Espolon Reposado Tequila Review: Old vs. New

Clayton of ExperienceTequila and Grover of review three different types of reposado tequilas from Espolon. Which of them do they like most? More info here:


Mdallas says:

I might be wrong but the US version I bought today is indeed finished in bourbon barrels. Has that changed from when you did this review. Seems in the review that you state the Mexican on the left is aged in bourbon barrels but the US version is not. I am a bourbon drinker trying tequila recently and am enjoying this reposado and the bourbon barrel finishing.

Baby G says:

Unfortunately where I live I don’t get to try a lot of different brands. I like Espolon because it’s inexpensive and has decent flavor. I’m more of a blanco guy though and the Espolon blanco is good stuff especially for mixing. I can’t buy Casa Noble Crystal every time – which is the best tasting blanco I’ve tried so far.

Andre Riehl says:

I bought the american repo for $24.99 and found it to be good deal. The smell and mouth feel are above average not by much but they are not bad; and by not bad I mean not good but not that mediocre (which you fear sitting on your shelf till you have a drunken party) (6.5/10). The finish is very good, very barrel dominante for a repo but very good none-the-less. 

Tucson JJ says:

I have been enjoying a bottle of the Repo Espolon very much… for $19.95 (sale) it is xlnt… FAR better than Patron repo, IMHO… if that means anything these days! Light, nice flavor, good aftertaste… is it the best? Nope, but it beats several much higher priced brands.

Price245 says:

Chin straps don’t look good with a double chin. Go with the partial neckbeard to obscure light/shadows that would otherwise accentuate your rolls.

Owen Loney says:

El Jimador > Espolon and its cheaper too

streamertyer says:

My old Espolon anejo bottle is tall and has a metallic type label and a wood ball & cork stopper.

MaximumMadnessStixon says:

As a college student, I’m stuck on a budget, and I gotta say, Espolon has been a really tequila choice for me.  I’ve been stuck with the bottle on the right, the one only available in the US, I will admit (I can barely afford to take the bus most weeks, so a trip to Mexico is out of the cards), but I do find it a very decent tequila.  And I love the artwork on the bottles, I must say.  (That alone is almost worth the price for me.  I’m working on collecting several of their bottles to fill with sand or colored water for decoration.)

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