Partida Tequila, Blanco, Reposado and Anejo Review / Tasting

We got pure unaged tequila, we have rested tequila and we have aged tequila in barrels. Today, Partida blesses the table and we give it a taste test. If you like salty ocean breezes with agave and smooth texture then Partida is waiting.

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Critical Hit, by No More Kings.


peter westgarth says:

Me and a buddy also went through a bottle of Bristol Cream but we had a bottle of Amaretto too. Was a great night not so good morning

Jose Loza says:

please try (casa noble, fortaleza, chinaco) herradura seleccion suprema extra anejo

Kinghercules says:

I love Doug yo!!

tim richie says:

a bunch of clowns

Zachary Gersch says:

Love your show CMC! 🙂

Premium porcelain splitter says:

Try this, 3/4 oz. Tequila 
1/2 oz.  Hennessey
1/2 oz. Vodka 
4 drops Tabasco

Its a shooter

sanchezjr13 says:

Love going back and watching the old videos.I love the tequila reviews and the craziness of you 3.LMAO how Ian can’t keep a straight face after Doug says that he can taste the wood!

Badass Hipster says:

whoa is that another rack of liquid fun!?!?! so jealous man 

JackTR21 says:

care a mel

Zachary Hardy says:

I love the comparisons between brands and especially when it is off script lol 

Antonin LaQuay says:

Good vibes!! Still ranks as one my all time fav CMC videos 🙂

YourTime says:

10/10 would bang!

Manakaiser says:

Ian is awesome too btw, props mate i like the serious aspect you bring to the show in contrast of tose 2 other silly geese XD

LifeLover2020 says:

Partida vs Don Julio… thoughts???????????????? I love Don…

Ageratos Oneiro says:

sadness i can’t get any of them

YourTime says:

Narraganset is in MA

Joel Ortega says:

Best spirts review on you tube, & I’ve been lurkin on here for years

Thomas Naughton says:

Whoa, set changes

Kenny Cheng says:

Buying either the Anejo or Reposado as a Christmas present for my girlfriends parents. They are Mexican and drink a lot of tequila and have mentioned their love for Anejo’s but not sure if this is a true Anejo taste. After watching this video, the Reposado sounds like a safer buy

pcfxer says:

Reposado; all of the Anejos I’ve had lost that beloved Agave flavour. That includes 1942 DJ.

Marty D says:

Is Doug back to stay or nah?

Bourbon Bob says:

So much ADD in that room.

duck brewster says:

Has anyone mentioned or tried the Avion Tequila brands? Don’t tell me their shit!! All great I.M.O

carlos ayala says:

HELLO gentleman, i am working on distributing a new tequila in to the US really soon,
how would i go about getting you guys a sample to hear your thoughts ? Thank you

Zachary Gersch says:


Jose Loza says:

if u ever get a chance come to vegas i will take u to one of my friend house that have over 500 different tequila bottles from a 150 year old jose cuervo bottle to the most expencive tequila collection

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