The Oak Bottle Review, with Tequila

The Oak Bottle, given to us by Solomon, a fan of the show, to see if it “really works” or if it was a gimmick. So, here we are taking the Oak Bottle for its first test drive with a low cost 100% de agave tequila known as Sauza Hornitos Plata.

We take this simple silver tequila and age it 48-hours in the Oak Bottle and run the testing, amazingly we get a lot of oak and smokey flavor that reminds us of a peaty scotch without the massive peat intensity.

It works. Unbelievable, this product actually did what it said. I guess that’s what happens when you use an $80 product; you get what you pay for–quality.

Oak Bottle:
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Matt James says:

So… would you say it turns it into a blanco into a repo or anejo? or like a mellow mezcal… never got a final thought as to its qualities from the vid. You also mentioned the Plata twice. Could you use any decent silver/blanco with it? what about adding a repo or a anejo to it?Cheers!

HonicBlue says:

that is badass. Sold.

Aaron Riegelmayer says:

Looking forward to you guys making your own sherry cask rum. It will definitely be interesting to see how it compares.

Brent Hewett says:

White Whiskey would be a cool, yet typical idea. I am strongly considering getting one of these before winter. Many fun uses to it! Thanks Solomon for the donation to the show!

spacetoast99 says:

idk if you already knew this or not but i looked up the oak bottle on amazon while i was watching this and saw a way cheaper alternative if you felt like trying it out too. Oak Infusion Spiral Barrel Aged in a Bottle Oak Infusion Spiral only 7 bucks so really anyone that was interested, it seems like itd be worth trying out

JKindels says:

crazy idea/project for the bottle: Sherry -> Rum -> Gin

Bargain Bourbon says:

I just buy American oak medium roasted from eBay coasts about $10 for a pound and a hand full of chips make a great brandy or any aged liquor

Spunky Kumar says:

What is real tequila?

Austin Klinefelter says:

Could you put a corn whiskey in it

Tyler says:

Oak some Fireball?

Joshua Kleiner says:

Arizona is making iced tea brewed with oak chips now. Everyone is getting wood.

Solomon Li says:

In your opinion, how does this oaked Hornitos Smoky Tequila compare to Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila?

Ricky S. says:

Could you PLEASE do a review of Sauza tequila. To me that tastes like cigarette ashes mixed with whiskey minus the alcohol burn. Ive never drank tequila before and my friend said its really good but i dont know if its supposed to taste like total ass. So please make a review video or even a video about what you think about Sauza tequila.

Theodore Messman says:

Can you sneak in a Curd tasting as a mini episode or even just a throw on at the end of an episode? I would be very interested in his opinion

Dave G says:

Interesting. Thanks.

Nicky Henderson says:

But you can buy a new 3l cask for $80

Brad Thomas says:

Nice bottle I want to see Sherry oak!!!

Will Fitz says:

I love the idea of this but know I would ruin it. I’d try to save some of my poor whisky investments -end up over oaking them -dump it down the drain anyway -continue this process on 3 more bottles until the container becomes some cursed purgatory for bad whisky.

Ricky S. says:

What would you recommend for me to buy as a inexpensive but decent tequila? Ive seen your tequila video about Jose Cuervo and know more about it, but still have a hard time finding a good tequila for a good price. I fond your videos for these kind of things to be VERY helpful. Thank you for the reply on my first comment. Love the videos by the way.

OriginalTRaven says:

Put some 151 in that piece. LOL!

Curtis Meece says:

It’d be interesting to make other beverages oak’d as well; teas, coffee, or maybe even decarbonated cola.

TheJusnic82 says:

you can buy “table top” casks for that price…

Anthony Thorburn says:

Brockman Gin. Best Gin I’ve ever had. Its about 45$ in Canada so might be 30$ in the States. I highly suggest it

Reid says:

Less than perceived.

royleerobinson5 says:

Try doing something similar with jack Daniels bbq wood chips that makes nice flavors also.

Chris Myers @TwitAMyers says:

In honor/homage to my grandfather I have taken to using his WWII nickname…..KegAss

Subject92m says:

Totally awesome

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