Bols Maraschino Review

Bols Maraschino is a fairly new product which fits the call for those Maraschino Liqueur classic recipes that have come along in history. Today, our only alternative is Luxardo which brings a much more green/vegital flavor where Bols uses a more subtle flavor that has some sense of sweetness on the tongue and does remind you more of a cherry (although it’s not a cherry liqueur).

Lucas Bols is definitely trying to position themselves deeper into the serious craft cocktail by creating such a product, even if it isn’t called upon often in today’s cocktails, perhaps Bols will be able to change that and bring back the classic requirements for a maraschino liqueur.

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cody5150 says:

You are actually spot on with Luxardo Maraschino being “vegital” or “grassy” because they include the stems/leaves in their steeping process. They want that classic bitter, green flavor profile with the cherry. They are extremely proud of the history and the original flavor profile. Good or bad? I don’t know. I see places for both “types” of Maraschino liqueur. Just like everything, it depends on the palate of the imbiber and the desired flavor profile of the cocktail. Oh, and Matteo Luxardo pronounced it “MARA-SKI-NO” so, there’s that.

viperr007 says:

Have you tried the new caramel comfort yet?

techno-en tosti-s says:

drinking Bols Maraschino out of a GlennFiddich glass is like drinking milk from a mug.

Олег Оленев says:

The Aviation is actually one of my favorite all time cocktails.

Matthew Heavey says:

I discovered your channel about three days ago and have watched a lot ( an unreasonable amount) of your videos. I don’t want to sound like I have any sense of authority or knowledge but I can really see the progression of all of your tasting abilities and palates through the years. Your videos are a lot of help and I just wanted to let you know because it’s really encouraging for me. Thanks.

Duff The Psych says:

My fave with Maraschino is the Bourbon Crusta

Ivan Popov says:

Exactly Curtis! That’s what comes to my mind when I hear Bols – the Natural Yoghurt liqueur. It’s very good! I even submitted a recipe with it some time ago. This is the cocktail:

Wim Lagarde says:

I have this one at home, so I’m curious to see how your aviation experiment will turn out. This product has been available in Holland for years by the way, but since Bols is a dutch company they probably released it here first.

Iubrigerm says:

Howdy from the great countr…state of Texas! I don’t even drink much but I love y’alls youtube personalities, or regular personalities or persons. Anyway, I’d love to learn some things about Japanese liquors!

Benjamin Stone says:

Maraschino in correct Italian pronunciation should be said like “maraskino”. If it didn’t have the h after the c it would be said like “marashino”.

markalexander774 says:

I pronounce it Marasheeno, but it is correctly pronounced like Maraskeeno, because it is Italian.

thetvnerd says:

My favorite cocktail using a maraschino liqueur is the Ruby Booty and I’m totally not saying that just because it’s a cocktail I made … nope totally an unbiased opinion.

Wespaul24 says:

An amazing maraschino liqueur you guys should try if it’s available out there in the New England region is Leopold Brothers. It’s made out here in Colorado and is nowhere near as sharp as Luxardo, and a little bit better quality (from my personal tastings any way) compared with the Bols. Plus on the back-end there are hints of maraschino cherries (flavor aspects, not exactly cherry flavor though/hard to explain haha), but very good and makes bomb aviations!

MaggieWongg says:

i REALLY want you guys to review something from oddka

MaggieWongg says:

so derrick….do you like the taste of bols in your mouth 😀

Hunter says:

I believe there is another brand of Maraschino, I haven’t seen it offline. It’s Maraska, from Croatia. I actually think they are the original brand.

Pepsiaddicto says:

You can not substitute that for a classic recipe that calls for maraschino liqueur. If you prefer it, drink whatever you like, but you would not be creating the same recipe. I personally LOVE luxardo. It is an acquired taste.

I'm The Cook says:

Curtis for this tasting why didn’t you spit out the liquid into another glass? Is it because this is a liqueur?

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