3-Mile Long Island Iced Tea, Best Recipe in Months!

The 3-Mile Long Island Iced Tea is a variant of the standard L.I.I.T but with some changes to ratios and ingredients you can get an extremely authentic look and feel to your cocktail that acts just like a real iced tea… but we don’t know why.

Everyone on set was amazed at the taste, this is a sleeper cocktail recipe that awakes your senses and makes you realize “This is the way a long island should be”

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3-Mile Long Island Iced Tea
1/2 oz. Gin, 1/2 oz. Rum, 1/2 oz. Triple Sec, 1/2 oz. Vodka, Coca-Cola, Sweet/Sour Mix, 2 Dashes Bitters, Lemon Wedge.


Sintel Paige says:

Whats the name of the bitters used in the video? Thanks and love the channel

Terry O'connor says:

So, at the risk of sounding like a novice (which i am,) ehat exact proportions is your “sour mix?” Is it equal amounts lemon and lime or what? Also, by bitters, would Angostura Bitters work ok?

Julia Martinez says:

You are crazy !!

Orlando Sanchez says:

The guy on the left throwing the F bombs around is funny as fuck. Give him more alcohol

Jake Davidson says:

I like your videos but holy shit are you annoying.

shanegiggie says:

doug is awesome he has always been my favorite on the show always get a kick out of him

Wesley Bumgarner says:

Can you name off any other bitters that would pair well? Aromatic? orange?

Alfred Cernuto says:

Yo derrick, you need to include younmorons laughing in the new trailer thing you were talking about.

Roraigh Price says:

If you replace the Coca cola with Pims and Lemonade, its what i call a Long island Pims IcedTea Totally Different, refreshing and surprisingly Dangerous  

Barefoots Child says:

I have been planning to make this very cocktail ever since I saw this video Derek. Do you really think that the near generic ingredients don’t really make a difference. I’m thinking that I want to make it exactly as you guys did. That’s the reason my first purchase from you was the Bigass highball glasses. I love them, and use the glasses for all kinds of beverages.

Reid says:

Does it really matter what bitters you use? Angostura bitters are easy to come by (as far as speciality items go). Would they do?

I’m not a fan of “top” as an instruction in recipes. I don’t know how big the writer’s glass was, or how much ice they used, and I can’t guarantee those conditions myself even if I knew what they were.

Bear J. says:

I made several of these: once using home made sour mix and again using the neon plastic bottle stuff you’d find in most bars.

Let me tell you, it was the home made sour mix that really makes the difference!

The bitters send this drink into outer space, and if you’re lucky enough to have barrel aged bitters (I did!)  this easily becomes one of the best drinks you will have in your life.

Sintel Paige says:

Hey when making “fresh sour mix” is it ok to use store bought simple syrup and adding the fresh lime juice and fresh lemon juice? To save time and would that give a good flavor to add to make this cocktail? Thanks and the channel is amazing!

Bargain Bourbon says:

Made some today and it was killer! Helps if you use a more citrus based gin . It really complements the sour mix and the triple sec.

Kellen Martinez says:

I made this drink en mass punch bowl style for my D&D group and my friend asked “where in the good god damn” I learned this recipe. I had no choice but to refer him to CMC.

I’ve tried a few drinks from the channel, but this is by far the best one I have ever tried, I’m not sure how to express my elation properly. It’s really damn good. Make your own sour mix like they do in the video, use Classic Coke and make sure to squeeze that lemon and throw it in the drink and flick yo fingaz afterwards like Doug “The Dick” Peterson! If you do this while using at least middle grade liquors in this drink, you will become a liquor legend!

John Doe says:

The best LIIT (heh) I ever had was the first one I had. It was at a restaurant called  The Cattle Company. It was served in a B.A. Highball glass and the bar tender had to be over pouring because just one put me on my ass.  This is the Emperor of cocktails.

alfonso713v says:

How much coke did u put in it

Scott Brown says:

Finally got around to making this last night… didn’t turn out quite like “tea flavored”. Maybe it was the type of gin? I used Bombay Sapphire because that is what I had, but maybe something else would work better? I used 3 dashes of citrus bitters. OR… since I don’t have a Big Ass Highball glass, my proportions of sour mix and coke could have been off? It was still an enjoyable drink, but didn’t remind me of iced tea.

Patrick vdv says:

the home made sour mix used here is that the 1/3 lemon – 1/3 lime – 1/3 simple syrup formula ?

Hoztyle says:

How the hell did I miss this one?!?!?! It’s awesome!

Reid says:

Just made this. I was so worried about ratios and etc, but holy crap this turned out well! Even my mum liked it! I’m adding this to my recipe book!

larry meza says:

I’d like to try this one

last of the mohawks says:

common man ..how come all your videos are from 2013..
arent u making new one on new recepies

Barefoots Child says:

Did Bitters, Old Men go out of business?
I am unable to find them listed anywhere on your website Awesomedrinks.com ?
If so, what bitters would you substitute for “Great in ’28” bitters, that you used in the 3 mile island

Julio Cesar Serrano Martinez says:

I as well missed this, cause well, you uploaded it on my 23rd birthday so it was kind of hard to watch.  Best drink I’ve seen lately.

Philthy Phil says:

I just made two of these, they are tasty AF! And I feel pretty good too! Sotally tober!

Karen Mchenry says:

Acually that’s a collins or tall glass. isn’t out sour them cola cause cola is for color not flavor?

Isaac this is the songbigall Cortez says:

I love long I London ice tea

Caroline Hawke says:

can you make a nz black russian plz?

MOD853 says:

QOTD – Caipirinha

zerofx4114 says:

Fair enough. You guys are very entertaining, keep up the good work.

Nester Beauregard says:

This is basically the same as a regular Long Island iced tea, just with bitters added

sanchezjr13 says:

Hairy like a wolf.LMFAO!

Sintel Paige says:

what do you use for you sweet/sour mix? and is it made by you? also if I didn’t want to make it where can I buy good stuff and what should I buy?

dmbfan42 says:

still cant get enough of this drink!!

rr bac says:

You forgot the 1/2 oz rum in the ingredients list

stiffupperlip4 says:

yeah this is an amazing drink. tastes so good!

Reid says:

What recipe do you use for your sour mix? They vary so much, so it’s great to know what you use so I can follow the recipe and get the same result.

zerofx4114 says:

Missing the rum on the recipe break down list at the end of the video…

Itachi7301 says:

what is the approximate oz of coke and sour mix used? im looking for that perfect 3 mile long island 

Ab hie says:

what kind of all ingredient ?

Julie Rocco says:

What kind of bitters? I have Underberg. Will that work?

Zah Rar says:

hey derrick, does the Big Ass Highball Glasses in your website have the CMC logo on them? because it didn’t show that in the site

S.W. Lahr says:

Three mile island was a powerplant that melt down! test site lol YOU RULE!

Hoztyle says:

I was wondering? Does the bitters make a great difference in this cocktail? Or they kind of get lost in the mix? That’s the only ingredient I don’t have, and the one that makes it different of a regular long island…

andywatson97 says:

doug is not ammused

Michael Veal says:

How could I scale this up to make pitchers of this? Half gallon or gallon would be awesome.

D.1U.N.V says:

ian is hott!!!

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