionGFX | says:

Are you going to review any more Tequilas like a Calle 23 or a Sauza for example?

BROmero says:

This Reposado is the worst Tequila in their line of Tequilas! For the price point Cass Noble far surpasses Don Julio

Lightening3034 says:

its shitty people are hatin on this dude hes the reason i watch these videos

Carmina Alamilla says:

Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for

José Bermudez says:

This guy is like a magician-dressed bartender older douche brother from step brothers..

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