whisky review 264 – Ocho Anejo Tequila 2007 Vintage

. . . . single estate Tequila from Rancho El Vergel


Mighty Bastard says:

Nice, Ralfy! Mixing it up a bit. I like it.

shuboy05 says:

The juice of the agave can cause acute skin irritation. This is due in part to calcium oxalate crystals that form from the minerals the plant absorbs. Considering chalk is calcium carbonate, I wonder if that is flavor note being detected?

Dotsirammi says:

Nice hat too:)

mousepad1123 says:

hey, ralfy! ever consider doing some beer reviews?

solutionnotpuzzle says:

i found this video while i was sipping on some Hornitos Anejo tequila. I was just going to listen to a bit and move onto another video but your accent pulled me in and before i knew it i enjoyed the vid so much, didn’t want it to end. Very informative.

JustineBieberxoxo says:

Don’t forget the armagnac then. The better variety of cognac(to me at least).

Bruno says:

My bet is that one day, we’ll get a video on Scottish independence from our special scottish correspondent, Ralfy.

notme123123 says:

Ralfy, I noticed that you post the fewest reviews in April, and this year is no exception. Spring fever?

iwasborntobefly says:

i can see my joke fell flat. lol.

Bernie Blanders says:

You got the rhythm like Obama, keep it up.

Steve Fulton says:

looks delicious

nbs90 says:

Hi rafly, I’ve read abit about the tequila on the internet now. However I’m really surprised with what I read, so here I am asking for your guidance and hopefully education. The danish version of Wikipedia, not sure if they are all the same and just translated. But my question is, the site stated that any tequila with a golden colour is coming from E150, not from cask influence.
Do you know anything about this, since it seems kinda odd?

henry14jm says:

why are you reading? freza my plums? how many flavours ffs,bitter tea Brilliant

Kirby Weldon says:

Tequila in a glencairn glass. Love it.

BigJamook says:

Naturally, Ralfy dude. I meant no offence to anyone. x

fasterischead says:

Yes, Ocho is one I’ve had on my list to try for awhile. (That being said, remember that Tequila is just a subclass of Mezcal. And there are some Mezcals made outside of Jalisco in the softer Tequila style. Actually, since they’re more obscure, they can often be quite a bargain!)

Also, it’s because of intermediate cases like this that I introduced plusses and minuses into my scores! So this’d probably be a 90+ from me. 🙂

BigWhisky27 says:

how about Tequila Teammate?

Rudy Aleph says:

Siete leguas. 7 leguas.

snidelywhiplash says:

I’ve had a lot of inexpensive tequila, and some deemed “top shelf.” Then I’ve had stuff like this. The difference is night-and-day. A good tequila is like a fine, fine brandy.

Debonair Extraordinaire says:

no! don’t mix this!
It is a sipper Tequila not a mixer..

Rudy Aleph says:

Good to see you like tequila. Waiting to try the 7 leagues. It is the best.

Dotsirammi says:

Ah tequilla..like it..cheers sensei!..and hölkyn kölkyn;)

JustineBieberxoxo says:

I hate to use the word ironic since hipsters use it.
But what makes you think I’m not the real deal? That would make me 18 and legal to drink what I want.

golfguy777 says:

You mentioned Cognac. I was just wondering if you plan on reviewing some in the near future. What are your thoughts on it?

BigJamook says:

Your username is an ironic one, right? Surely Justin Bieber has no fans that are old enough to drink alcohol. x

shuboy05 says:

That is an agave. An aloe vera plant has “spikier” fronds. Ralfy’s plant has smooth leaves.

kkkennedykk says:

again trying german, heh? 😀
GLOCKENGASSE! but nice try. want to try the numbers?
siebenundvierzig elf! (47 11) COLOGNE! was just beaten by our local football team and i had some drams for that event.
u received a message from me ralfy! it would be super kind if you read and answer to it 🙂

Long Island Lou Tequila says:

AND THE WEB- LIKE- https://www.facebook.com/Long-Island-Lou-Tequila-641682619241422/ and EXPLORE all the tabs on my Website- TEQUILA!!!! HERE- http://longislandloutequila.com/#

Chaz Rollazz says:

Cool! There is more than 1 Guatemalan watching your videos. I am Guatemalan myself 😉

krakum00 says:

i’m from mexico and i’m a tequila lover, but i never seen “tequila ocho” :S

CS says:

Hey Ralfy, you say that spirits bottled at higher strengths are better, yet you often recommend adding water to them. Can you explain this apparent contradiction and whats the difference between the distillery watering it down or the drinker. Thanks.

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