Hornitos Lime Shot, Tequila Review

We have a flavored tequila on deck for review today, called Hornitos Lime Shot. It is considered a “flavored tequila” as it is flavored with lime and some sweetness. Our guess, this is designed for shots… I d not know where we came up with that assessment.

What is your opinion of a flavored tequila like Hornitos Lime Shot?

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Jason Gentz says:


Thierry le Blanc says:

I would imagen you could mix this with a bottle of more expensive stuff that disappointed you and put them in a margarita.
Peach would be awesome, I think passion fruit, black cherry, kiwi and mango would be a perfect match for tequila, hope they roll them out.

Common Man Cocktails says:


Antonin LaQuay says:

Yep, clearly nothing to do with Cabo Wabo (can tell, just bought it)

Sapan Jani says:

Hey Derrick…whts there in tht jar behind you – the top shelf..is it eggs in a jar or wht..? Don’t mind pl, just curious to know..

Anna-Marie says:

Is Doug really leaving!

Sapan Jani says:

Love it…

Taneli Lahtinen says:

I don’t understand how some people still does that known that it usually just ends up in a shitstorm 😀

liesofthepast says:

If you want flavored tequila just mix licor 43 and a nice blanco. 😀

Ian Andrews says:

Yeah, that’s just an “Easter Egg” for the show, you found it! Good job! I’m just saying that ’cause I know Doug loves puns…

TheJusnic82 says:

bud light lime is terrible, I love a beer and lime but bud light lime tastes like such artificial, fake lime its undrinkable if you ask me…Im scared to try this stuff as its probably got that same artificial lime taste…..I love black barrel Hornitos though so maybe this would be a score too. I love sipping tequila’s and whisky but theres also times comes summer when I just want shots shots shots

Common Man Cocktails says:

never noticed that myself, I mean, it’s got a punch like a silver should have, no doubt, but I don’t find it nearly unbearable.

Common Man Cocktails says:

hop over the boarder into NH, you’ll find it right at the NH liqueur store 🙂

jose octavio says:

on the small penis contest!

Common Man Cocktails says:

That would be Ian’s pickled egg’s he brought over for Doug, somehow he apparently just secretly put them on the rack 🙂

Doug Petersen says:

14th, ish.

kesquisse says:

hornitos has a strong bite imo. Almost unbearable.

Common Man Cocktails says:


Mrodogg73 says:

Like a British person! LMAO! That shit was funny I don’t care who you are! A Mexican British Tequila!

Alex Rodriguez says:

i love this stuff with fresca and a lime wedge

wolfwood2099 says:

Thanks for the review I had heard of this product but have not found it yet in MA

Gary Fridley says:

Love the Hornitos. I have the Rep and Silver.

Thierry le Blanc says:

That sounds fierce.
What they go particularly well with is peach bitters, a drop of laphroaig and a glass of Champagne 🙂

Common Man Cocktails says:

Hornitos Lime Shot, it’s time to get all college student about tequila! 🙂

Hornitos Lime Shot, Tequila Review

Feelthefx says:

Hornitos is probably the best cheap tequila on the market

Pete C says:

Lime Shot is awesome Tequila!!!

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