Suerte Blanco Tequila Review

Suerte Blanco Tequila, the review of champions, a faster review because we lost our original footage due to disk space issues. We were extremely surprised by this $35 blanco tequila showing as it brought everything we could have asked for and more.

Our Brandy Snifters:


Saul Goodman says:

Whats your all-time favorite tequila?

Ralphgtx280 says:

yeah, on the topic of cheap tequila have you tried conquistador. from what I know they only offer a blanco and when it came to market it was literally the cheapest tequila we could buy here in Aus, it is a 100% blue agave spirit and personally Ive quite enjoyed it , its price has gone up but is still cheap.

Michael Hsiao says:

Can you review Csa Noble, Ocho, Cimarron, Don Abraham…. Thanks. Or maybe Avion, Fortaleza, Tapatio…

The Cowboy says:

My apologies Derrick.I was trying to be humorous but it wasn’t funny.

skinnydingbag says:

Hi i would like to ask if there’s a differents between blue agave and normal agave

Trevor Zimmerman says:

Which one is better This or sparkle donkey?

JackTR21 says:

They’ve done a blind tequilla testing where they discussed this.

Ralphgtx280 says:

congratulations, your hard work is paying off

Jordan Campbell says:

Cheap. Awesome. Tequila? Yes, this might change my mind about it!

Ralphgtx280 says:

nice work with the search engine optimization thing, result one is cuervos website then google images then result 3 and 4 are you 😛

SonOfTheRightHand29 says:

that bottle makes it look tasty, great design

Henry Bravo says:

Hey Derrick why dont you do a new blind tasting tequila ?? With so many different tequilas

J Alexsander says:

How much of the alcohol you review is available in Canada?

Lasse says:

Make a TOP 5 or 10 drink

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