Maestro Dobel Tequila Review

Imaging going through a tequila review almost entirely thinking you’ve got a silver tequila and then find out you’ve got a reposado that is clear… yeah, that is messed up.

None-the-less, we bust out a monday episode for the fans, Maestro Dobel Tequila.

Glencairn Glasses:


SuperNuela says:

I have the maestro tequilero reposado, I love it! I find a very good balance between some earthiness and maybe smokiness and the agave itself, I will have to try that one!

Lee Harvey Oswald says:

AHHHH YOU ALREADY DID THE DOBEL REVIEW! That is one of my favorites.

camoflux says:

and Patron silver is $45

Lee Harvey Oswald says:

It’s a blend that is charcoal filtered. Hence it being clear.

phigonggoi says:

Maestro Dobel is one of my favorite tequila makers. Got two bottles of Diamente last year during holiday when it was on sale. Opened one bottle at a Thanksgiving along with the Don Julio Anejo. Best of tequila I had so far. Waiting for it to be on sale again this year. Hopefully it will be sooner. Hate to open my last bottle.

camoflux says:

In Florida, both Cabo Wabo and Maestro Dobel are $33!

ShoyuTao says:

Bought the last two bottles at the store for $29.95.! They couldn’t sell it!! hahaha It’s a blend of reposado, anejo and super anejo rested in steel and filtered.

Ray Quinn says:

speak vs not speak… beast wins!!

cody5150 says:

The same process is done with many rums. They are aged in oak and the color from the cask (as well as other impurities) are filtered out. i.e. Bacardi silver has color until it is filtered through charcoal. It gives the characteristics of the barrel (mellows) but appears as a “clean” spirit.

Cats rule says:

silver maestro dobel is very good and one of my favorites ,but the king of tequila is Don Julio anejos. i usually put it on the rocks with a squeezed lime. i don’t get horrible head aches from don julio, if you guys know others that are better let me know.

elviejoinez says:

It is pronounced dough + bell.  Spanish for double is “doble” (dough + bleh)

Kinghercules says:

I dont why Cabo is yalls favorite….ewwww……LOL
Ive tried it after yall suggested it but I didnt like the taste.

Reece Fitzgerald says:


shanegiggie says:


Vann Doubleday says:

This is not the Diamond version, it’s normal Dobel filtered. The Diamond is about $100 a bottle and well worth the cost

shuralmehki says:

Neither Crown Royal Black nor Hennessey Black taste anything like what I expected.

cody5150 says:

I agree. I think this might be just a way to stand out is all. I’m definitely going to give it a try though. It seems like it might be great for certain lighter style tequila based cocktails where it can incorporate well without overpowering the balance. Good review.

jesus camacho says:

You drank a mix of aged tequilas and then was cleared!


I liked it, smoother than PATRON to me!

Fabio B says:

he had his i don’t know about this face

Michael Wilson says:

He definitely had a look of unsurity, but who isn’t a little bit tense when they except a creeper?

Cobber says:

Holy crap, I was hoping to see a quick review not watch three re-rees drool all over themselves

TheJusnic82 says:

ive never heard of anyone drinking tequila iced down or having the bottle in the freezer…to be honest im 33 and im never once in my life even tried cold tequila

Moises Lozano says:

Dobel is the last name of Mr Juan. The Maestro he also signed the seal on the bottle. I really enjoyed the review, you guys enjoy. I was just gifted the añejo bottle, waiting for a special occasion to enjoy it.

Kenneth Rathburn says:

Funny thing is this was actually my introduction to tequila. After trying a few others, I do agree it’s an odd experience, but I still like it. What’s nice is that the Winn Dixie near me almost always has fuel perks on this bottle, and at the time I got $1 off per gallon, so that was a nice bonus.

eba101 says:

they rest it in barrel and then filter out the color and think its made by the same people who make patron

Kenneth Rathburn says:

Where in Florida? I live in Florida too, but both cost $45-$55 each.

George Geo says:

Just picked this up tonight from a local guy for $25.99.. its a really damn good Tequila! Going back to grab the last 2 bottles at that price.

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