Tequila Blind Taste Battleground: Hornitos, Partida & Siete Leguas / Episode 003

This is the third edition of the Blind Taste Battleground and this time we do a 100% brand blind and color blind tequila tasting. Not only do we not know the brands themselves but we have no idea of the color of the liquid, incase any have a tint to them.

Watch as Derrick calls one pretty well and is surprised on the next, now we have to get a new bottle to see if an older bottle has a different taste than a fresh bottle.

The Contenders In This Battle:
* Hornitos Plata Tequila
* Partida Blanco Tequila
* Siete Leguas Blanco Tequila

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Dave G says:

I still haven’t tried tequila yet. I still have way too much booze for one person to drink. Maybe soon.

sanchezjr13 says:

Great video! Love the blind tasting,especially my favorite spirit.Can’t wait for next Wednesday!!

Lair Of Dionysus says:

Hey man, I just want to say you seem to have the best knowledge here throughout YouTube about Tequilas, and I definitely agree with you that I am also not a fan of Patron, I think it tastes more like Vodka and has absolutely no lingering taste! Way overpriced for a forgettable experience! I wanted to ask your opinion on what you think about Tequilas in general when you open the bottles, do you ever happen to notice that it seems Tequila is ultra sensitive compared to other types of Liquor? I often find that after about 2 weeks of opening most Tequila bottles, that they seem to rapidly lose that crisp, fresh Agave taste and resemble more and more a flavor like Vodka, especially the White / Silver Tequilas. I notice it most with Tequilas like Hornitos, which I find that Hornitos for a cheap brand have a very wonderful aroma and flavor of that Agave, a very fresh and nice cedar taste as soon as you pop open the bottle. But after a week or two of drinking it here and there, I began to notice a decline in flavor. I am just wondering, have you experienced the same with Tequila in General, and is there any advice you have on Tequilas that you know of that Hold over their fresh signature flavor longer, or any method of how to preserve the fresh flavor? I have found no other Liquor to lose such quality so fast after being opened… The only Alcoholic Beverages I’ve found to be anywhere near as sensitive, seem to be Organic Wines which also deteriorate after about 2 Weeks of being opened.

Kurtis Polishinski says:

looks like keeping your videos to 10 minutes has had the desired effect of increasing the views on each video and getting as much, if not slightly more than the short videos and long videos combined!

CedricC says:

Awesome stuff guys that’s a perfect set up

Rob Rum says:

Too bad you didn’t continue with the rum blind tastings..I thought the plan was to keep going until you had a winner (and were out of rums to compare with); that would have been interesting.

Indiskret1 says:

Very interesting despite Sweden’s monopoly distribution system is a desert for both Tequila and Bourbon, as I love both. I need to move…

bitfreakazoid says:

Speaking of the older bottle. Would be interesting to do that as a series. Older bottles Vs. Fresh. See if there is any difference.

John Mongrut says:

id like to see how sauza blanco and cabo wabo do against each other

Abs.308 7.62 says:

Try to get your hands on Siete Leguas antaño or Single Barrel, trust me other Tequilas will be considered trash.

MM88 says:

Derrick reminds of the Catholic monks who are too into making and drinking alcohol.

August Pendergast says:

I’d like to see you put Fortaleza blanco in the next round. It’s my favorite blanco and never disappoints.

Dave G says:

Not preparing for the show is what makes it interesting. Anything can happen.

marybeth ehlers says:

I second the guy who recommended Fortaleza blanco, it’s becoming easier to find. Plus I would recommend Tequila 123 (uno is the blanco). 100% organic

StrangeLibations says:

Great glasses and setup. Enjoyed it and looking forward to the weekly series. It would be interesting to throw in a very poor quality spirit (bottom of the bottom shelf) into the mix on occasion to throw the tasters off. Maybe not Cuervo Gold as that would just be mean.

bitfreakazoid says:

Do you ever have Dan and Ian on at the same time?

ornivb says:

I could get partida for just above $140 (and if it wasn’t out of stock)

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