Gran Patron Smoky Tequila Review

In this review I taste the limited edition Gran Patrón Smoky. It’s a unique silver tequila in that Patrón utilized a long gone (for tequila) method of roasting the agaves hearts (piñas) underground on top of mesquite wood coals for seven days. The cooked piñas are then crushed using a 2-ton lava rock wheel in a circular stone pit (the tahona method/process). The fibers and juices are then transferred by hand into the wooden fermenters until it’s ready to be distilled in their small-capacity copper pot stills. What comes out is a very viscous and flavorful tequila that has a perfectly balanced smoky characteristic. It is bottled at 101 proof and has a suggested retail price of $199.

As of November 2018, my current bottle count is over 2,400. I am a Certified Specialist of Spirits and have also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). I’ve been actively collecting for the last two decades and what started as a small basic home bar has transformed (with the help and understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my passion.


herrskymarshall says:

I’m all about mezcal vago lately. Love all their stuff.

John C says:

Love the tequila review. This would be a great Christmas gift… for myself!

Whisky Wismar says:

Tequila is fascinating for me! Thanks for the video. Have you ever had the chance to try Alacrán Tequila (flat, milky black bottle)? If so, could you comment on that one? Cheers from Germany

Sippers Social Club says:

Sounds unreal! Ive only had a few nice sipping tequilas, but I know I would like this one.

Jamison Moeckel says:

Could they have made this 50 or 40 bucks cheaper if it didnt have the fancy box and bottle? The price is too much.

Santacruzn says:

Great review as always Chris , You got me hooked on wanting to travel south and see the Distillery. Sounds like the best white- silver Tequila on the market .I’ve seen the Gran Patron Anejo What is your thought on that one and a decent price point ? Cheers

Invictus says:

Pretty shocking to see a blanco at this price point but i guess aging this would interfere with the smokey taste which is the whole point of this one.

Drinking Austin says:

Thank you for the great review! Do you ever stop into Austin? -Hugh Olson

PhatTrumpet2 says:

What’s with all those Signatory bottlings behind you? Are we gonna get some reviews or did you just rearrange your collection?

Brad Toast says:

That price is insane though….

Vesbolk says:

For me, fancy bottles and boxes are usually bad signs that the producer is focused on marketing. Thanks for the video.

Yo Yor says:

LiquorHound, don’t ever go away!

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