Lunazul Tequila Review, Reposado and Blanco

Today we review Lunazul because a fan in our live stream chat asked us how it tasted. So, rather then say “I don’t know”, we opened a few of our samples of Lunazul and figured it out.

We taste both Lunazul blanco and Lunazul reposado to see how they taste and give you our actual opinion, instead of “I dunno.”

Definitely has the tequila flavors, but it may be a bit light for some people (or a bit right for some people), definitely an approachable tequila that should be utilize on those you’re trying to get into tequila for the first time.
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Sean McGonigle says:

I’d say I associate quality with a more subdued alcohol flavor because I feel it takes more skill to maintain a smooth flavor with a higher alcohol percentage

Teresa Warrior says:

Why does Tequila give you a headache? We did some taste testing in Mexico. Didn’t drink a lot but ended up with a headache. I have a request. Will you do a video where you drink the Tequila worm?

Vykk Draygo says:

Burn doesn’t matter to me. I don’t usually drink 40% abv alcohol, and if it burns at that low of a percent, then there is probably something wrong with it. I prefer to drink unfiltered whiskeys, so the natural oils tend to mask any alcohol burn, even at high proof. I’ve got some over 60% that are drinkable neat (I usually dilute a bit, but that is for flavor). What turns me off is that pure ethanol kick, like in cheap vodka, or whiskey. But that’s a flavor and nose issue, not a burn issue.

Honestly, out of 24 (I think?) liquors I have, I can count the number under 45% on one hand. At 40%, two Auchentoshans, and a rum, and Monkey Shoulder at 43%.

Jordan Weber says:

+Commonman Subdued. I like flavors, can’t handle burn due to acid reflux problems.

meanmachine says:

Tequila Herradura is the shit!

Other thing have you guys tried Tequila Liquor? Its freaking delicious

Will Fitz says:

I was lucky enough to have the distiller Francisco Quijano in our PA stores. Yes he was as cool and suave as his name sounds and he stated his goal with the distillate was zero congeners. He knows where and when to cut the heads and the tails to have the clean product. So Yes I agree the blanco is ridiculously smooth and a great intro if all you’ve had are mixtos. And Yes the reposado is lacking character and the minimal oak almost tastes like a sour contaminate if you were to sip it.

Tyler Lenio says:

the reposado is awesome for the price, so smooth, got it for 16 in pa, so good, i could drink it everytime.

Jeff H. says:

The blanco is $46 where I live, but that’s actually reasonable for a real tequila in Quebec. Glad you guys reviewed it since there aren’t a lot of tequila options here. I’ll probably try this one next time I buy some.

mark Roper says:

Derrick, thanks for the mental image of a dragon tattoo on your junk….. I like Lunazul, it is reasonably priced, it is a very good value.

Francis Ducharme says:

Do you know if it’s illegal for distillers to add artificial coloring to tequilas ? Sometimes I feel like I’m getting a colored blanco even though they put enough care to use 100% agave. And I must say you out-deranged Ian on this nostril penetration bit, you get 5 points.

poop chute says:

SHIT….I just bought a 5th of this tequila less than 20 mins ago. I opened the cap seal and took a sniff of it just as I started watching this video and the first thing I get from the scent is RUBBING ALCOHOL. Fucking gross! For the price range I would definitely go with Altos or El Jimador. I haven’t tasted this Lunazul yet but after the smell of it I don’t think I want to. I should have stuck with Altos or El Jimador.

Dave G says:

I still haven’t tried Tequila yet. Maybe this year. Slowing stocking my bar. Thanks for the video.

Theodore Messman says:

I grabbed a bottle for around $15 on sale in PA and was pleasantly surprised. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with 100% agave at that price

sanchezjr13 says:

I love tequila reviews

Dave G says:

Too much burn or heat takes away from the taste of the alcohol for me. I expect a certain amount of burn because its booze but not that much. In time my taste my change.

StrangeLibations says:

I prefer less burn, more flavor. Similar to getting really spicy Chinese food that covers up the taste. There is a fine line to getting that perfect balance. I prefer reposado’s for this reason.

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