My Ultimate Home Bar Spirit Picks

In this video I sit down with my top spirit picks to help you elevate or create your own amazing home bar. In selecting these bottles, I tried to keep the prices below $50 and choose bottles that hopefully everyone will have access to. Along the way I’ll give you some information on them as well as share a few of my tasting notes. My hope is that by the end you’ll be able to pick up a few of these spirits, have a fantastic home bar and save some money in the process.

As of 8-11-2012, my current bottle count stands at 888 total bottles. I have 540 different ones on the bar & another 348 in back stock. I’m a Certified Specialist of Spirits and I’ve been actively researching & collecting for the last 18 years. What started as a small basic bar has transformed (with the help & understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for looking and sharing in my hobby.


Shaheen Ghiassy says:

Never liked rum. But Zacapa is amazing. 3rd time watching this video. Thx!

Lukas Lee says:

I’m a collector, I generally only collect bourbon, and hard to find liquors, how can I send you a pic of my collection to get your opinion?

FearTheGremlin says:

Shellback white rum. Brilliant stuff.

az00z2005 says:

i would like to drink all of them lol


great vid. keep it up.

Casey McMasters says:

What’s your number 1 favorite alcohol. If you could have only 1 bottle of alcohol which would you choose.

Bobby C says:

gin-beefeater 24 (grain $30)
vodka-luksovowa (potato $12)
whiskey- w.l weller (wheat $18)
Rum- diplomatico reserva (molasses $30) 
tequila- casa noble extra anejo ( agave $40)

Tucson JJ says:

I like Patron Silver very much… not sure why everyone hates on it so much…

Scott Taylor says:

Good video, I’d have to recommend trying captain morgan private stock, and titos vodka. I definitely agree though buffalo trace is the best bourbon to have in a home bar. It drinks great neat and makes the best bourbon coke. I recently added cabin still to my cabinet, it’s not great but at $10 a liter it’s good for parties and I actually enjoy it.

Badeye Bill says:

Id Like to know what you do to keep your Top Shelf Whiskeys from Rusting?? after 6 months to a year My Good one start to loose their Great Flavor.

Steve Walther says:

Im surprised how delightful a simple dewers and soda or Johnny red can be.

TheLynxBar says:

Interesting collection..

Zandabyte says:

Would you consider writing out a list of the products you discussed in the video and putting it in the description?

Steve Remo says:

what state are you in that you’re able to get such a wide range of spirits?

art96br says:

Hey man, add some good quality cachaça to the list! Really liked the video

DR_C says:

Great video man thanks

Patriotalliance says:


TheMrnoze says:

Wow…..Your reviews are the best….Just getting into the better quality of Tequilas, and my favorites are Blanco and Reposado. I took your advice and purchased Cazadores Reposado…..very good! I would like to see a top 20 Tequilas for under $75 review…. I have not tried Partida Reposado, but I am confident that it will be my next Purchase!
Thank You, Cheers, and Salud!

Daniel Pattiz says:

I love your videos! I have a question if you can answer it. I love to drink but when I do I get a burning pain in my stomach. I noticed you said that old tom Gin had no sugar added, which I believe sugar may be causing it, I may have a problem with glucose bu i’m not sure. what kind of liquor is best for a weak stomach? or for someone in my situation.

Also, could you do a video on Canadian whisky? I requested it about a year ago, but nothing ever came 🙁 thanks!

Francisco Lopez says:

Did you ears about @capracocuy?

Alexander Torres says:

Great video!
My pic for gin would definitely be Hendricks though!
And for vodka I think Titos is a solid choice.

barry wirth says:

Where is the jack?

J. A. says:

idk why it bothers me so much that not a single brandy is mentioned. i mean to me if like whiskey i can’t see how one would not like its fruity cousin brandy.

imxelite says:

Thanks for the video. Question: I wanted to get two tequilas and two vodkas from your video for drinking straight. Which ones would you recommend?

Scott Detweiler says:

I would love to see your thoughts on the Kirkland products from Costco. I feel their clear bottle vodka is exceptional and have also enjoyed their scotches (21 year blended), but didn’t think much of their bourbon.

Daniel Pattiz says:

thank you! i have found that a good gin mixed with club soda does very little damage, but i just bought a bottle of crown royal maple finished and i love the taste so i’m trying to work my way through it right now 🙂

hardedgecustom says:

Not a brandy man I see.

Adam X says:

I heared alcohol stay fresh about year when opened. Isnt it problem for you?

ncooty says:

Really great review. Thank you.

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