My Top 5 & 5 (& 5) Tequilas (Nosing & Tasting)

Wooo! I finally got to my Top 5 tequila video and wow was it a difficult to narrow them down from 142 bottles! In this video I sit down and taste my picks for top 5 most rare tequilas, my top 5 still available mid to high priced tequilas & show you my top 5 picks for budget/value tequilas. Hope you enjoy!

As of 8-11-2012, my current bottle count stands at 888 total bottles. I have 540 different ones on the bar & another 348 in back stock. I’m a Certified Specialist of Spirits and I’ve been actively researching & collecting for the last 18 years. What started as a small basic bar has transformed (with the help & understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for looking and sharing in my hobby.


Monique Ashley says:

My new favorite is El Charro!

carlos armenta says:

love your opinions on tequilas have you ever tasted gran corralejo

BarrelProductions says:

you need to try Tequila Cnicas.

Juan Carlos Pirpignani says:


Tucson JJ says:

Cazadores reposado is a great value, IMHO… far better than Patron repo. $18.95 here in AZ, a steal. For a bigger taste and more flavor, but with a little more burn, 3 Amigos Anejo is very good at around $30.

Luz Collazos says:

super interesting…waou!! se la comio!! Muy Buena la informacion

swinggcat says:

it would be nice if you said how much you paid for each bottle. otherwise a great vid

Carlos H. Bieberach says:

Hi, I started my own liquor collection, I also found 3 bottles of the Pyrat Gold Planters reserve, I bought them all,
thanks for the advice

Fernando Rosas says:

dont forget mencion hornitos reposado the best too i born in jalisco mexico now i live usa

MKME says:

I just asked my friend about a tequila we had at a bar in NYC. Can’t figure out what it was. I was blown away that it could be tequila. very very smooth compared to patron silver. Any guesses? it was medium priced. I think it was clear from what i remember.

Karlos Badblood says:

no Olmeca? Recently got some Olmeca Altos reposado I liked a lot.

andrew416z says:

Liquor Hound – is there a NOM listed on the Porfido Barrique??

93foxwcube says:

you sure you are qualified to review tequila?

BarrelProductions says:

Tequila Canicas available in Specs TX.

Long Island Lou Tequila says:


Jason Pe says:

What do u think of the riazul brand? I love the blanco and heard great thing about the others

Carlos H. Bieberach says:

Good morning, any reviews on hi end rums ? like the Papa Andres, El Dorado 25 years, Don Pancho 30 years and the Diplomatico Ambassador ? thanks

rangodash says:

I just found your channel. Wow, I’m incredibly impressed. So much knowledge and so many bottles, amazing collection. Your pallet seems on point as well.

degmar says:

What would be your top picks of anejos in the $50-60 dollar range, readily available in TX? Thanks.

TheJusnic82 says:

El Jimador is the cheapest possible tequila (price wise) that I can get here in Canada. 

Ricardo Gutierrez says:

Great job! My classics are pueblo viejo and San matias gran reserva. Must try.

Darryl D. Ruggs says:

If companies send you free bottles of liquor , I need to start doing my own liquor reviews.

Wasted Texan says:

Gotta go Avion

Josh Paulson says:

this is my first video ive seen from you so i’ll have to see if you already have Tres Agaves in your inventory actually.

Daniel Feldman says:

I’m headed to Cabo in a few weeks. Are there any bottles there that would be cheaper than here? If you had to pick 2 bottles, what would they be? Thanks.

drumrboynoid says:

Great video. Have you tried Chamucos?

Sean Pauley says:

Awesome! For as longs as have drank tequila I have always enjoyed it. There is something about the agave that is funky and rich in flavor (to me!) . This video makes me think that with some experience I could grow to really appreciate tequila. Thank you!

Josh Paulson says:

Tequila- when I was a kid, watching old cowboy movies; was kind of like a rough, from the bottle drink. I think it’s really come a long way from that feel. I like how you make it seem more refined, which it is. A lot of these newer tequilas are probably way better, and at fair prices. (In terms of bottles) which is interesting because they have won awards im sure.
Anyway glad to see you enjoying, subbed XD
PS- do you ever do limes with just a shot glass? (that’s the old school talkin)

MrDbcooper456 says:

what do you think of the Espolon Blanco , in my area it’s 19 bucks

gviola90 says:

Great video…what tequila would you say is the best for making cocktails such as margaritas?

degmar says:

5:06 – is Cabo Wabo still any good, after it was bought out by Campari?

Adrian L says:

What’s your opinion on the Fortaleza line? The blanco and anejo are in my top 10!

Big Dawg says:

have you ever tried tres generaciones?

Carlos H. Bieberach says:

Hi, I saw a green bottle of the Hussong Tequila Anejo, is it a good buy ?

MuhfugginMike says:

Clase Azul!!!!!!!111!1!!1!!!11

Carlos H. Bieberach says:

Thank you, I saw you talking about the Centenario 20 years, here in Miami, Florida I saw the Centenario 25 years, just to let you know, regards

Carlos H. Bieberach says:

Hey, I found 7 bottles of the Pyrat Pistol, thanks

Josh Paulson says:

PS PS (lol-) When I say “fair priced” I mean as “Fair priced” as alcohol can get. Of course any bottle you pick up always requires a little money. I’m wondering if you’ll do a “Tres Agaves” review. I picked up it for about 34 bucks, and have heard some nice things about it. It’s gonna be a slow sipper for me.

Alan Rushing says:

Great presentation – thanks much! I’m a late arrival here, sorta like the person arriving later than anticipated or even socially accepted, to an important gathering or celebration. Now I’ll do my best to catch-up to you some. I’ll be binge viewing, at least through your rum and tequila (mezcal?) videos ASAP. You are a great find – thanks again! (Jonny-come-lately)

rivethead19 says:

very cool 🙂

I’m a scotch enthusiast. I got my first bottle of Patron Silver tonight. I was torn between Don Julia Blanca and Patron Silver as they are the pretty much the same price. So I just went with Patron. I probably should have bought Don Julio.

I have drank a lot of scotch and I can nose it and give you a complex profile and taste it and give you an equally complex profile. I can’t give you the same profile in tequila. Patron Silver, the nose I can only describe as almost tropical/citrus….mind you I’ve been “enjoying” Patron (lol). The taste I cannot identify though.

I am an avid scotch fan, but, I have been searching for something else to drink as well. I don’t like vodka or gin. Tequila is the answer. It’s fantastic.

sofakingdrunk66 says:

If i went to Mexico on holiday would i expect to see Don Julio or Patron as a standard brand to drink?

Wireline .Cables says:

Which Casa Noble are you referring to when you say the new 2 year old?  I can’t find it on their web site.

Jorge Vargas says:

So which would be your favorite? Liqourhound

Gustavo Munguba says:

Great video. Hope you’ll consider doing a comparison between mezcal and tequilas for someone who is starting to explore these spirits. Thanks for all of your videos as they have been a great complement to my whiskey experience.

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