Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila Review, Cinco de Mayo

Today we bust out a review of Hornito’s Black Barrel as part of our Cinco de Mayo celebration. Double aged in whiskey barrels, this is an añejo tequila that has the essence of oak, vanilla and smooth refined flavor.

If you didn’t know it was a tequila, you may think it’s a bourbon! Suggested retail price is $29.99, far cheaper than most añejo’s on the market that we’ve tried yet it remains a tasty complex selection for your shelf.

Tasting Glasses: http://bit.ly/1c7EfGK

Drink Responsibly.


Octavious says:

you guys don’t ship UK way do yah? 

Tyler says:

You should make a drink that calls for bourbon with this and compare it to the same drink with bourbon im it.

XxsoulermachinaxX says:

Quick question: Usually if a liquor is aged in a barrel they usually get a unique color off the barrel, but these don’t age the same as a whiskey would. So I ask if that is the acutal color of the tequila or is it just food coloring?

Popular Ship says:

Viva Mexicoo!

Jim Wilcox says:

What liquid was in the glass before you added the tequila?

omarsbp03 says:

the difference is the region in which it’s made, similar to bourbon vs. whiskey

eZiO71389 says:

Just wondering which line of UA shirt is that? Love that bright orange

NorseWarriorFromNorway says:

Hey! I was just wondering where can i watch your livestreams? Is it on twitch? and what is your name. I love your vids and i’ve wanted to watch you livestream for a long time but i just havent thought about asking! =)

Thierry le Blanc says:

I like both the most in a reposado, a silver Tequila is sometimes very nice, but in Europe the prices of these are horrendous :/

Nu Hustle Entertainment says:

ole is Spanish not Mexican so is bullfighting fyi DRINK ON !!! p.s. love your show

Stephen Sloan says:

“The thing I like about the silvers (tequila) is you see it naked.” That’s a good way to put it. haha

Steven Navas says:

If you can’t find it you can purchase it on ReserveBar.com

Maryland Man says:

Cabrito is a very good tequila.

Tucson JJ says:

This is NOT an Extra Anejo (2:22)… Oops?
BYW: really like the 3 Amigos Extra Anejo… 8 YEARS! ($62) and their regular Anejo is very tasty… and a good buy.

Reece Fitzgerald says:

Its $30 here… Definitely considering it…

Vic Man Mtz Q. says:

Nice Tequila with tons of heritage…. hope I can show you more at TEquila Town, at jalisco

m1garandisthebest says:

Definitely Tequila! Either a Reposado or an Añejo!

Theodore Messman says:

just wanted to say i love your show and after buying this on sale in pa my first instinct was to see if you had a review of it to watch while i tried it for the first time

Bryan Usrey says:

I love a good Mezcal. Illegal Mexcal is fantastic! 

Michael Banfield says:

I’ve tried this Hornitos Black Barrel in Tijuana. Very good. In my opinion, it tasted like Whiskey.

puma canal says:

Glad you guys like hornitos black barrel now try don Julio 70
Also the best mezcal it’s the one made handcrafted in small villages of guerrero and Oaxaca.
Pure mezcal it’s 60 % alcohol so guess what we prefer….

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