Lil Scrappy Taste Tests Diddy “DeLeón Tequila” and Gives Honest Review

Atlanta rapper and VH1 “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member Lil Scrappy, sits down with DJ Smallz and taste tests Diddy’s “DeLeón Tequila”, a product for those of legal drinking age.

Have you had a chance to taste Diddy’s “DeLeón Tequila”? Do You agree with Lil Scrappy’s review? Sound off by posting a comment below.

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George Smith says:

It’s the smoothest tequila he has ever tasted. In case you didn’t feel like watching the video.

Ivan Lewis says:

this nigga swolle like a muthafocker

Kasha Taylor says:

I love Scrappy. He is a hoot with his mannish self.

Sugar Runeth says:

is this ghetto buzzfeed?

greaterrome says:

this boy likes everything

Oxy Moronik says:

This nigga does the best alchohol testing

Joseph Cash says:

bruh that shit mixed wit moet is littt

Ant Ant says:

Best tequila is made in Mexico the source.

bee Lover says:

Lil scrappy looks like his brain hurt.

pullupseattle says:

if Ice cube and a chip and dale rescue ranger had a kid, then that kid did roids , that’s what this dude looks like

bonekolekta says:

Ice cube reloaded. LOL

Abel Has Risen says:

I never drank but I once got my alcoholic homeboy a bottle of 1800 patron silver tequila. I remember giving it to him at work and while on the clock he was sneaking sips here and there behind our bosses back. He was so happy that I had got that bottle for him. I remember him getting done with his shift…i remember seeing him driving off and taking sips straight from the bottle lol. He saw me and honked and raised his bottle and gave me the biggest smile ever lol. That was the last time I saw him, he died from alcohol poisoning that day. I love and miss my homie.


Why this nigga look half mad and half happy tho?

Brandon Thompson says:

He got swole as fuck

J Loynes says:

SS PlasmaKitten says:

That’s the smoothest tequila I den never tasted

Minka Brasa says:

Moms got turnt on some tequila and went in the studio… Fuck… In that order in that order…

Bball_Boyz says:

when he said deadass without pronouncing the s

High Life says:

this nigga head juzt floatin wit tht bright az shirt

Phatstuff Vlogs says:


Please subscribe

DRE PRE says:

nice gold chain with a white jesus

King Jordanii says:

scrappy look like a my park player

J's Life says:

Interview lil pump

Ricky Ross says:

cbo a legend – sold a lot of cds back in the day – one track mind records – dont get it twisted roderick from bay rydaz 99 – with wali mc bride, j- loc the pharmacist, unatimus, g.e.e, smoke, shorty loc , lil – a ect……

Guadalupe Juarez says:

yoo this niggas shirt white as the backround


This Nigga Whole Life Changed After He took That Shot

milkman4812 says:

say he don’t drink something and takes the biggest shot ever…and downs it…I’d be gingerly sipping that rocket fuel…

John Doe says:

nigga aint waste no time grabbing that shot glass didnt he?? grabbed dhat bih b4 dj smallz could say we want you to taste it nd give us your honest review lol true alchee nd remember he don’t drink tequila

Pork Chop Extra Gravy says:

This nigga got his own lingo

PrezSteej says:

This entire interview was just a floating head and two arms.

GSR 01 says:

‘Sound off by posting a comment below’. Lol u a square Smallz

Jordan Thomas says:

tf you mean you finna get your ass beat scrappy big asf!

Duh Jugg says:

videos always come out hella quite

John Doe says:

nigga look like big yfn lucci

Dior 2.0 says:

He got that Rollie on tho.

Jack Marlin says:

scrappy the only one pouring real shots on these videos haha

J Lawless says:

nigga look like a running back

Blueprxnt COMG says:

Listen to (OTG)ONLY THA GANG- BlueprXnt by CashOut Music Group #np on #SoundCloud

Sluggz659 says:

“That shit’ll start a car” lol

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