Tequila Review: El Jimador Blue Agave Tequila. Mexico

Tequila Review: Tequila Reposado el Jimador 100% Blue Agave Tequila. ABV 40% 80 proof. Product of Mexico.


Ice Daemon says:

Ah Tequila, the memory loss liquid.

John Ames says:

big thumbs up buddy great job

2E0PGS says:

How are you doing?

I have a few wines I plan to review soon.

I also have another tequila to review.

Thought I’d stop by and let ya know since I recall you review wines and it’s a new thing I’m experimenting with. I normally drink wine only twice a year.

Tim"s Brew"s says:

I like some Tequila good review …………………………………CHEERS

Calvin's Corner72 says:

Liked the story behind the plant as well. Thanks I like tequila. I always wanted to try Cabo Wabo because it’s supposed to have the lime and salt all in one built in it. Maybe one day. Because I haven’t had tequila in a long while. Thanks

Greg Nutsch says:

A Mexican friend of mine turned me on to the El Jimador tequila. He is from Jalisco and grew up in a family that raised Agave. With all of that knowledge he acquired in his youth, he is a wealth of info on tequila and has changed my outlook on the spirit!

Robb’s Beer Talk says:

My friend shared a Don Julio with me that was 100% Agave and was the best tequila I’ve EVER tasted. Do you plan on going to Tailspin this weekend?

SINternet Entertainment says:

We are not tequila drinkers but this was a good review.

CherylAndSteve says:

When it goes down smooth it’s a thumbs up – Cheryl

True Prison Stories by Gary York says:

Your review sir is 100 percent spot on! Excellent video. If anyone is ever in Cozumel Mexico on a cruise etc, it is well worth it to tour the Tequila farm and manufacturing plant. You get 5 taste tests of all 100 percent pure.

Wisemans Creek Studios says:

Cool video and review mate always great and really enjoyed watching again.Cheers again from Australia

Ashley Jordan says:

I don’t drink tequila but good review

Tin creative # crazy DK says:

Nice video like 13

BEACH LIFE78 says:

I like tequila , have you tryed silver patron 🙂

Drunkinone says:

Good stuff for the price. Makes a mean cocktail too. Cheers to you Sir. =)

Shane's World says:

Nice review salute

D. Greeley says:

Let us not forget, ” Tequila makes her clothes fall off” Lol
Lemon or lime wedge, a dab of salt and watch out. To Kill Ya is another way to say it.
Enjoyed the review.

Carry on Jeff n John says:

Like number eight John thanks for your visit to our channel we really appreciate it nice nice review as always very interesting take care John we love ya always top man

foodquig says:

The last time I had El Jimador Tequila Reposado was in Cancun in 2006… I’ll stick to whisky.

Joe Kersey says:

I never could get into the whole tequila thing.

The River Pirate 13 says:

I have seen that Tequila before. I’ll have to remember that one to buy for my liquor collection as I like pepper. Lol.

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