Why Patron Silver Isn’t Worth My Money

Patron Silver, a product that has made a name for itself by squeezing out the light of Jose Cuervo. When you went to a bar, Patron Silver was the only real tequila available. As a result, it commands a high price but it is in a market no longer dominated by the heavy Jose Cuervo hitter.

Sure, people will continue to get headaches drinking awful tequila like Jose Cuervo. But, they also don’t have to spend excessive money on the vodka of tequila. It is time to open our eyes and realize you can get dozens upon dozens of great tequila options without being tricked into Patrons massive marketing machine.

Jose Cuervo is Garbage: http://bit.ly/SeAxBz
Top Blanco Tequila Blind Tasting Results: http://bit.ly/1bOBrgE
NOM Database: http://www.tequila.net/nom-database.html

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Растворимый Кофе says:

have you tried Number Juan Tequila?

judematrix81 says:

What do you think of el Jimador? I like it…100% hand-harvested blue Weber agave.

RoccosPlace1 says:

Ok, I am not a big tequila drinker, I prefer mezcal (El Silencio Espadin), probably because I am a scotch drinker and mezcal has a smokiness like a peaty scotch. But in the summer around the pool Margaritas are the drink of choice, and no, not the frozen kind. So we did a blind taste test and Cabo Wabo blew patron silver out of our pool water. Thanks for the idea.

Ringo Amador says:

I understand what your saying, but I’m looking to get drunk off my ass! not looking for taste.

xraysjb says:

Milagros tequila is good.

brokeskull616 says:

What about cruz tequila? I hated buying patron and 1800 tequila because they always change their prices and everything or I get tired of it..but everytime xmas is around our little bar in town 20 miles away always buy those cruize bottles and sell them at 47$ ..I bought like 5 bottles of those because it was good kinda better for me than 1800 or patron..

Derek Ashby says:

what is your opinion on El mayor

David Major says:

El Charro is a great bang for the buck

smooth457 says:

patron tastes horrible to me. i almost puked tasting it. i like the taste of jose cuervo silver better.

Franck Solow says:

you got it right I’m not a big tequila drinker my wife is she likes patron i tell her cabo wabo is king thanks

Serge Thomas says:

A little tequila hello from Belgium 🙂 Patron is easy to get here, but djeezus, they are overpriced like hell. On the other hand, I’ve found a few new brands this month : Kah (in reposado and anejo) and Fortaleza (silver and reposado) more or less equivalent in prices and 2 good and much cheaper ones (Arette and Cale 23).

Saud Alsulaiman says:

Drink is personal preference .. I have tried many different tequilas but patron is the one I pay all the time

Sindre Eide says:

only thing i can get is a crappy tequila 40% agave for 58.5USD for a liter or the silver patrone for 117USD for a liter. I just bought my first bottle and it will be my first time trying 100% agave tequila

Wayne Paul says:

Jose Cuervo gold was the worst thing i tasted

alejandra bravo says:

I can’t wait to go to bevmo!

crystal Stokes says:

What tequila have a similar taste to Patron, that is cheaper?

k bernard says:

what town or city do you live in? just curious. btw. good videos!

TacticalGunGuy11 says:

I loveeee tequila and I’ve been telling people this for years.. patron is a decent tequila, but nowhere near worth what they charge (48.95 here in NC). Best tequila I’ve ever tasted is Pasote blanco. I highly recommend trying if you can find a bottle. The master distiller, Filipe Camerena, put a lot of love into his product. And here in NC, price wise, kicks the shit out of Patron at 39.95 vs 48.95.

Anya Sophia says:

Yes, yes, yes!

Captain Zeke says:

Hornitos Reposado…Maybe I stagnated WAY too early but I tried the Jose Cuervo gold and hated it, went to costco and bought a Reposado Hornitos for $24 and I can take straight shots of this all day (though I would prefer a splash of lime or Triple Sec). Thing is, people need to stop listening to when someone says “DRINK A REAL XYZ” because taste will always be subjected. When you got to a new store and see other tequilas and shrug and go “eh, I’ll just keep drinking the one I have at home until I get sick of it” you know you found a good tequila. Now if only I could find a good sipping rum.

Some Guy says:

I thought I was a whisky guy until I tried Crown and was somewhat disappointed because it still kinda had the nasty whisky flavor without the burn and bitterness of cheap stuff. I thought tequila was going to be nasty but I tried Patron and was surprised at how much I like liked it. Its the best alcohol Ive tried. Sure there is better but I feel you cant go wrong with Patron. At least until I try others. As for whisky I think Im done with it.

Stefan Buckley says:

Our Latino staff selected El Jimador for our house tequila cocktails.

ATZAR says:

I paid $41 for Patron, I will savor the buzz!

Preston Graham says:

what about 1800 resposado. I love that and corralejo

Ce_Oso QRO says:

Yes Jose Cuervo is good for disinfecting only. But Patron anejo is awesome. I really love it. But something more affordable is Tequila Sauza gold. But Patron Anejo is King!!!

Jose Hernandez says:

Thank you for making this video, I have been telling my friends and family that Patron is bad tequila. I call it overpriced dirt water. hate Patron.

ConallDrostan says:

I tried the Cabo Wabo silver, it was actually pretty good, even for sipping it was nice. I usually sip my liquor. I recall ordering 1800 on a cruise ship and it tasted absolutely disgusting, like something was off about it, I am not sure cause I’ve had bottles of 1800 and it was ok, but on this ship for some reason it tasted really off and terrible for sipping. My guess is they gave me a mixto by accident cause it tasted like garbage. Hornitos I usually go to for Anejo, I also picked up a bottle of Cabo Wabo Anejo I plan to try once I finish my Hornitos.

suber reader says:

Centenario Tequila is pretty big down south or get actual tequila made down south is a lot richer have you tried a small batches from distillers?

Leah Oviedo says:

Don Julio is good tequila…???

rasul21009 says:

Cabo sucks !!!

Jeff Morrison says:

Herredura blanco is the best silver

Wayne Paul says:

I hear patron has a good clean way to distill that’s not harmful to the environment, also they clean their bottles with bad tequila lol i drink 1800

Josh Warren says:

Jose cuervo is crap! sauza isn’t bad for a tequila. Luna azul is a better tequila for margaritas. 🙂

OTR- 559 says:

what’s the best reposado tequila ???

Ardo Brunch says:

I just bought campo azul extra añejo wish me luck.

Richard Browne says:

Its amazon prime day today and i have the choice between two prime day deals, Patron Silver (70cl – £29) and Don Julio Blanco (70cl – £32). Imported tequila is very expensive in Europe (England) and Patron at that price is very good but i only want one. Which should i get?

Matthew Perez says:

great video, you can get way better blanco tequilas for a third the price

The1trashman says:


UselessInfo says:

I am sadly doing the opposite of your challenge, A friend brought me a bottle of Don Cayo Extra Anejo from Mexico, now nothing i tast will ever come close to that.

JU663RNAU7 says:

Thanks for making all your videos love them all !

Mike Hardin says:

they don’t drink that in Mexico they ship it to the US and Market it is not good tequila in my opinion

Barbara J Morris says:

I’ve been trying to convince my sister for over a year that Cabo is better than Patron. And I discovered the Cuervo Tradicional years ago. We were doing shots at a party. One guy brought Herradura which was very expensive then. Another guy brought the Tradicional. The Tradicional was so much smoother, and it was only about $10-$12 for the 750 ml bottle. A few months later, I assumed people must have gotten word about it, because the price jumped $10. But Cabo is my favorite. 🙂

alfredo lopez says:

Who cares what this dude thinks people drink what they please n what they can afford

B.Productions says:

try Tequila Solorzano… is much Better than Patron.. also Tequila Canicas.

mrlevhil says:

Cabo Wabo!!!

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